“Ouroboros ” ep 5~ Tatsuya:” I’m just a little curious about what’s important to us and if you’re wavering inside.”

The story complicates more, but in the same time Ikuo and Tatsuya are closer to the truth.

Episode 5

The president of Haijima Corporation called Tatsuya to give him information about Yuiko’s dead. Before going there, Tatsuya called Ikuo. On his way, Ikuo is stopped by Mizuki. She saw Tatsuya close by on place where Ikuo arrested a killer. Also detective Chono discovered that all the cases that Ikuo resolved where having in the background Tatsuya. She thinks that Ikuo and Tatsuya are working together. They can’t be discovered so Ikuo lies to Mizuki saying that he only knows Tatsuya as a yakuza, the same way all the policemen knows him.

Arrived in the president’s office, Tatsuya found him dead. Next to his body there was a file with pictures with the children from the Mahoroba orphanage, including Ikuo and Tatsuya and a picture with Yuiko wearing a police uniform. Suddenly two men appeared. They threaten Tatsuya, but he fights them and runs away. One of the two men shot Tatsuya in the leg. They caught him! The two men are from Public Safety and they are involved in Yuiko’s dead. They know about Yuiko and about the connection between Ikuo and Tatsuya.

Detective Chono is chasing Tatsuya. When Chono arrived, the two men, using their badges and their power, are trying to take Tatsuya with them, but Chono isn’t intimidated. Detective Chono saves Tatsuya from those men form the Public Safety.

Chono:”This guy is mine. “

Later, Tatsuya met Ikuo and told him what happened. They suspect that there must be other people at the police that know who they are. Still Tatsuya and Ikuo will keep investigating. Tatsuya believes that there is a connection between the Public Safety and the organized crime syndicate, Yamashiro Group.

The superintendent General was shot while he was teaching some children about safety. The policeman that gives an interview about superintendent General said some words and triggers Ikuo’s memory.

Later Ikuo searches for information about Yuiko in the police database, but his access is denied. All information about Yuiko are restricted and he can’t access them without the special code that only the superintendents know.

For more information about Yuiko, Tatsuya and Ikuo went to meet a former employee of the place Yuiko stayed as a child. That lady told Ikuo and Tatsuya that Yuiko worked as policewoman. Five years after she became a policewoman, Yuiko came to her teacher to say goodbye, because Yuiko had to cut ties with everyone she knew. After that day, the lady Ikuo and Tatsuya met, saw Yuiko once by coincidence. It was around Christmas and Yuiko was buying presents for the children she was taking care of.

After talking with that lady, Tatsuya is sure, Yuiko was working for the public Safety.

Mizuki wants to trust Ikuo, even when she can’t fully trust him. She will stop asking Ikuo about his relationship with Tatsuya, she knows that when she asked him, Ikuo lied.

Mizuki:” If you are really connected with Danno Tatsuya I’d never want to see you again.”

The organized crime is blamed for shooting the superintended General. Tatsuya is sent to help the organized crime leader. The same time Tatsuya arrived at the club the leader, Yamashiro, was hiding, the police arrived too. Tatsuya knows where the leader is hiding so he asks Ikuo to distract the police. When Tatsuya entered the room where Yamashiro was, Yamashiro wasn’t there. Tatsuya keeps looking and when he can’t find him, Tatsuya calls him. During their phone call, Tatsuya hears a noise. Arrived at the roof, Tatsuya saw the two men from the Public Safety and Yamashiro was dead.

Meantime inside the club one of Yamashiro’s men threatens Mizuki with a gun. He said that the police shot the superintended General, not the organized crime group. In a moment that the yakuza man wasn’t paying attention, he was tried to kill Mizuki, Ikuo pushed him, saved Mizuki and shot the yakuza.

Later that night, when they meet, Tatsuya is curious if he still can count on Ikuo.

Tatsuya:” I’m just a little curious about what’s important to us and if you’re wavering inside.”

The men with golden watches called Ikuo. When he sees their watches, his memory is trigged again. Superintendent Hibino, Mizuki’s father, came at that meeting wearing a golden watch, even if the other didn’t call him. He came to defend Ikuo.

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