“Ho-Goo’s Love ” ep 7~ ep 8 ~Kang Chul:”Does he like Do Do Hee? “

Ho Goo meets Kang Chul. Later Kang Chul sees Ho Goo with Do Hee.

Episode 7

Kang Chul thinks about Ho Goo. He can’t understand Ho Goo’s reaction from the hospital’s elevator. He remembers the first day he spent with Ho Goo when they were in high school, the day Kang Chul fall in love with Ho Goo.

It was a calm morning. Kang Chul was going to school when suddenly he saw Ho Goo. Some classmates came towards Ho Goo and for the first time Kang Chul saw Ho Goo getting upset and beating up the classmates that were bullying him at school. While Ho Goo was fighting with his classmates he dropped his lunch and some drops from the kimchi stained Kang Chul’s shirt. Because he made a mistake, Ho Goo takes Kang Chul to his father to remove the stain. Well actually Ho Goo wanted to read the comic books instead of going to school. Ho Goo’s father made the stain from Kang Chul’s shirt bigger then it was so Ho Goo takes Kang Chul to the master in removing the stains, his mother. Instead of removing the stain, Ho Goo’s mother sewed a big red dragon on the stain. Kang Chul leaves angry and Ho Goo follows him.

A thief took Kang Chul’s bag so Ho Goo runs after the thief until he caught him. Left alone in an unfamiliar place, Kang Chul looks everywhere trying to find Ho Goo. Hungry, Kang Chul passes by a restaurant and watches the people there eating.

The night came and Kang Chul still hasn’t found Ho Goo. He doesn’t have money or a phone so Kang Chul goes to a park. He sees there some girls dancing. When he smiles the girls come at him. Kang Chul is afraid, he pushes one of the girls, who now is his secretary, and that girl is about to hit him, but then Kang Chul hears a familiar voice. Ho Goo found him and saved him from that girl’s anger. Relieved Kang Chul hugs Ho Goo. Both Ho Goo and Kang Chul stay for a while in that park, drinking from an alcohol bottle the girls from earlier left unopened. Looking at Ho Goo, Kang Chul’s heart beats faster.

Kang Chul:”I like girls!”

It’s late and they are drunk. Ho Goo takes Kang Chul home and when he leaves he kisses Kang Chul. That was the day Kang Chul fell in love with Ho Goo. Since that day his heart didn’t race for anyone like it did for Ho Goo. But what Kang Chul doesn’t know is that he didn’t spend the day with Ho Goo, he didn’t kiss Ho Goo, it was Ho Kyung. He’s actually in love with Kang Ho Kyung, not Ho Goo.

Do Hee has to go to the agency and her coach has to go to work so Ho Goo offers to watch the baby. Ho Goo takes the baby with him to work, but the baby kept crying and Ho Goo and Tae Hee had to get the baby and leave. Outside started to rain. Ho Goo and Tae Hee watch over the baby. They are wet, but they cover the baby. Because it’s really cold outside, they enter a shop, but soon they have to leave. The baby cries and the worked tells them to leave.

With the baby in his arms, Ho Goo and his friend Tae Hee went to Kang Chul. It’s his baby so Kang Chul should be responsible for him.

The same time, Ho Goo meets Kang Chul, Do Hee is looking for Ho Goo and she meets Ho Kyung.

Episode 8

Ho Goo barged into Kang Chul’s office, during Kang Chul’s meeting. He is angry at Kang Chul, for how Kang Chul is avoiding his responsibilities as a father, but he is also surprised that Kang Chul is remembering him. The same time Kang Chul is shocked that Ho Goo came looking for him. Kang Chul believes that Ho Goo came looking for him about the night during their high school years when they kissed. After he and Kang Chul are left alone in the office, Ho Goo starts a fight with Kang Chul, but he ends up hit. When he sees the four leaf clover the Do Hee gave Kang Chul in Kang Chul’s office, Ho Goo calms down thiking that Kang Chul still has feelings for Do Hee. What Ho Goo doesn’t know is that Kang Chul always believed that the four leaf clover was from him, from Ho Goo.

Returned to Do Hee with the baby, Ho Goo is happy that Do Hee was worried about him. Embarrassed, Do Hee lies that she wasn’t worried about him, but she was worried about her baby. That night Ho Goo finds out that Do Hee plans to give the baby for adoption.

The next day, Ho Goo prepared some seaweed soup and took it to Kang Chul. Because he wasn’t at the office, Ho Goo went to Kang Chul’s house. Ho Goo wants Kang Chul to take responsibility for the baby and he asks Kang Chul to give the seaweed soup to Do Hee.

After Ho Goo left, Kang Chul realizes why Ho Goo was acting the way he was, why Ho Goo hit him and why Ho Goo came looking for him. It wasn’t because Ho Goo liked him too, it was because Ho Goo wanted him to take care of Do Hee and the baby, it was because Ho Goo likes Do Hee, not him.

Kang Chul:”Then he came to me…because of Do Do Hee? Does that punk like Do Do Hee? “

Kang Chul is upset. Ho Goo can’t like Do Do Hee.

The reporters are all over the place where Do Hee is staying so her coach brings the baby to Ho Goo. The whole day Ho Goo watched over the baby at his house. That night, when Do Hee came pick the baby, because she didn’t have a place to stay and it was dangerous for her and the baby, Ho Goo asked her to stay at his room.

Ho Goo:” I…had no desire to date you, because I wanted to love you.”

Hearing Ho Goo’s confession made Do Hee sad. If she would’ve like Ho Goo, instead of Kang Chul, her life would’ve been different now. She gets up and goes outside to cry. Ho Goo follows her and comfort her. While Do Hee was crying into Ho Goo’s arms, Kang Chul came with the seaweed soup and saw them.

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