“Heal Me Kill Me ” ep 19~ “A new personality appeared?!

Do Hyun is starting to heal and Perry Park leaves.

In the morning there is the evidence of a new personality.

Episode 19

Ri Jin returned by Do Hyun’s side. When she leaves Do Hyun’s office, in front of the elevator Ri Jin met Ki Joon. He has something to tell. At the shareholders meeting Ki Joon wants to make Ri Jin a rich woman, in exchange of her staying by his side. Ki Joon already knows that the name “Cha Do Hyun” from the family register is actually Oh Ri Jin. But Ki Joon misinterpreted Ri Jin, she will not side with him and go against Do Hyun. Oh Ri Jin refuses Ki Joon’s offer and leaves.

Meantime, Do Hyun went to Alex. He will not give Alex money no matter what Alex will tell Ki Joon. Do Hyun feels guilty that he gave money all this years to Alex so Alex will keep his secret. When they were in America, at school, Do Hyun thought that Alex was his friend and told him about his illness. After finding out that Do Hyun has D.I.D, Alex started threatening Do Hyun with exposing his secret. To stop Alex from saying anything, Do Hyun gave him money every time Alex asked for. Now, when he is changed, Do Hyun refuses to give more money to Alex for drugs or gambling. Do Hyun decided to give Alex a chance to start his live again. Without Alex knowing , Do Hyun paid for his debts, arranged for Alex to return back to America, prepared and apartment for Alex and found a rehabilitation center for Alex to start receiving treatment against drugs. After Do Hyun refused to give him money, Alex changed his mind and didn’t told Ki Joon about Do Hyun’s illness.

Leaving the hotel where Alex is staying, Do Hyun and secretary Ahn met with someone who knows more about Do Hyun’s grandfather’s and Ri Jin’s biological mother’s accident. After talking with that man, Do Hyun has more questions about that accident and he suspects that his grandmother was behind that accident. Do Hyun meets his grandmother and asks her directly, but she denied having anything to do with that accident. Suddenly someone comes in. It’s Chae Yeon. She met Do Hyun’s grandmother few days ago and offered to help Do Hyun become Seung Jin Group’s CEO if she can marry him. The grandmother agreed and asked Chae Yeon to come to the restaurant where she was with Do Hyun. When he saw Chae Yeon, Do Hyun was surprised. She keeps saying that she loves him, but it’s too late. Do Hyun already gave his heart to someone else. That day Do Hyun told Chae Yeon about his condition, about him having D.I.D.

While Do Hyun was with Chae Yeon at the restaurant, Ki Joon received a fax from America in which it was said that Cha Do Hyun has multiple personality disorder.

Ri On brings Ri Jin back to Do Hyun’s house. Do Hyun was waiting for Ri Jin in front of his house. When Ri On brought Ri Jin’s luggage from the car, Do Hyun asked him to go for drinks. Do Hyun wants to apologize to Ri On for not being able to keep the promise he made to Ri On, the he will let go of Ri Jin. But Ri On made his own decision, he will let go of Ri Jin and let her be happy. Ri On decided to just be Ri Jin’s brother.

Ri On:”I’ll just be your brother.”

Returned home, Do Hyun finds Ri Jin waiting for him in front of the house. He looks at her, he is Cha Do Hyun, but the way he speaks is like Shin Se Gi.

Do Hyun:”We must be happy.”

Since both Do Hyun and Ri Jin remembered their past, they think that Do Hyun will soon be healed. They start a session at Do Hyun’s house. Both of them talk about their memories. They remember the bad memories, but now they wants to talk and remember their good memories. Later Do Hyun and Ri Jin went to the amusement park to say goodbye to little Do Hyun and little Joon Young.

Because the personalities will soon become one with Do Hyun, Ri Jin buys them goodbye presents. For Nana a new teddy bear, for Yo Seob a diary and a pen since he said that he wants to write a poem, for Perry Park a boat, fishing rod and beer, for Yo Na a headband. Ri Jin still doesn’t know what will make Se Gi happy, but after talking to Do Hyun they believe that Se Gi will be happy if Ri Jin is happy and for that she has to forgive he abuser, Do Hyun’s father.

At night Parry Park come out. He is happy to see his presents. Ri Jin brought him chicken and beer from her father also. Perry Park drinks the beer and eats the chicken. He is saying also his goodbye. Perry is the oldest and wants to set an example for the other personalities and let Do Hyun leave happy. Perry Park personality represented Do Hyun’s father, the warm and caring father he was before returning home with Joon Young.

Its morning and Ri Jin called Do Hyun. It’s something written on a painting and she doesn’t know what that means, but Do Hyun doesn’t know either. Secretary Ahn checked the surveillance camera and no stranger entered the house.

“A new personality appeared?!

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  1. skittles88 says:

    I don’t want this show to end 😥 it’s too good!

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