“Heal Me Kill Me ” ep 20~ Final Episode!

Finally the last episode of Kill Me Heal Me!

I kind expected to know more about Do Hyun’s personalities, but they just appeared a little, except Se Gi. And Mr.X he just appeared and disappeared in the last episode. For Se Gi, Perry Park and Yo Na who wanted so bad to live they kind left fast…

In the last year Korean producers started making 20 episodes dramas instead of 16 episodes drama and they stall all the action for 18 or 19 episodes and then in the last episode they hurry everything.

Ri On’s face was funny when the girl in the end said her name, Ahn Yo Na.

So…in the end Ri Jin and Ri On’s parents didn’t found out that Perry Park is actually Cha Do Hyun….

And why are Cha Ki Joon and Han Chae Yeon main characters? The way they were presented was more like a secondary characters or “others”.

Is the girl that appears in the end, Ahn Yo Na, SNSD’s Yuri?

Episode 20

The moment Do Hyun enters his office he becomes co-conscious and meets Mr.X, the personality that appeared after Perry Park left. There is a possibility that Mr.X represents that Do Hyun is healing. Mr. X could be an inner self helper, a personality who helps with the fusion of the other personalities, someone who plays the role of a protector. If Mr. X is and inner self helper it means that Do Hyun is getting stronger and he created a personality that will help him with the healing process. The moment they met, Mr.X told Do Hyun to open the suitcase he was caring around.

Mr. X:” Will you open the bag?”

The shock gave Do Hyun headaches and secretary Ahn took him home.

When Ri Jin came home she sees Yo Na sneaking out of Do Hyun’s house. Ri Jin tries to stop her from leaving, but Yo Na knows who Mr. X is. If she wants to know who Mr. X is then Ri Jin has to take Yo Na see Ri On.

Ri On is working on his next novel. The door opens and Ri Jin enters apologizing to him. He doesn’t understand why is Ri Jin acting like that until he sees Yo Na. She enters Ri On’s room and locks the door from inside. No matter how much Ri On tried to escape from Yo Na he wasn’t able to. He even lied about going to army, but Yo Na already knows that he was already discharged form army. In the end Yo Na kissed Ri On, again, and took some pictures with him.

That night Yo Na slept in Ri Jin’s room. As she promised Yo Na told Ri Jin who Mr. X is.

Yo Na:” Mr.X disappears when you become happy.”

Before falling asleep Yo Na thanked Ri Jin for accepting her as a friend. It’s Yo Na’s time to leave now. Do Hyun doesn’t need her anymore. Yo Seob waited for Yo Na and they both left leaving Do Hyun to lead a happy life with Ri Jin.

In the morning, Do Hyun received a phone call from secretary Ahn who was telling him that his father woke up. Do Hyun leaves in a hurry without telling anything to Ri Jin. When she arrived at Do Hyun’s house, he wasn’t there. The one that Ri Jin found was Nana. For the first time since she met Do Hyun, Ri Jin met Nana. Since she isn’t anymore the girl locked in the basement and grew up receiving a lot of love it’s time for Nana to leave too. But Nana can’t leave alone, she doesn’t know the way. Ri Jin has to call Mr. X to show Nana the way. From Nana, Ri Jin found out that Mr. X is her father.

Do Hyun worries that his father could have killed Ri Jin’s biological mother. Then in front of him appears again Mr.X, who once again asks Do Hyun to open the suitcase. This time Do Hyun accepts it and Mr. X opens it. Inside the suitcase there was a teddy bear.

Mr. X:” Whether there was a bomb inside this suitcase, or whether it was a golden bar you would not know until you open it. My imagination decides the size of my fear. Fear is something created by oneself and is the fruit of one’s imagination.”

In the end Mr. X was created to help Do Hyun. Encouraged by Mr. X, Do Hyun went to see his father. From his father Do Hyun found out the truth about his grandfather and Ri Jin’s biological mother’s death. Their chauffeur was bribed by Ki Joon’s father. He was supposed to drive them on a longer way to the airport so they will lose their plane. The accident happened and they died. After investigating and finding out what happened Do Hyun’s father, blinded by the chairman position at Seung Jin Group, joined hands with Ki Joon’s father and covered up the truth.

Ri Jin went to see Do Hyun’s father in the hospital. When he sees Ri Jin, Do Hyun’s father gets on his knees to apologize and to thank her for being alive. He woke up after so many years from his come because he wanted to see if Ri Jin is alive and living well.

The moment Do Hyun found out that Ri Jin went to see his father a headache appeared. While Do Hyun’s father was talking to Ri Jin, the door opens and Shin Se Gi comes in. He is angry and about to strangle to dead Do Hyun’s father, but Ri Jin stops him.

If Ri Jin will forgive at some point Do Hyun’s father will not be for him, will be for Do Hyun, because Do Hyun suffered all his life because of guilt of what his father did to her.

Later Ri Jin says her goodbye to Se Gi. It’s time for Se Gi to leave too. She even found the present Se Gi wanted as a farewell present. Before waking up, Do Hyun and Se Gi say goodbye to one another.

Shin Se Gi:” I’m not needed anymore.”

Do Hyun :”You’re me.”

Shin Se Gi:” I’m you! So live handsomely. “

A year after Do Hyun healed, he is living with Ri Jin’s family while working as a part timer. He is dating Ri Jin and enjoying the carefree life there.

Ri Jin published his first romantic novel as Omega. It’s called “Kill Me, Heal Me” and is about a rich man that suffers from D.I.D and his psychiatrist. At the library where his books were selling, Ri On met a girl he liked and he run away from her when she said her name is Ahn Yo Na.

They lived happily ever after!

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2 Responses to “Heal Me Kill Me ” ep 20~ Final Episode!

  1. skittles88 says:

    This drama is the amazing! The end was perfect, I cried my heart out when all his personalities were saying goodbye, especially when Shin Se Gi said bye. This is definitely one of those shows that will leave a lasting impression on me. My favorite moment has to be when Yo Na wrote on Ri Jin’s head before she left haha.

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