“Hyde, Jekyll, and I ” ep 15 ~ ”The silent moment when I become you and you become me.”

Seo Jin and Tae Joo resolved their problems.

Episode 15

Seo Jin and Ha Na are having dinner, but the lights went off. Suddenly Seo Jin’s facial expression changed. Ha Na saw him and looks behind her, but someone grabbed her mouth. It’s Soo Hyun. He entered Seo Jin’s house and he is holding Seo Jin and Ha Na hostages. Seo Jin tired to convince Soo Hyun to let Ha Na go, but Soo Hyun refused. Seo Jin feels that is his fault that Ha Na was in danger for several times since they met and wants her to run away as far as possible from him, but Ha Na wants to stay by his side.

The police arrived, but they can’t enter Seo Jin’s house. There are around 28 surveillance cameras in Seo Jin’s house and all of them can be stopped from inside the house. The police can’t even try to stop the power in the neighborhood because Seo Jin’s house has a power generator.

After checking that all the doors and windows are closed and after checked all the surveillance cameras, Tae Joo started a video call with the kidnapper, Seo Jin’s father and Seo Jin and himself. Tae Joo can understand that Seo Jin’s father was capable to abandon his own son to show everyone that he has now weakness, but what Tae Joo wants to know is why he was involved in all that, why did he had to suffer what he was just the chauffer’s son.

Seo Jin and Tae Joo want to know the truth so Tae Joo agrees with Seo Jin’s proposal. If he remembers wrong and Tae Joo’s father was innocent then Seo Jin will give up everything and will do what Tae Joo wants, but if Seo Jin is right then Tae Joo will have to do as Seo Jin says. The only person who knows the truth is their kidnapper so Tae Joo accepted Seo Jin’s proposal and told the policemen where the kidnapper is. Detective Na has to get the kidnapper’s statement about that day in a safer place. While waiting for the police to bring their kidnaper Ha Na told Seo Jin that she decided to trust him, to trust that what Seo Jin said is the truth.

Ha Na:”I’m going to believe in you.”

The kidnapper arrived, but detective Na doesn’t want to let him in Seo Jin’s house alone. Tae Joo decided that he wants to hear the kidnapper’s statement through video call. Worried of what Tae Joo’s reaction could be, detective Na and doctor Kang asked the kidnapper to say that Tae Joo’s father was innocent. The kidnapper statement made Tae Joo happy, but provoked a shock to Seo Jin. He is hurt and Robin or other personality is about to come out.

Ha Na:”If you run away now then I’m going to run away too. Open your eyes, Goo Seo Jin!”

Threatening that she will run away from him, Ha Na prevented Seo Jin form changing personalities. Back to himself Seo Jin wants to kneel down and apologize to Tae Joo, but when Tae Joo was about to untie Seo Jin, he saw the kidnaper’s wrist. The kidnaper had a tattoo on his wrist, which trigged Tae Joo’s memory. Tae Joo remembered that his father planned Seo Jin’s kidnapping. He remembered that what Seo Jin’s said was truth. Soo Hyun’s father asked him to bring Seo Jin to the Ghost House and his father’s friend kidnapped Seo Jin. At the last moment little Soo Hyun wanted to stop the kidnapper so he ended up taken too.

Having his memory back and realizing that Seo Jin’s memory was right, Tae Joo let Seo Jin and Ha Na go. Ha Na left, but Seo Jin stayed with Tae Joo. They need to talk for a while.

Seo Jin:”Let’s live!”

After finishing their conversation both Seo Jin and Tae Joo come out. Tae Joo hands himself to the police and Ha Na runs to Seo Jin to console him.

Seo Jin needs some time alone. Ha Na follows him and console him for a while. She understands what he feels and compliments him.

It’s morning and they haven’t eaten in hours. Seo Jin didn’t bring his walled and Ha Na doesn’t have a lot of money on her, but still they managed to buy something to eat. While they were having breakfast, Seo Jin’s father called and told Seo Jin for the first time in his life that he is sorry.

Back home, Seo Jin gives Ha Na some medicine and he also said something he never said before.

Seo Jin:”Would it be okay for me to love you?”

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