“It’s Okay, Roommate ” ep 21 ~ Jackson:”This is the best thing we have.”

In this episode Se Ho brings two guests…again. Why???? Just why only Se Ho bringing guests????

Episode 21

While Se Ho and Sunny went to get one of his guests, the other guest arrived at the house. Jackson, who was cleaning has to open and to be the host. Fortunately Jackson has a good personality and he isn’t as shy as Koreans usually are in front of strangers…is that because Jackson isn’t Korean or it’s just the way he is?

The guest that arrived at the house is Kim Hong Gook. The moment they met Jackson doesn’t know how to react. The stranger in front of him is a senior as a singer, but he is also an elder. When the stranger asked him if Jackson knows him, Jackson took off the stranger’s glasses to see his face. When he saw the stranger’s eyes Jackson started to laugh saying that he know him, Kim Hong Gook. Don’t really think that Jackson really know the stranger in front of him, but if he said saw we shell believe in his words.

Jackson sits the guest on the sofa and runs to the kitchen to bring him something to drink. First Jackson fills the glass with ice and then puts some Cola in it. Kim Hong Gook believes that its whisky.

Jackson:”This is the best thing we have.”

The guest drunk his juice, then Jackson wipes his mouth and takes him upstairs to Bae Jong Ok’s room holding his hand. Later, Jackson sprays some think for hair growth since he has a bald head. After he sprayed the solution on the guests head, Jackson confiscates the guest’s glasses and massages his head.

For the next service, Jackson takes Kim Hong Gook to Gook Joo’s bed for a massage. He entertains Kim Hong Gook and massages his calves.

Kim Hong Gook was impressed by Jackson. He seems to like Jackson that much that he even fed Jackson. Then Jackson gets the meat out from the crab for Kim Hong Gook. Jackson is feeding Kim Hong Gook.

Kim Hong Gook:”You should become my adopted son.”

Jackson:”How old is your daughter?”

Kim Hong Gook likes Jackson so much that he considers introducing him to his daughter.

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4 Responses to “It’s Okay, Roommate ” ep 21 ~ Jackson:”This is the best thing we have.”

  1. jackson is such a loveable kid. I just want to give him all I have sometimes hahaha

  2. lemonmirae says:

    then you won’t be able to buy him a donkey 🙂

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