“Hyde, Jekyll, and I ” ep 16 ~ ” The more I keep trying the more “me” I end up discovering.”

Robin decided to make his existence public. Seo Jin makes pace with Soo Hyun. Seo Jin’s father tells Ha Na to leave Robin and Seo Jin.

Episode 16

With all that happened until now Seo Jin wants to start doing thinks that he never did before. The first think that he wants to try is loving Ha Na. He isn’t asking her to love him back, but he wants to learn how to love. Unfortunately Ha Na doesn’t believe that Seo Jin likes her, she believes that he is mistaken, that he sees her as medicine. She wants to be with someone she is comfortable with, like Robin.

Seo Jin:” Don’t disregard what I’m feeling in your attempt to get rid of me.”

After talking with Seo Jin, Ha Na goes to her room and calls her friends to come and help her move. When he wakes up, Robin remembers what Ha Na told Seo Jin while they were kept hostage.

Robin:”Ha Na…stopped me form coming out! I’m Robin! I exist!”

Robin meets Ha Na. He asked Woo Jong’s father to buy him an apartment and schedule some interview for him. Robin plans to come out and let the society know his existence.

In the morning Seo Jin wakes up and finds Ha Na’s note next to his bed. She moved without saying anything. That morning Seo Jin thanked secretary Kwon fro worried about him for the first time since they met.

Because Soo Hyun refuses to talk, Soe Jin went to see him. He brought a drawing from when they were children. Seo Jin can’t draw, but Soo Hyun does. They used to switch their homework’s so they could finish faster and play more. Soo Hyun use to make all of Seo Jin’s drawings. For one of those drawing Seo Jin got a present. Remembering that Seo Jin realized why the personality his mind created, Robin, can draw really well. Seo Jin must have created Robin while thinking about Soo Hyun.

Soo Hyun started to talk. He apologized to Seo Jin for what his father did and for what he did. Now he can’t face Seo Jin and asked him to stop coming. But Soo Hyun is still the only friend Seo Jin has so he will visit Soo Hyun again.

While leaving Seo Jin met doctor Kang and tells her his plans for the near future. Now Seo Jin doesn’t think as a priority making Robin disappear, he thinks of himself. In the near future Seo Jin wants to change and learn how to talk. He is now really brusque and doesn’t listen to what other say so he never knows what others feel. For now Seo Jin wants to learn how to laugh and to talk about anything.

Seo Jin went to Ha Na’s friends. He wants to see them socializing. Even if they are uncomfortable with him in the room, he still isn’t leaving. It’s their choice if it’s going to be uncomfortable or if they will make the uncomfortable situation into a comfortable one. So Jin Joo has no other choice but to put Seo Jin to work.

Seo Jin holds a dress while listening to everyone talk about anything that come to their minds. Fortunately Ha Na arrived and took Seo Jin out.

At night Ha Na met Robin. Happily, Robin shows her his fist suit. The next day the reporters will come to get his interview. But Ha Na isn’t happy at all. If Robin goes on with the interview, Seo Jin’s illness will be exposed.

Robin:”Do you have feelings for Seo Jin?”

After talking to Ha Na, Robin canceled the interview. Robin lets a message for Seo Jin in which tells Seo Jin that chairman Goo talked to Ha Na. Chairman Goo found out from doctor Kang that Ha Na may be the reason Robin is still around so he asked her to leave. When Seo Jin found out he threatened his father to exposing Robin’s identity himself if Ha Na leaves.

Seo Jin:”From now on not only I will protect your interests, but I’ll also protect what’s mine.”

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