“Ouroboros ” ep 6~ Tatsuya:”Please…save Ikuo!”

Tatsuya and Ikuo found Yuiko’s killers. A fight begins and both Ikuo and Tatsuya are in danger.

Episode 6

In the last episode Ikuo shot someone while trying to protect Mizuki. For that he was called for inquiry, where he saw two men wearing golden watches. One of those men was Mizuki’s father. The shock gave him headaches and he collapsed. Unconscious Ikuo dreams about a man with a golden watch that took him to Mahoroba. That was the day he met Yuiko and Tatsuya. When he woke up Ikuo was in hospital. Mizuki was next to him. But Ikuo can’t stay in hospital for long. He gets up and leaves. On his was Ikuo calls Tatsuya and both of them went to search around the house of the yakuza who was murdered at the club. The two Public Safety men that attacked Tatsuya and killed the yakuza are now looking for that yakuza’s son. Tatsuya and Ikuo have to find the son first. While looking around the house Ikuo tells Tatsuya about the two policemen that he saw with golden watches.

Tatsuya:”You never know when someone will turn on you.”

On his day off Ikuo went with Tatsuya to look for the son of the yakuza, Yamashiro Hayato. They have a clue and they found Hayato at an amusement park. While they talk to Hayato, Tatsuya and Ikuo realize who killed Yuiko. The four men who killed Yuiko were from the Public Safety and those four men were the homeless man who was killed, the manager of the Haijima Corporation and the two men that attacked Tatsuya and killed Hayato’s father. The two men go by the name Zero. During the conversation Ikuo’s memory is trigged again and he has headaches. He remembers the face of the man who threatened him and Tatsuya after Yuiko died, a man wearing a golden watch. Suddenly Ikuo sees the Zero men pointing a gun towards Tatsuya and he pushes Tatsuya. Ikuo was shot. Tatsuya and Hayato take hurt Ikuo away from there.

Away from the place where Ikuo was shot, Tatsuya tries to shot Ikuo’s bleeding. Hurt, Ikuo tells Tatsuya that he remembered what happened the night Yuiko died. They can let the Zero men get away so Tatsuya calls Mizuki and tells her that Ikuo is hurt, to bring first air equipment and to help Ikuo.

Tatsuya:” I don’t want him to die. Please…save Ikuo!”

Leaving Ikuo to wait for Mizuki, Tatsuya and Hayato went to fight the two Zero men, Ganaha and Oshitari. Tatsuya saved Hayato from Ganaha and told him to run. Meanwhile Tatsuya keeps fight Ganaha. Tatsuya is about to be killed, but before that Ganaha wants to get from Tatsuya something that belonged to Yuiko, the ouroboros.

While Tatsuya was fighting Ganaha, Mizuki arrived. She found Ikuo barely alive. He doesn’t let her call ambulance. He has to stop the bleeding and go help Tatsuya. Ikuo, can barely stand, but still he gets up and goes to help Tatsuya. Not understanding what is happening Mizuki tries to stop him or at least go with him, but Ikuo doesn’t let her. She said it herself that if Ikuo is connected to Tatsuya or other yakuza she won’t want to see him again.

On his way to Tatsuya, Ikuo can’t stand anymore. He sits on a bench and faints.

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