“It’s Okay, Roommate ” ep 22 ~ Jackson:”I’m going to raise a donkey.”

Jackson’s birthday wishes and his new pet.

Episode 22

It’s Jackson’s birthday and he has a few wishes. Since it Jackson’s birthday, Se Ho wants to know Jackson’s wish and he will make it come true. But Jackson has several wishes.

Jackson:”Not only one, I have several. There are many things I want to do in my life.”

After last episode, Jackson went skydiving with Kim Hong Gook and now he wants to do that again, but with all Roommate members. He wants to swim with a dolphin, living with animals on a desert island. Well Se Ho gets off easily from those saying that they need warmer weather so they will do those later. Jackson’s next wish is to put his head into a trained tiger’s mouth. And of course Jackson’s last wish is to raise a donkey.

Jackson:”I’m going to raise a donkey.”

To fulfill Jackson’s wish, Dong Wook took Jackson and Young Ji to a donkey farm. Poor Dong Wook! Once again he has to spend a day with Jackson and Young Ji and he will return home 10 years older! Several hours later, the three of them arrived at the donkey farm. When they arrived they don’t see any donkey. The owner hit them on the other side of his property because when they are hungry or bored, donkeys make loud noises. On their way to the donkey stable Jackson brings out his list with questions.

Jackson:”I’m certain that this is a horse.”

Because he thought donkey are really small, smaller than their dog Cucumber, Jackson is scared of the medium size donkey at first. But he mustered the courage and touched it. When his eyes met the small size donkey, Jackson feels like he met his destiny. The donkey’s name is Regal. When the owner said that he show maintain eye contact when he feed the donkey, Jackson thought that he should feed Regal through the eyes.

After feeding Regal, Jackson took him out for a walk and took pictures with him. Jackson even rode Regal while holding onto the owner’s shoulder. Because Jackson likes so much the donkey, the owner rented Regal to the Roommate family for two days.

Returned home, Young Ji gets in the middle of the road to stop the cars from passing so that Jackson and Dong Wook could pass with the donkey. Once he arrived with the donkey in the backyard, Jackson put his jacket on his new pet and asked Dong Wook if he could show the donkey the house. Dong Wook must be a really calm person, because he never said no to Jackson.

When Jackson brings the donkey inside, Se Ho and Ryohei were surprised, but the most shocked was the guest. The guest of this episode is Chef Choi Hyun Seok.

Dong Wook helps Jackson prepare a place to sleep for Regal, than Jackson goes to the kitchen and brings out everything they have to feed his donkey. Jackson and Dong Wook feed carrots to Regal. Jackson even tries to teach Regal who to eat a cucumber.

The moment Gook Joo arrived home, Jackson covered her eyes and brought the out to show her Regal. Gook Joo’s reaction wasn’t what Jackson imagined, because she was shocked. The scarf the was used to cover Gook Joo’s eyes, Jackson put it on Regal’s neck. Then Jackson takes the scarf from Regal’s neck and goes inside because Joon Hyung arrived. Jackson covered Joon’s eyes with the scarf that was on Regal’s neck and brought him to the yard also. Joon was shocked too to see a donkey in their backyard, but his reaction was like Jackson’s.

Dinner is ready and everyone enjoy what Chef Choi prepared for them.

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