“We Got Married ” ep 26 ( WGM ep 263) ~Jae Rim:” Should I act like I didn’t see?”

The trip to Jeju Island continues at the amusement park. At night they celebrate Jae Rim’s birthday.

Episode 26

The rides at the amusement park continue. After playing with the cars for a while, it’s time to ride the horses on the carousel. Is it me or Jae Rim is a little uncomfortable of the little horse? Then it’s time to ride the little children rides.

After playing at the little kids rides, Jae Rim and So Eun decide to ride the Disco Bang Bang. Trying to be manly Jae Rim sits in one leg, while putting the other on the chair next to So Eun. He wants to protect So Eun during the ride, but he ends up bumping everywhere, including sitting on So Eun’s knees. Both Jae Rim and So Eun remain with bruises on their bodies after that ride.

Arrived home, the couple begins preparing diner. They are still in pain after the disco ride, but they need to eat. Before coming home, the couple went shopping. Now, they look for receipt on different blogs. While she left Jae Rim in charge of the sea cucumber, So Eun took out the seaweed she brought. She brought seaweed to prepare birthday meals for Jae Rim, who celebrated his birthday before the shot.

For one of the recipes Jae Rim needs onion juice, but because he doesn’t know how to make it he just squeeze the onion. While Jae Rim was busy with cooking, So Eun takes a box out and hides in a corner with it. It was a box with choco pie. She didn’t have time to buy a cake for the birthday boy so she is trying to make one using choco pie, cream and strawberries. Seeing her hiding, Jae Rim bends down to see what she is doing and scares her.

Jae Rim:” Should I act like I didn’t see?”

The meal is ready. Jae Rim brought some bellflower wine from their house in Seoul. Excited Jae Rim dances with the glasses in his hands. They start eating, but the food taste shocked them. it was worse than the mackerel kebab they had in Turkey. Pretending that she goes to the bathroom to spit the food form her mouth, So Eun brings Jae Rim her present. She brought him a pair of shoes. Initially she wanted to buy him a bag, but Jae Rim bragged about ordering a new bag after she recently got a new motorcycle. Happy about his present, Jae Rim enjoys the food, the seaweed soup that So Eun made to celebrate his birthday.

After dinner, Jae Rim and So Eun changed into couple pajamas. Jae Rim prepared a karaoke machine. Even if he makes several comments remembering So Eun’s scandal and how she felt then, they enjoy the karaoke bedroom, they sing and dance.

Jae Rim:”Was it tough? You probably wanted to collapse.”

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