“Ouroboros ” ep 7~ “A thing that swallows its own tail…death and resurrection…creation and destruction. ”

Mizuki discovers the relationship between Ikuo and Tatsuya.

Another child from Mahoroba appears.

Episode 7

Ganaha is about to kill Tatsuya, but first he wants to know where is Yuiko’s ouroboros necklace. Looking up Tatsuya sees Hayato through the ceiling. Hayato cuts the chandelier’s rope and saves Tatsuya. While Hayato helps Tatsuya get up, Ganaha wakes up. He was alive and he takes his gun out. Oshitari, Ganaha’s partner comes from behind and using a syringe poisoned and killed Ganaha.

Ositari tied up Hayato and Tatsuya. He uses diluted poison on Tatsuya to find out where is Yuiko’s ouroboro. The policemen from the central office arrived so Oshitari has to hurry up. There is a change of plan. Oshitari wil postpone his talking with Tatsuya and will kill Hayato. But Tatsuya can’t let Oshitari kill Hayato so he annoys Oshitary until Oshitari wants to beat him up to dead. Oshitari thinks that he can kill Tatsuya and get the information he wants from Ikuo.

Tatsuya:”As if he’s talk to you…as if we would talk to the bastard that shot Yuiko- sensei.”

Hearing Tatsuya’s words, Oshitari looks behind him and sees Ikuo. He beat Oshitari, than he wants to untie Hayato and Tatsuya.

Mizuki heard some people talking about a wounded guy entering the Ghost house and goes in. Detectives Tachibana, Chono and Mishima arrived at the amusement park, but they hide from the policemen form the central office. Chono calls Mizuki to see where she is, but in the middle of their conversation, the phone call ends. Someone grabbed her from behind.

Hayato helps Ikuo stand and leaves the Ghost House together with Tatsuya and Oshitari. Coming out of Hayato’s secret room, they see that they are surrounded by fire. Someone is trying to kill them. Ikuo remembered the men who threatened him and Tatsuya the night Yuiko died, it was Deputy Commissioner Hijiri. And he is in that amusement park with the policemen form the central office. Tatsuya sends Hayato, Ikuo and Oshitai out. Between the fire, Tatsuya saw Mizuki lying unconscious on the floor. He helps her out, but Mizuki wants to know what the relationship between Tatsuya and Ikuo is.

Tatsuya:”We are family!”

Oshitari is grabbed by someone. Hayato and Ikuo managed to get away. Suddenly they met Hijiri and Ikuo attacked him. Masked men attacked Ikuo, but Hiiri saved him. While Hijiri helped Ikuo stand, Ikuo realized something. When Mishima entered, Ikuo fainted. The same time Ikuo was attacked, Tatsuya and Mizuki where attacked also, but they were saved by Chuono.

Ikuo is send to the hospital and Mizuki accompanies him. Chuono wants to know what happened, but Tatsuya won’t tell him anything until Chuono lets Hayato go.

Tatsuya:” I don’t trust the police, but you are different.”

Ikuo is in the hospital. He keeps thinking about Hijiri. He doesn’t understand why Hijiri protected him at the amusement park. He gets up from his bed, but he suddenly has a headache and falls down.

Meanwhile, Tatsuya takes Hayato to the airport. He found a place for Hayato to hide. Back to his office, Tatsuya looks at the memory disk Hayato gave him.

Later, Mizuki goes to visit Ikuo at the hospital, but he isn’t there so she goes to his house. The door from Ikuo’s house is opened so she gets in. Next to Ikuo’s bed, Mizuki saw his necklace. When Ikuo arrived, scared Mizuki drops the necklace into her bag. Both of them pretend that nothing happened

Mizuki left. At the subway something fell from her bag. It’s Ikuo’s necklace. She wants to call Ikuo, but she remembers that the men that attacked her at the amusement park were after the ouroboros so she takes the necklace to the laboratory. The necklace was an ordinary one, except that the necklace had a hole in it and some numbers engraved on it.

“A thing that swallows its own tail…An eternal circle…Death and resurrection…Creation and destruction. ”

Home, Ikuo looks for his necklace everywhere, but he can’t find it. That night when he met Tatsuya, they both realized that the person who would profit more from putting Hijiri in prison is Mizuki’s father, superintendent Hibino. Also Ikuo tells Tatsuya what he remembered about that night.

Ikuo:”That night, Yuiko sensei pointed a gun at me.”

Mizuki left the laboratory. She sees some cars following her and runs away. The men form the car followed her. Suddenly a car stops in front of her. The driver told Mizuki that he is a friend of Tatsuya and Ikuo. She got in and the driver, Nachi Sousuke, brought Mizuki to his house. There Mizuki sees a picture of little Ikuo. Sousuke was at Mahoroba with Ikuo and Tatsuya and he is collecting evidence for Yuiko’s murder also.

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