“Hyde, Jekyll, and I ” ep 17 ~”Let the fireworks finale be intense and vibrant.”

Robin’s identity is revealed to the media!

Episode 17

Seo Jin went to his father’s office to see what he told Ha Na. When he found out that his father told Ha Na to leave, Seo Jin decided that from now on he will protect his thinks and live his live, instead to protect what his father want him to protect.

While Seo Jin was leaving, Ha Na called secretary Kwon. She is in Robin’s apartment and a lot of reporters are at the door. Seo Jin goes there. He is about to tell the reporters that Robin is his second personality when Ha Na comes out from the apartment and stops him. She grabs Seo Jin’s hand and takes him to the roof. She is angry that he was to reveal the truth when he worked so hard to hide it until now and when she barely convinced Robin to stop the interview.

Seo Jin:”Don’t worry about me if you’re not going to love me. You have feelings for me.”

Seo Jin keeps insisting with his question about why Ha Na is concerned about him if she doesn’t have feelings for him, why she stopped Robin form doing the interview if she doesn’t have feelings for him.

Secretary Kwon and team leader Sung came. Seo Jin’s father threatened them that if they will not stop Seo Jin from revealing everything they will get fired. They managed to stop Seo Jin for the moment and they got Seo Jin and Ha Na away from there.

Reporters took pictures of Ha Na and Seo Jin and wrote articles saying that Ha Na is Robin and that she and Seo Jin are in a relationship. At night, when Robin wakes up he sees the articles and remembers Ha Na and Seo Jin’s conversation.

That night Robin meets Ha Na and they went on a date.

In the morning, Seo Jin went to visit Soo Hyun. They made peace and Seo Jin goes to visit him always. From now on Seo Jin will start doing all the things he didn’t do in his life, like going on a movie, drinking with friends, and come tell Soo Hyun about his experiences as he used to do when they were children and Seo Jin will tell Soo Hyun about his experiences when he used to go aboard.

Before leaving Seo Jin received a text massage from Ha Na. several hours later, Ha Na is watching her phone, she is waiting for Seo Jin’s reply, but the reply never came. Suddenly one of her coworkers came in happy. He had lunch with Seo Jin, Woo Jung and Eun Chang. Seo Jin even asked him to make a list of good movies, because he never saw a movie until now. After lunch Seo Jin went to ride the Vikings. Not understanding what is Seo Jin doing, Ha Na went to see secretary Kwon, but he is as perplexed as Ha Na. The other night Seo Jin invited him for drinks for the first time. Secretary Kwon fears that Seo Jin decided to give up his treatment because Ha Na likes Robin.

Worried and angry Ha Na calls Seo Jin and from him she found out that secretary Kwon’s fears are true. Seo Jin decided to embrace his illness and give up his treatment for Ha Na. Since Ha Na is in love with Robin, Seo Jin will give her Robin.

It’s Robin’s time again. He goes to Ha Na’s house. She is sick and he wants to help her, but she doesn’t need anything. Thinking that Ha Na doesn’t need him, that Ha Na also is protecting Seo Jin, Robin is upset. After fighting with Ha Na, Robin leaves and Ha Na follows him.

Someone follows Robin’s car from behind. Ryu Seung Yeon talked to a journalist and made up a plan to catch Robin and reveal the relationship between Robin and Soe Jin. Robin stopped the car because the traffic light turned red. The follower doesn’t stop and bumps into Robin’s car. Both drivers come out and the follower made a huge scandal blaming Robin. The police arrived also, but Robin refuses to give his identification. They are taken to the police station where Robin insists that he isn’t Goo Seo Jin, that he is Robin. Reporters are all over the place. Trying to protect both Seo Jin and Robin, Ha Na told the reporters that the man before them is Robin, the webtoon author, but Ha Na also said that Robin is Goo Seo Jin’s pen name. Ha Na revealed to the media that Seo Jin and Robin are the same person, which Robin doesn’t want to acknowledge.

In the morning secretary Kwon and Ha Na are at Seo Jin’s house waiting for him to wake up. When he woke up Seo Jin saw the articles saying that he has a secret identity as a webtoon author called Robin.

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