“Ho-Goo’s Love ” ep 9~ ep 10~ Kang Chul: “So you like Do Hee more than me?”

Kang Chul, Ho Goo and Do Hee give the baby his first bath. The baby is send to his adoptive parents.

Episode 9

Kang Chul arrived at Ho Goo’s house to return the soup pot, but he sees Ho Goo hugging Do Hee. From the shock, Kang Chul drops the pot, than he leaves.

Ho Goo and Do Hee enter the house where Ho Goo comforts Do Hee and calms her down. Later Ho Goo goes outside. He can’t sleep. He hears a noise and goes to see what happened. Ho Goo sees his pot and realizes that Kang Chul was there.

In the morning, because Ho Goo was late for breakfast his mother went to see if he is alright. To not be caught Do Hee hides in the closet and Ho Goo tries hard to hide the diapers from his mother.

Jealous Kang Chul calls Do Hee. He wants to know what the relationship between Do Hee and Ho Goo is.

Kang Chul:”He thinks I’m your baby’s father!”

During her conversation with Kang Chul, Do Hee is more worried about what Kang Chul told Hoo Goo and where is the pot with seaweed soup. But Kang Chul keeps insisting with his questions. He wants to know what kind of relationship Do Hee has with Ho Goo, why did Ho Goo cooked so much seaweed soup for Do Hee and why were they hugging in the middle of the night.

Do Hee:” You’re acting as if you’re jealous.”

Because he thinks that Do Hee and Kang Chul have to make up and raise the child together, Ho Goo took the baby with him to work. He even asked Chung Jae, his friend and boss, for childcare leave. Hearing that Chung Jae got angry, but when Do Hee came to pick up the baby and he realized that the baby’s mother is Do Do Hee, Chung Jae changed and offered Ho Goo childcare leave.

Arrived home, Ho Goo and Do Hee sneak into Ho Goo’s room, without knowing that Ho Goo’s mother saw them. Inside Do Hee tells Ho Goo that he misunderstood and Kang Chul isn’t her baby’s father. But Ho Goo doesn’t believe her. He thinks that Do Hee likes Kang Chul so much that she is saying that because Kang Chul doesn’t want the baby. Ho Goo takes the baby and goes to Kang Chul’s house to try one more time to convince Kang Chul to take responsibility for Do Hee and the baby.

When she sees the note that Ho Goo left her, Do Hee goes outside to wait for him, but Ho Goo’s mother saw her and invited her for a talk. Ho Goo’s mother is happy that her son has a girlfriend she doesn’t care of anything else. She will accept anyone for her son, as long as it’s not a married woman with children. Ho Goo’s mother likes Do Hee, which is making Do Hee happy.

Because she never heard from Kang Chul since their blind date, Ho Kyung went to Kang Chul’s office pretending that they’ve met by accident, by fate. She finds excuses for Kang Chul since he didn’t ask for a second date, but Kang Chul said that told her that he doesn’t intend to ask her for a second date, that they aren’t good for each other. Ho Kyung follows Kang Chul, she wants to be close to Kang Chul. She talks to Kang Chul about taking the bus or the subway, about being close to other humans. Back to his office, Kang Chul can’t forget Ho Kyung’s words and goes to see Ho Goo.

Ho Kyung:” If I let you go right now, I don’t think you’ll ever fall in love for the rest of your life.”

At the house, Do Hee is getting ready to leave. She found adoptive parents for her baby. When she leaves, Kang Chul enters Ho Goo’s room and locks the door.

Kang Chul:”I came to see you, Kang Ho Goo.”

Episode 10

“So you like Do Hee more than me?” is what Kang Chul asks Ho Goo. He realizes that Ho Goo likes Do Hee, not him as he wished for. When he leaves, Do Hee wants to talk to Kang Chul, but he refuses. They have nothing to talk about.

A car is blocking Kang Chul’s car. When Kang Chul asked the owner to move his car, Do Hee turned her face. The man who got out of that car is a journalist. Do Hee lied to that journalist that she came to see her friend in that neighborhood and the child in her arms is her friend’s child, Geum Dong. The baby doesn’t have a name yet so when Do Hee saw the street cat that Ho Goo showed her the other day she used the cat’s name as the baby’s name.

Ho Goo comes running and takes the baby from Do Hee’s arms and leaves with the baby and Kang Chul.

The baby pooped so Ho Goo had to change his diaper in Kang Chul’s house. Later when Do Hee came with her coach to pick the baby because the adoptive parents want him that day, Ho Goo introduced Kang Chul as the baby’s father. No matter how much Do Hee tries to tell her coach that Kang Chul isn’t the baby’s father, the coach still grabbed Kang Chul’s collar. After beating up Kang Chul the coach said that after he and Do Hee will give the baby to his adoptive parents in a few hours he will interrogate Kang Chul to be sure that Kang Chul isn’t the father.

Later when thinks calmed down, everyone is at Kang Chul’s place. The coach is lying on the sofa playing games on his phone. Ho Goo is lying in the bed next to the baby. In a few hours the baby will go to his adoptive parents. Kang Chul goes to the bathroom, where he sees Do Hee lying in the bathtub. She is sad because he couldn’t bath the baby not even once before giving him away.

Kang Chul lets Do Hee and Ho Goo bath the baby in his bathtub. He even joins in and helps them. While bathing the baby, Kang Chul is shocked when the baby’s belly button fell. He thought that he do something wrong to the baby.

It’s time for Do Hee to leave. She is called at the company. The directors want to fire her, but the CEO protects Do Hee.

Meanwhile at the house, the coach brought the adoptive parents. When he sees them, Ho Goo has a bad feeling, but he can’t do anything. The coach sent Ho Goo out to buy a teddy bear. When he comes back with the teddy bear, Ho Goo met with Do Hee. They both come up, but the baby was gone. The adoptive parents left with him while Ho Goo was out to buy the teddy bear.

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