“Hyde, Jekyll, and I ” ep 18 ~” Somehow you and I become us.”

Seo Jin and Robin begin knowing each other as they have to live as one. Something happens and Robin starts to disappear.

Episode 12

Overnight Seo Jin became a famous webtoon author and Robin became the hair of a big company. Seo Jin thanks Ha Na for finding a way for the three of them to life together without people finding out that Seo Jin has an illness and they celebrate with a meal. Ha Na watches Seo Jin cooking. Suddenly Seo Jin phone is on fire! He received text and phone calls from colleagues from collage, high school and even middle school. After they’ve read the article they called Seo Jin to invite him for drinks. What neither one of them, Ha Na or Seo Jin, know is that those articles are a great source of promotion for Seo Jin’s company. The directors of the company are starting to see Seo Jin again as the future CEO Of Wonder Group.

From now on Seo Jin and Robin will have to make a few changes. For that to happen they need to know everything about each other. Robin wrote 100 questions for Seo Jin, while Seo Jin has to write 200 questions for Robin.

Robin was invited to Webtoon Week Convention and for the first time he can participate. Ha Na accompanies him. When they’ve arrived, both Ha Na and Robin are shocked to see who many people came to see Robin. That night Robin received an award and an invitation to participate at a radio program.

The next day Ha Na tells Seo Jin everything that happened the night before.

The day after Robin went to the radio program, when Seo Jin woke up he started having parts of Robin’s memory. At night when Robin wakes up, he starts losing portions of his own memory. Both Seo Jin and Robin went to see doctor Kang to see what is happening to them, but neither one of them is ready for her answer. Robin is starting to forget his own memories, which Seo Jin remembers now, because Seo Jin is healing. Soon Robin will disappear.

For the next few days Robin hide from Ha Na. He doesn’t answer to her texts or phone calls, he doesn’t see her, he just stays in his room.

Robin:”I don’t know how to leave this place and I don’t know how to say goodbye to you.”

It’s Ha Na’s birthday! Seo Jin wakes up in the morning and finds Ha Na sleeping on his sofa. She spend the night waiting for Robin, but he never come out of his room. Seo Jin cooks for Ha Na.

Seo Jin wakes up, but something is strange. It’s night and he woke up, not Robin. Because it’s Ha Na’s birthday, Robin prepared a surprise for her at the radio. Seo Jin doesn’t know what to do, but luckily secretary Kwon stopped by on his way home and helped Seo Jin pretend to be Robin. He even offered to drive Ha Na and Robin to the radio station so Ha Na won’t realize that the man next to her isn’t Robin, is Seo Jin. The radio program went well. Ha Na didn’t realize that it’s Seo Jin, not Robin. Suddenly, during the radio show, Robin wakes up. He doesn’t understand what happened, but soon he realizes that Seo Jin pretended to be him.

Woo Jung filmed the surprise for Ha Na and she gave Robin the video. At home, while he was looking at the video, Robin realizes that he and Seo Jin are the same person.

Robin:”Seo Jin is me!”

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