“Ho-Goo’s Love ” ep 11~ ep 12~ Ho Kyung:” You plan on dating Byun Kang Chul?”

The baby is brought back.

Kang Chul has to check if he is gay or not.

Ho Kyung found out that Do Hee has a child and that she is leaving with Kang Chul.

Do Hee revealed the name of her first love.

Episode 11

When he sees the baby’s belly button in the trash can, Ho Goo realizes that the adoptive parents aren’t going to be good parents so he runs after them to bring the baby back, but he can’t find them. He searches online on the sites Do Hee registered to find adoptive parents and realized that they sold the baby. Shocked Ho Goo returned to Kang Chul’s house. Do Hee never accepted the money for her baby, she just asked them to take good care of her son. Realizing that the baby has nothing to do with him, he isn’t the baby’s father or the baby’s uncle or even the baby’s older brother so he can’t do anything to bring him back.

The next morning when Ho Kyung enters Ho Goo’s room she can’t believe the state Ho Goo is in. After talking to Ho Goo, Ho Kyung believes that Ho Goo forgot Do Hee and now he is in love with another woman.

After Ho Goo left Kang Chul’s place, Do Hee felt remorseful and with Kang Chul’s help brought the baby back.

The baby is gone and Ho Goo can’t spend his life crying for him. He made a seal stamp from the baby’s belly button and went to see Do Hee. Ho Goo will go on with his life, but first he wants to say goodbye to Do Hee. When he sees the baby there, Ho Go forgot what he said earlier that the baby was tiresome and it’s better that Do Hee gave him away. He hugs the baby and doesn’t let him go. Ho Goo doesn’t even let Do Hee hold the little one.

The same me Kang Chul was joking. Suddenly next to him appeared Ho Kyung. She’s been following Kang Chul and she will continue to do that until Kang Chul will fall in love with her. At some point Kang Chul opens up and tell Ho Kyung what he feels every time Ho Goo is near him, but he didn’t like what Ho Kyung concluded that he is gay.

Do Hee has to go. She went to see the baby’s father. That man died!

At home, Ho Goo sleeps next to the baby. Kang Chul watches them. he keeps thinking about Ho Kyung’s words and decided to check and see if he really is gay or not, as Ho Kyung said. When Do Hee arrives home she sees Kang Chul bent down over Ho Goo trying to kiss Ho Goo.

Episode 12

Kang Chul wants to check if he is gay so he bends down over Ho Goo and tries to kiss Ho Goo. Suddenly he hears a noise and when he lifted his head, Kang Chul saw Do Hee, who was coming home after visiting the baby’s father, shocked. He can’t let Do Hee know what he was just doing so Kang Chul begins slapping Ho Goo to wake him up.

Ho Goo keeps playing with Geum Dong and let’s Do Hee apply some cream on his face. But it’s late and Ho Goo has to leave. He sees a picture of Kang Chul on Mt. Everest made around the time Geum Dong was conceived and finally realizes that Kang Chul isn’t Geum Dong’s father. Now that he knows the truth, Ho Goo can’t let Do Hee alone with a man and he wants to spend the night there, but he is convinced to go home. At home, Ho Goo spend the night thinking about who is Geum Dong’s father and being jealous of Kang Chul who was with Do Hee.

The next day, after cutting his hair style, Ho Goo went to Kang Chul’s house. He sees Do Hee leaving and follows her until Do Hee arrived at a grave.

Later, while Do Hee and Kang Chul are searching about potential adoptive parents, Ho Goo goes to Kang Chul’s house are takes care of little Geum Dong. Ho Goo changed his hair style because he wants to confess his feelings to Do Hee, but when Do Hee and Kang Chul arrived, Ho Goo didn’t say anything, he just said that he wants to be Geum Dong’s babysitter. He doesn’t want to miss a single moment from Geum Dong’s life until they give him away again so Ho Goo will be the baby’s babysitter.

Someone is at the door. Kang Chul opens and he is shocked. At the door was Ho Kyung. She comes in, even if Kang Chul struggles to send her away. Before leaving Ho Kyung sees Do Hee and Ho Goo at Kang Chul’s house. When she finds out that Geum Dong is Do Hee’s son, thinking that Kang Chul is the father, Ho Kyung hits Kang Chul.

When she finds out that Kang Chul isn’t Geum Dong’s father, Ho Kyung wants to know why is Ho Goo there washing Do Hee’s baby.

Ho Kyung:” You plan on dating Byun Kang Chul?”

Because Ho Kyung wants to tell their mother what Ho Goo is doing, Ho Goo threatened Ho Kyung that if she will say anything to their mother then he will show Kang Chul all her pictures before plastic surgery. Also Ho Goo said that as long as he will work as babysitter for Geum Dong, she will have an excuse to come to Kang Chul’s house. In the end Ho Kyung was convinced to keep the secret.

A sportive came to Kang Chul for help. There are rumors about that sportive that he is gay so he wants to sue those that started the rumor. Because of that sportive, Kang Chul has to meet Ho Kyung for information. Around articles and studies about sexual orientation, Ho Kyung gave Kang Chul a test to see if he is gay or not too. After making that test, Kang Chul got drunk.

After a hard day, Do Hee comes home. When he is leaving, Ho Goo hugs Do Hee because he saw that she had a hard day. That day Do Hee kissed Ho Goo before sending him away.

Do Hee:”Ho Goo is mom’s first love.”

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