“It’s Okay, Roommate ” ep 23 ~ Jackson:”I’m a donkey too!”


After spending his last day with Michael, Jackson had to send the donkey back.

Thoughts: I’m starting to get bored of Roommate. The first episodes, until they started having guests, were funny, but now they’re not. I want the old Roommate episodes back, those episode in which the members were bonding with each other.

I have to appreciate one thing about this episode and that is that the guests weren’t invited by Se Ho. Oh, yeah and I have to appreciate that Gook Joo and her annoying jocks wasn’t present.

Episode 23

Jackson hears Michael making noise in the yard and runs out after checking on the window that the donkey is alright. He brought some water and carrots for his donkey and puts another blanket on Michael. But when Jackson tries to feed Michael, the donkey refuses.

Because Michael refuses to eat, Jackson goes inside and changes into donkey pajamas, thinking that maybe if he looks like a donkey then Michael will eat. Jackson and Young Ji come out together to fee the donkey.

Jackson:”I’m a donkey too!”

Jackson takes his donkey pajama off and remained into an orange training suit to look like a carrot. No matter what Jackson and Young Ji tried, the donkey still refused to eat. Worried about Michael, Jackson gives the donkey a candy, maybe Michael has low blood sugar. Fortunately Michael ate the candy. While Young Ji and Jackson were playing with Michael, Kang Joon came home. He brought Jackson a present, underwear with GOT7 and Wang&Seo names inscribed on.

Kang Joon and Jackson went to their room where they played with the underwear, pretending to film underwear commercial.

Kang Joon’s guest arrived. Its actress Kim Hyun Joo! Because she can’t open the door, Kang Joon and donkey Jackson went to bring her inside. After she met everyone, Kang Joon and Jackson show Hyun Joo the house. She is also introduced to Michael.

Jackson:” Hyun Joo, can you lend me some money?”

After lunch, Jackson, Joon Hyung and Young Ji took Michael for a walk.

When the night came another guest arrived, actress Kim Jung Nan. While everyone is cooking dinner, including Kim Hyun Joo, Jackson shows Kim Jung Nan the roommate house. During dinner Jackson massaged the two lady guests shoulders. After dinner everyone enjoy playing, singing and dancing.

That night, after the two actresses left, the donkey’s owner came to pick up Michael. When the owner came he saw that the donkey is crying and thinks that the donkey is sad because Jackson took really good care of him. The owner tried to tie Michael, but the donkey turned and went next to Jackson.

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