“Hyde, Jekyll, and I ” ep 19 ~ “All I know is that I have you by my side.”

” No one knows what awaits them at the end. All I know is that I have you by my side.”

Robin prepares his leaving. He is saying his goodbye.

Episode 19

On Ha Na’s birthday, Robin didn’t wake up. It’s been days since he started to act strange and to push Ha Na away. Surprised that Robin didn’t wake up, Seo Jin doesn’t have the heart to tell Ha Na that on her birthday and pretends to be Robin. During the radio show that Seo Jin was having instead of Robin suddenly Robin woke. He is surprised and worried. Lately Robin started to lose his memories which went to Seo Jin and he fears that he will disappear soon.

Home Robin watches the video from the radio show with Seo Jin pretending to be him the he calls secretary Kwon. Secretary Kwon believes that Robin is starting to disappear because Seo Jin changed, now Seo Jin is sacrificing himself. All his life Seo Jin tried to get rid of Robin, but now when Ha Na is in love with Robin, Seo Jin decided to accept Robin for the rest of his life.

Later Ha Na calls Robin and they meet. He brought a painting that reminded him of her. While Ha Na makes future plans for her and Robin, he remembers their first meeting and his head starts to hurt. Once again Robin is forgetting pieces of his life. Returned home, Robin watches the message that Seo Jin left for him.

Robin:”If you become this good and kind then where does that leave me?”

When he woke up, Seo Jin remembers Robin’s memory again and he also remembers the confusion Robin feels now that he knows that soon he will disappear.

When Robin wakes up he forgets pieces of his memory again. Later he goes to see Ha Na, but when he arrived he loses other pieces of his memory again. He is losing his memory faster than he expected so Robin went to see doctor Kang. Robin doesn’t want to forget everything and to be in front of people that he will not be able to remember so he asked doctor Kang to help him disappear. Before that Robin asked doctor Kang to give him a week to say goodbye to everyone and then help him disappear.

Before he will disappear, Robin prepared a trip with Ha Na. He takes her to a house that in his memory was his own house. When he come to life, Robin’s mind made a story that only him remembered, a house where he was living with his mother, older brother and older sister. Wanting to make a memory with Robin, Ha Na proposes him a time capsule for them to open in three years. She still doesn’t know that in three years Robin won’t be around.

After burring the time capsule, Ha Na and Robin walked around the town, took pictures, made candy, they enjoyed their date.

Afraid that Seo Jin will wake up in the morning and he will lose form his time, Robin didn’t sleep at all that night. In the morning Robin wants to take Ha Na somewhere. When they arrive, Robin tells Ha Na that the house in front of her is the house he was born in. Listening to Robin, Ha Na realized that Robin doesn’t remember the day before and he is telling her what he said the day before. Shocked, Ha Na calls doctor Kang and finds out that Robin will disappear sooner that even doctor Kang believed.

After finding out that Robin will soon be gone, while crying Ha Na runs to the tree where they buried the time capsule. She found inside Robin’s time capsule a goodbye letter for her. Ha Na runs back to the house where she doesn’t find Robin, she finds Seo Jin.

Seo Jin comforted Ha Na and later, while walking around the town where Robin took Ha Na, Seo Jin receives a video message. It was form Robin! He was telling Seo Jin how to make Ha Na happy after he will be gone.

At night Robin called Ha Na. Crying she comes to him saying that a week it’s too soon, she can’t let him leave in a week. But for Robin a week is a long time. He is already lost a big part of his memory. While talking to Ha Na, Robin begins having a headache. Another day disappeared from his memory.

Before letting Robin go, Ha Na with the help of her friends prepared the most precious memory for Robin.

Ha Na:” Please marry me!”

Thoughts: Why Ha Na clings so much on Robin? She knew from the beginning that Robin isn’t real, that he was created from Seo Jin’s mind. Was she expecting Seo Jin to be the one that disappears or what??

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4 Responses to “Hyde, Jekyll, and I ” ep 19 ~ “All I know is that I have you by my side.”

  1. Blue says:

    Hello hello ^^ I have nominated you for the Liebster award : https://kdramaendings.wordpress.com/2015/03/27/liebster-award-nominations/–

  2. Blue says:

    And to answer your question about Hana, she’s a weirdo that’s why. She seems to be just as crazy and confused as Seo-Jin, no wait, at least Seo-Jin knows that Robin is an illusion, she doesn’t seem to get it. I dislike her character because she passes for a normal girl when something is clearly wrong with her. If you enjoy this drama I didn’t mean to ruin it for you, keep enjoying it. 😦

    I have a question though, how do you manage to watch so many shows all at the same time? I don’t know I find that fascinating.

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