“It’s Okay, Roommate ” ep 24 ~ Jackson:”Of all the restaurants I’ve been to, you’re food is the best.”

For this episode the roommate family got a mother.

Actress Kim Soo Mi comes as a guest to the roommate house where she cooks for the members and spends the time with Jackson.

Episode 24

Ryohei and Min Woo are sitting bored on a sofa. Jackson comes to Ryohei to learn few words in Japanese. Ryohei puts a fake cockroach on his leg to scare Jackson. Both Ryohei and Min Woo tried hard to make Jackson look on Rhyohei’s leg and when Jackson saw the cockroach jumped from that sofa screaming.

Bae Jong Ok went to actress Kim Soo Mi movie premier and invited her to the roommate house. Because Kim Soo Mi wanted to see Jackson, when Jong Ok went to pick her senior she took Ryohei and Jackson with her. It’s Ryohei’s first time driving in Korea and Jackson is scared. To make the encounter fun for Kim Soo Mi, Jong Ok asked Ryohei and Jackson to pretend that they don’t speak Korean.

Kim Soo Mi waited for 30 minutes for the roommate members to come pick her up. She woke up really early to prepare a lot of food for the roommate house. The funny thing is that Ryohei and Jackson pretend that they don’t speak Korean so when Kim Soo Mi tells them something in Korean, Ryohey answers in Japanese and Jackson answers in English.

Everything is in the car. Jackson holds Kim Soo Mi’s hand while taking her to the door and Ryohei open’s he door for her. In the car Jackson keeps calling Kim Soo Mi “nuna” or “you’re beautiful” and both Ryohei and Jackson hold Kim Soo Mi’s hand.

Kim Soo Mi didn’t just bring side dishes for the roommate family she even brought the table settings. She’s teaching them who to set the table while she finishes cooking for them.

After they’ve eaten, Jackson takes Kim Soo Mi out to the yard. They talk and play on the swing.

Later Kim Soo Mi took Jackson, Ryohei and Dong Wook to the market. They need ingredients for dinner.

Jackson:”Of all the restaurants I’ve been to, you’re food is the best.”

From the market Kim Soo Mi and her three “sons” brought a pair of pants and all the ingredients they needed for dinner. After shopping Jackson took Kim Soo Mi for a small date. They’ve entered into a cosmetics store, from where Jackson brought Kim Soo Mi a lipstick as present. He wanted to give her the lipstick as a surprise, but she figured it out.

At home Kim Soo Mi goes to the kitchen and starts making dinner. Jackson, while wearing Kang Joon’s apron, takes pictures of everything. After dinner everyone went upstairs to talk.

Wearing a mask with a tiger print on it, Jackson calls Sunny to his room to scare her. Then Jackson puts on a dragon print mask and gives Sunny a panda print one and they go to scare everyone upstairs.

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