“Hyde, Jekyll, and I ” ep 20 ~ ” Knowing that each and every day is like the work of a miracle.”

Finally this horribly boring drama ends! The script and production is one thing that makes a drama be successful, but the actors are also important. You can’t expect to have actors that can’t act and idols with no acting skills, like Hyeri, and expect to have great ratings. Since I’m a Hyun Bin fan I had high expectations form this drama, after I saw other dramas and movies with him, but another drama like this one and I’ll stop being a fan. After seeing the ratings I’m sure that Hyun Bin also regrets rejecting “Kill Me Heal Me” over “Hyde, Jekyll, and I”.

Can someone enlighten me with Hyeri’s role, what was the purpose of it? I’m starting to wander about circus these days. Are circuses now having cheerleaders????? Or the producers knew from the beginning that the drama will be bad and they decided to bring an idol to try and revive the drama? Well… if you wanted that then you should’ve pick an idol that can act for like…10%. Also the main actress should be one that can act.

I kept watching this drama till the end hopping that will get better, but it didn’t ….

PS: Did I miss an episode? When did everyone (Ha Na’s friends) found out that Robin was Seo Jin’s second personality?

So the producers from this drama thought that if Hyun Bin is the lead actor and the Baek Jin Young sings the OST that this drama will be a success as “Secret Garden”was…

Recommendation: If you didn’t watch this drama yet, then don’t lose your time for nothing. Because I’m feeling generous today I’ll give this drama 4 out of 10.

Episode 20

After the wedding ceremony, the married couple went home. Robin tries to draw Ha Na, but he can’t draw anymore. Trying to make him feel better, Ha Na proposes to eat first and then draw. She went shopping earlier to cook for her husband, but it’s too late. Robin’s time is up. He says his goodbyes to all the people he knew, including Seo Jin.

Seo Jin:” I was really lucky to have you, Robin!”

Robin:”Let’s never see each other again.”

After saying goodbye to everyone, Robin and doctor Kang went to Seo Jin’s bedroom and started the session. Robin is gone for good, now there is only Seo Jin.

Seo Jin wakes up wearing a wedding ring. He watches all the messages that Robin send him during the time he was around. Then Seo Jin goes to see Ha Na. She just stays in the house. He convinced Ha Na to come out and remind Robin together. They’ve walked around the same path Ha Na and Robin last walked. Seo Jin tries to comfort Ha Na, even if that means for her to think at Robin when she looks at him. But that will bring more pain to the both of them.

Since she found out the truth about Robin and Seo Jin, Ha Na hoped that the two of them were the same person, a person with both Robin’s and Seo Jin’s qualities, but now she realizes that it can’t be like that, they are two different persons. Also the day Robin left for good, she was disappointed that Seo Jin was the one that woke up, she had hoped that Robin didn’t disappear.

Later when they split, Seo Jin begins having Robin’s memory, but also parts of Robin’s emotions.

Seo Jin is returning to the office. He is acting more and more like Robin. Without realizing he calls secretary Kwon the same way Robin was calling him. The moment he saw his car, Seo Jin went to the driver’s sit, even if he doesn’t know how to drive. Even at the press conference, Seo Jin said the same words that Robin said the day he pretended to be Seo Jin in the company.

Ryu Seung Yeon can’t lose the CEO position so easily so he asks Seo Jin to draw something in front of everyone. Seo Jin is worried, he knows he can’t draw, but as soon as he took the pen in his hand, he was able to draw. While leaving Seo Jin, who is still shocked that he was able to draw, remembered Ha Na’s words that she hopped that Robin and Seo Jin would’ve been the same person, one person with the qualities of both of them.

Seo Jin goes out and gets in his car, on the drivers sit. He can drive now! Shocked Seo Jin goes to Robin apartment. He remembers the password too.

Several days later, Ha Na sees on the internet the webtoon author Robin released a new series. She goes to the apartment and finds Seo Jin there. She believes that Seo Jin hired someone to draw for him, but Seo Jin tells her the truth. All of Robin’s skills and talents remained with Seo Jin after Robin’s disappearing. Ha Na asks Seo Jin to stop and leaves. On her way out she is surprised. Seo Jin finished the drawing that Robin began.

Seo Jin grabs Ha Na’s hand and takes her to the car. He is driving! They went to the place where Ha Na wanted to go on Robin’s birthday and raise dogs and chicken there. It doesn’t matter if his name is Robin or Seo Jin because they are the same person and that man is in love with her.

There is one thing that Robin didn’t give Seo Jin, his memory of the wedding. Robin took that memory with him.

Seo Jin and Ha Na lived happily ever after…

The end!

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4 Responses to “Hyde, Jekyll, and I ” ep 20 ~ ” Knowing that each and every day is like the work of a miracle.”

  1. Blue says:

    I agree that Hyeri was irrelevant!!! But what confused me most was her father. I can’t picture my father, knowing that the guy I love is a schizo, befriend that guy and grant him home with open arms, without fearing for my safety EVEN IF he wouldn’t tell me about the guy’s illness. But noooooooo not Mr Dad. Mr Dad helped Robin have a second life, gravitate around his daughter as if it was totally normal and safe (what if Terry had showed up????), and even let Robin use his SSNumber or whatever?? Goodness. And you’re right they picked her for the ratings but it failed.

    I had NO CLUE that HyunBin had rejected Kill Me Heal Me!!

    As for the friends who mysteriously already knew he had a split personality, great observation! I didn’t even think about it. Tell you this drama made NO SENSE!!!!!

    • lemonmirae says:

      Yeah your right, i haven’t thought about her father. And since you brought up Terry, what was the point of introducing Terry if they didn’t said anything about him, Terry appeared just for 3 seconds.

  2. Nonsense says:

    i think Terry did not appear. Robin was hypnotized that time. so in other words, it was not Terry, it was hypnosis

  3. lemonmirae says:

    Maybe! It could be the way you say it. I didn’t think about this because usually when someone suffers from multiple personalities disorder they don’t have just one other personality, they have many, but what you said could be true.

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