“Ho-Goo’s Love ” ep 13~ ep 14~ Ho Goo:” Stop flirting with me!”

Do Hee and Ho Goo confess their love for each other.

Ho Kyung and Kang Chul are getting closer.

Ho Goo and Do Hee begin dating, but something happens and Do Hee starts acting strange and pushing Ho Goo away.

Episode 13

Kang Chul met with Ho Kyung, she prepared some information about gay for him since Kang Chul has a client who has been accused of being gay. Inside those information it was also a test to see if the client is or not gay. When Ho Kyung went to the bathroom, Kang Chul made that test for himself. The moment Ho Kyung returned she found Kang Chul drunk. The test showed that Kang Chul was indeed gay. What Kang Chul and Ho Kyung didn’t knew was that one of Ho Kyung’s colleagues misplaced one of her tests inside Ho Kyung’s papers. In reality the test Kang Chul took was an empathy assessment test not a test that shows if he is gay or not.

Arriving home drunk, Kang Chul tells Do Hee that he should be thankful to her, because she just became the one and only women he dated.

The night before, when Ho Goo left, Do Hee kissed him. Now, when its morning she feels embarrassed, she doesn’t know how to act when Ho Goo will arrive. Ho Goo arrived and the atmosphere between him and Do Hee is awkward. She is more embarrassed then Ho Goo. Because she doesn’t know how to act and what to do, Do Hee kisses on the cheek her coach and Kang Chul, while saying that she always does that.

On her way back home, Do Hee sees someone selling shaped buns, the ones that Ho Goo brought her at the hospital after she gave birth. She buys a lot of shaped buns and went home happily, but when she arrived, Ho Goo’s friends and Kang Chul’s secretary were there to see Geum Dong. She isn’t pleased to share the shaped buns with Ho Goo’s guest, but she has too. Do Hee wanted to give all the shaped buns to Ho Goo. Because Do Hee should’ve been at work, Ho Goo wants to know why she came so early.

Do Hee:”I came because I missed you!”

Later, when Ho Goo’s friends left and Do Hee is left alone with Ho Goo, he decided to leave. Even if Do Hee asked him where he goes, Ho Goo didn’t want to answer. He actually went to see Do Hee’s friend’s grave, the one that Do Hee visited few days ago and Ho Goo believes is Geum Dong’s father.

Kang Chul is at trial. His client has been sued for a gay man. During trial, Kang Chul, who believes to be gay, cried when the other part, the gay who sued Kang Chul’s client, talked about his feeling. Not just that he cried at the trial in front of everyone, but Kang Chul also lost the trial. Ho Kyung was present at that trial and saw everything. She also was present in Kang Chul’s office while he was scolded by his superior.

Later Ho Kyung invites Kang Chul to a meal and tries to comfort him, but Kang Chul upsets her and she leaves. For the first time since they’ve met, Kang Chul couldn’t let her leave and followed her.

Kang Chul:”Please just meet up with me.”

Do Hee arrived home, she brought food for Ho Goo, but Ho Goo is cold towards her. He was drawing something for Geum Dong. Ho Goo wants to give that drawing to Geum Dong when he will be adopted so when the baby will grow up and find out that he was adopted he will know that he was loved.

Ho Goo:” Stop flirting with me!”

After telling Do Hee to stop flirting with him, Ho Goo left. Do Hee follows him, she isn’t using him, she likes him too. But Ho Goo keeps telling her to stop flirting with him. Every time she does that he hurt because she is his first love and still he like her.

After Ho Goo got inside the elevator, Do Hee begin crying and asking why didn’t Ho Goo ask her who her first love was. From inside the elevator Ho Goo heard her and returned.

Ho Goo:”Your first love was me?”

He is surprised that Do Hee likes him, but he calm her down.

While going home, Ho Kyung keeps thinking about what Kang Chul told her. He is scared of his world crushing if people find out that he is gay. She returned to Kang Chul’s office and offered to take him home.

While Ho Kyung and Kang Chul were leaving someone came to talk to Kang Chul. It’s No Kyung Woo, the man who raped Do Hee.

Episode 14

It’s morning and both Do Hee and Ho Goo are happy. Ho Goo spent the night at Kang Chul’s place with Do Hee and Geum Dong. In the when he went home, Ho Goo is so happy that he is singing a children’s song while dancing. His mother sees him and asks him about Do Hee and the baby. Ho Goo’s mother believes that Geum Dong is Ho Goo’s baby, but she was shocked to find out that Ho Goo is not Geum Dong’s father, he is just in love with Do Hee.

Meantime at Kang Chul’s place, Do Hee is dancing and singing the same song as Ho Goo. When Kang Chul leaves for work, his mother comes in. She believes that Geum Dong is Kang Chul’s son, but she is shocked to find out not just that Geum Dong isn’t Kang Chul’s son but also that Kang Chul is gay.

While she is practicing, Do Hee received a phone call from Ho Goo. He just wanted to see if she had lunch. After the phone call Do Hee is so happy that she hugs her rival. The director of the company Do Hee is working for came to see her. The director wants to take care of Geum Dong’s adoption and for now she will postpone the photo shoot that Do Hee was supposed to have with another swimmer, No Kyung Woo. He raped Do Hee one night, but the director wants to call it a mistake.

Before going home, Do Hee went to see Ho Goo’s mother and apologize, but in Ho Goo’s mother’s eyes Do Hee doesn’t have to apologize for having a child. She even give Do Hee a present.

At the house, when Ho Goo came to pick something up, his father talked with him about Do Hee and Geum Dong.

Kang Chul tries to connect with his coworkers and when he hears them talking about lunch, he invites them to a restaurant close by, but since he is interested in going with them, they suddenly change their minds about lunch. When she came to bring lunch to Kang Chul, Ho Kyung finds him eating alone in his office. After talking with Kang Chul, Ho Kyung advised him to connect with other people and make friends.

Ho Goo brought chicken for Do Hee, but on his way he met his friends and they all came to Kang Chul’s house. When Do Hee accompanied Ho Goo, who was leaving, Ho Goo’s friends stayed with Geum Dong. Arriving home, Kang Chul finds his secretary and Ho Goo’s friends at his house and he asks Chung Jae and Tae Hee to drink with him. During conversation Kang Chul bored Chung Jae and Tae Hee with his talks about funds and investments.

Kang Chul is drinking with his new friends when his father comes in and hits him. Chung Jae and Tae Hee defend him and then they take Kang Chul out for more drinks. They even take Kang Chul to karaoke to relax and forget about his problems for a while.

After he left Do Hee, Ho Goo went o buy her a bag as a present for Geum Dong’s 100 days party. At the store a woman approaches him. It’s the director form Do Hee’s company. She tells Ho Goo that Geum Dong’s father is alive and well so Ho Goo shouldn’t get to close to the baby or Do Hee and he shouldn’t dream about raising the baby together with Do Hee.

Do Hee is practicing alone. Suddenly someone comes in. It’s No Kyung Woo, the man who raped her. She threatens him with revealing the truth, but Kyung Woo isn’t scared. He is sure no one will believe Do Hee.

Arrived home Do Hee is acting strange. Ho Goo, Tae Hee and Chung Jae finished preparing Geum Dong’s party. That night Do Hee and Ho Goo argued.

Ho Kyung came to Kang Chul’s office. She is upset because Kang Chul gave her number to another man who was interested in her. That man is no other than No Kyung Woo.

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2 Responses to “Ho-Goo’s Love ” ep 13~ ep 14~ Ho Goo:” Stop flirting with me!”

  1. Odessa Jones says:

    Whoa! So many twists and turns. I haven’t watched in a few weeks but I’m still massively curious about what happens. And a lot is happening. Thanks for the recap! I’d love to see Ho Kyung teach No Kyung Woo a lesson.

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