“Ouroboros ” ep 8~ The Mahoroba secret.

Mahoroba wasn’t just an orphanage. The truth about what they were doing at that orphanage with those children came out.

Mizuki finds out the connection between Ikuo and Tatsuya.

Ikuo, Mizuki and Sousuke saw Tatsuya holding a gun on Mizuki;s father.

Episode 8

After what happened at the amusement park, Tatsuya is looking over the information Hayato gave him about a doctor connected to Yuiko. That doctor knew about ouroboros and committed suicide twenty years ago.

The same time, Ikuo, who started remember more and more about the night Yuiko died went to see deputy commissioner, Hijiri in prison. Hijiri was blamed and arrested at the amusement park at Mizuki’s father orders. Ikuo also remembers that Hijiri is the one that threatened him and Tatsuya the night Yuiko died and then covered up Yuiko’s death. He wants to know more from Hijiri, but he got nothing. Hijiri refuses to talk about what happened.

Hijiri:” You two didn’t see anything. You don’t know anything. Close your eyes to the past and go on living. This is your last chance.

Mizuki, on the other hand, didn’t come to work. She is being held by Sousuke, another boy from Mohoroba orphanage who tells her that Ikuo and Tatsuya know each other from the facility and they are looking for their caretaker’s killer. He was at Mahoroba with his sister Hina. One day Hina was transferred to another facility, while Sousuke remained at Mahoroba. That was the last time Sousuke saw Hina, even if he continuously searched for her for twenty years.

Missing his sister, little Sousuke wanted to run away from Mahoroba to go and look for Hina. While leaving Sousuke hears Yuiko talking on the phone with Mizuki’s father about something that was hidden inside her ouroboros. The next day, Sousuke was rushed to the hospital with acute appendicitis. He was in hospital for two weeks and during that time the incident in which Yuiko was killed happened. One day, while he was in hospital, Sousuke was visited by Hibino Kunihiko who told him to forget about Hina because he won’t be able to see her ever again. Sousuke is sure that Mahoroba wasn’t a simple orphanage and that Hina is no longer alive.

Tatsuya met with Chouno. The detective investigated Tatusya and discovered that Tatsuya was abandoned as a newborn in a restroom. Since the parents weren’t found, a nurse took care of Tatsuya until he was sent to deferent facilities. From every facility Tatsuya used to run away, until someone form there found him and took him back. At Mahoroba was different. When he ran away, Yuiko didn’t force him to return. She used to follow him until he decided to return on his own.

Yuiko:”You’re my family, Tatsuya!”

When Chono asked him about his connection with Ikuo, Tatsuya closed the conversation and left. This week Tatsuya is an “involved with the police” character.

Ikuo can’t get in touch with Mizuki and goes to her house. The door is unlocked so Ikuo enters. Mizuki’s place is a mess. Someone is at the door. Ikuo looks towards the door and the one that entered is Mizuki’s father. He believes that Mizuki was kidnapped by Ikuo and Tatsuya.

Sousuke went to see Tatsuya to tell him what he knows about Mahoroha and Mizuki’s father. Left alone in Sousuke’s house, Mizuki managed to get to her bag and call Ikuo. She wasn’t able to tell Ikuo where she is because he father took Ikuo’s phone. She told her father the numbers written on the ouroboros pendant. While she was on the phone Sousuke returns.

Mizuki’s father asked Ikuo to help him find Mizuki and in return he will tell Ikuo everything he knows about Mahoroba.

Later that night Ikuo and Tatsuya met to exchange information. Ikuo doesn’t have the information that Sousuke told Tatsuya so all he can think about is save Mizuki, while Tatsuya all he can think about is finding Yuiko’s killers and kill them.

Tatsuya:”Our purpose is to find Yuiko’s killer and kill him.”

Mizuki’s father sent a text message to Sousuke with the coordinates he has and they arranged to meet in a few hours. Combining the coordinates from Mizuki’s father and Yuiko’s ouroboros is the meeting place.

Sousuke is waiting for Tatsuya to call. They will be late at the meeting with Mizuki’s father, but Tatsuya doesn’t call. Mizuki wants to know if her father was involved in Yuiko’s dead too so she convinced Sousuke to let her go and both of them will meet her father. On their way out, Ikuo appeared. They realized that Ikuo knew where Mizuki was from Tatsuya so that means that Tatsuya went to meet Mizuki’s father. Ikuo together with Sousuke and Mizuki left towards the meeting place.

What Tatsuya knew and didn’t tell Ikuo was that the doctor who died twenty years ago was involved in illegal organs transplants. For those transplants they were using children.

The first one to arrive at the meeting place was Mizuki’s father. He begins digging until he found something. When Ikuo, Mizuki and Sousuke arrived they hear a gun shot. They run towards the place from where they heard the gun shot and saw Mizuki’s father lying on the ground and Tatsuya next to him holding a gun.

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