“We Got Married ” ep 28 ( WGM ep 265) ~ So Eun:” It kills the atmosphere.”

After asking for so long a house with a bigger kitchen Jae Rim and So Eun couple finally got their wish. They are moving into a new, bigger house, with a big yard and a dog.

So Eun and Jae Rim made cadies and So Eun received a present for White Day from Jae Rim. While eating those candies they’ve made, they couple move to their new house, leaving their memories behind.

Episode 28

Jae Rim and So Eun returned home. In this episode they will going to make candies. For Jae Rim’s health, So Eun will put garlic and ginseng in candies not just fruits. She even gave Jae Rim a piece of garlic to eat. In return Jae Rim ate a second piece of garlic and breath in So Eun’s face…a healthy garlic smell from Jae Rim for his wife, he likes to share everything. While So Eun puts the fruits, garlic and ginseng on a stick, Jae Rim gets ready the mixture. The problem Jae Rim has is that he needs math for the mixture, to parts sugar for one parts of water. In the end he chose to go on his feelings.

While they are waiting for the candies to be ready, Jae Rim brings So Eun her present. They filmed this episode on White Day. From the box So Eun takes out a mini claw machine. Inside that claw there are various little presents. Because she doesn’t manage to get the right present form the claw machine, Jae Rim just takes it out and give is to her. The real present was a hair tie.

When she was trying to get her present form the mini claw machine, So Eun got another present, three hugs. She was expecting a real hug, but Jae Rim had something else in mind. He took her in his arms and threw her up. Suddenly someone is at the door.

So Eun:” It kills the atmosphere.”

They open the door and find some boxes there. Inside one of the big boxes was a mission card. They are afraid to open the mission card, thinking that it says that this is their last day of marriage. When they open the envelope they saw that the boxes are for their thinks. So Eun and Jae Rim couple is moving to a new home, leaving their memories behind. Hearing that they got a new house with a bigger kitchen, the happy couple search the address online.

On their way to the new house, So Eun and Jae Rim eat the candies they’ve made and imagine how their new home will be. Will it be in the wild with no neighbors around? The kitchen will it be in the yard?

It’s taking a long time to arrive at their new home and the couple gets sleepy and falls asleep. When they woke up, they were close to their new house. But they can only see fields and mountains. The soldiers were checking their IDs. Suddenly they are in front of an orange colored house. Their names are written on that house. Finally Jae Rim and So Eun arrived at their new house…which is not in North Korea as you could imagine since it took them so long to arrive there and the army checked their ID.

At their new house, in the countryside, there were a dog and few chickens waiting for them. Around the neck of one of the chickens there was a mission card telling them to go to town and buy what they need, but where is the town they ask. Jae Rim and So Eun entered the house. Except for a TV and the kitchen furniture and a blanket they have nothing. It’s a good opportunity for them to build their home from zero and to learn to leave like farmers.

The house is nice, it doesn’t have the commodities they are used to in town, but it’s not that bad for So Eun to react that way. They will come there only when they will film the We Got Married episode, it’s not like they will live there for the rest of their lives. And there are people living worse. They have the kitchen furniture and big TV and most important they have a bathroom…inside the house with a real toilet. The house has potential!  This house in the countryside it’s better than a trailer.

The moral of this episode: If you are not grateful for the little things you have, they will going to be taken away!

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