“Ho-Goo’s Love ” ep 15~ ep 16~ Final episode!

In episode 15 Do Hee and Ho Goo broke up. Ho Goo became a writer and made his debut. After a while, when they meet Do Hee finds that Ho Goo will get married soon.

Do Hee and Ho Goo are back together. Ho Kyung and Kang Chul are a couple also. Encouraged by everyone around her, Do Hee gets the courage to sue No Kyung Woo, but the society she is living in and No Kyung Woo’s fans are blaming her and making him a victim.

Episode 15

It’s Geum Dong’s 100 days party. Everyone came to celebrate him at Kang Chul’s house. The atmosphere is awkward between Do Hee and Ho Goo and Kang Chul and Ho Kyung. Earlier, before everyone arrived, Do Hee and Ho Goo fought and were about to broke up. Ho Kyung is still upset with Kang Chul because he gave her number to No Kyung Woo.

The others are happy. They take pictures and after the party Kang Chul goes out for drinks with Tae Hee and Chung Jae. Later that night Ho Goo reads in Ho Kyung’s room. He doesn’t want to go to his room and Ho Kyung knows why. She know that Ho Goo and Do He have some problems in their relationship because is something that Do Hee hides from Ho Goo, there is something that Do Hee wants to say to Ho Goo, but she can’t.

Returning home from drinking and having fun at the karaoke room with his new friends, Kang Chul has a small conversation with Do Hee. He can now understand her and Do Hee’s decisions that he couldn’t understand before.

While she was practicing, Do Hee received a visit from Ho Goo’s mother. She has a lot to ask Do Hee, but she can’t say anything. Do Hee had to leave briefly and when she returns she doesn’t find Ho Goo’s mother anymore. She looks everywhere for Ho Goo’s mother and finds her crying in her husband’s arms. Returned to the place where she sat with Ho Goo’s mother, Do Hee finds a note inside the juice box. Ho Goo’s mother put her questions for Do Hee inside the box the same way Ho Goo does when he is troubled by something.

Because Ho Kyung doesn’t answer his texts messages anymore, Kang Chul went to her house. Dressed as she always is dressed at home, with a gym suit, no makeup and glasses, Ho Kyung comes out, but when she sees Kang Chul she pretend to be just a stranger passing by. Returned home, Kang Chul finds Ho Goo riding one of his documents, a document in which Do Hee was the plaintiff.

The day Ho Goo saw what happened to Do Hee they were supposed to meet and pick up the photos from Geum Dong’s 100 days party. When she found out that Ho Goo knows the truth, Do Hee was at her friend’s grave, the friend that Ho Goo believed to be Geum Dong’s father. Actually that friend was an ex colleague form high school of them, Ji Yoon. During high school Ji Yoon was abused and the only person who knew was Do Hee. Now that Ho Goo knows that she was abused, Do Hee refuses to see Ho Goo. She doesn’t want him to look at her with pity.

It’s been several months since Ho Goo and Do Hee met. In this time Ho Goo became a writer. On the day on writer Kang Ho Goo had a singing event he and Do Hee met and the library where the event was. The one that wasn’t pleased by the meeting was Ho Kyung. She doesn’t want her brother to suffer, but he did when Do Hee and Geum Dong left without saying a word. Ho Kyung told Do Hee that Ho Goo will get married soon.

After she found out that Ho Goo will get married soon, Do Hee can’t sleep. She goes to see Kang Chul.

It’s a school reunion this year too. Hoping to see Ho Goo there, Do Hee went to it. Ho Goo didn’t come, he was busy with wedding preparations. When Do Hee was about to leave, on her way out she met Ho Goo. They went for a walk, they drink juice, they did the same thinks as first time they met before Geum Dong was born. The only difference is that this time Ho Goo is acting different, this time the fool one is Do Hee.

Ho Goo goes to the bathroom and meantime Do Hee finds inside the juice box the letter Ho Goo wanted to gave her the day she left without a word.

Do Hee:”Ho Goo, you’re my happiness.”

It’s time to go home.

Ho Goo:”I want to see the sea.”

The light changed and Ho Goo has to cross the street. For the first time in her life, Do Hee is the fool now. He runs after Ho Goo the same way he did the first time.

Do Hee:”Let’s go see the sea.”

Episode 16

Ho Kyung decided that it’s time to move one with her life and forget about Kang Chul. She went to his office to collect the money for their sessions. When they were saying goodbye, Kang Chul felt sad, he felt like he was dumped suddenly. Even his heart started beating faster.

Ho Kyung:” Why didn’t you grab me when you had the chance?”

From Ho Kyung, Kang Chul found out that Ho Goo isn’t doing that well after Do Hee left him. All Ho Goo does is go in front of the photograph studio where he was supposed to meet Do Hee and wait for her for 6 hours every day. That day Kang Chul went at that studio to meet Ho Goo.

Kang Chul showed Ho Goo’s drawings to some of his clients. One of those clients want to make a webtoon from Ho Goo’s drawings. But Ho Goo doesn’t want it. Ho Goo and Kang Chul ended up fighting, but their fight seemed more like a small children fight. After their fight they keep talking. Kang Chul gave some advices to Ho Goo about what kind of man Do Hee needs.

After talking with Kang Chul, Ho Goo realized that he has to change his life. The first thing he does is resigning and start a new life.

At Ho Hoo’s signing event when he met Do Hee, Ho Kyung lied to Do Hee that Ho Goo is getting married. When Ho Goo found out he decided that this lie will help him get Do Hee back. It will be a good opportunity for Do Hee to remove the wall she put between Ho Goo and herself. For that plan Ho Kyung involved Tae Hee and Kang Chul. So the night of the high school reunion everything went according to Ho Kyung’s plan.

Because he helped them, Ho Kyung went to give Kang Chul a present, a wine bottle. He invited her to drink the wine with him, but Ho Kyung refused. She doesn’t drink with men she doesn’t flirt with. When Ho Kyung left, Kang Chul followed her. He wants to know why Ho Kyung stopped liking him. She isn’t sure that she could show him her bare face and Kang Chul wasn’t curious of seeing Ho Kyung without makeup.

The elevator came, but when she is about to enter the elevator Ho Kyung falls down. He heel broke. While Kang Chul tries to fix her heel, Ho Kyung kisses him.

Ho Kyung:” That’s my gift for all the great times we had.”

When Ho Kyung’s left, after kissing him, Kang Chul’s heart started beating faster. He remembers the first day he spent with Ho Kyung, while he thought she was Ho Goo during high school.

Do Hee is furious when she found out that Ho Goo’s marriage was a lie, but she and Ho Goo are back together. That night Do Hee remain at Ho Goo’s place.

Late at night, Kang Chul went to Ho Kyung’s house. He has to confirm that his first love isn’t Ho Goo, but Ho Kyung. On his way to Ho Kyung’s house, Kang Chul stopped his car next to his parent’s car. Because Kang Chul didn’t see them, they decide to follow him.

Ho Kyung takes Kang Chul to her room where he sees pictures with her form high school. He is upset with her that made him believe he was gay. Once again Kang Chul thinks first about him and his feelings so Ho Kyung is upset. While trying to comfort Ho Kyung, Kang Chul ends up insulting her.

Kang Chul’s father talks with Ho Goo and Ho Goo’s father. He is happy that Kang Chul likes Ho Kyung and he isn’t gay. Meanwhile Kang Chul’s mother is with Do Hee and Ho Goo’s mother in another room. She is happy that her son isn’t gay, but she also encourages Do Hee to sue the man who sexually assaulted her.

Ho Kyung comes to see her friend, Gong Mi. Kang Chul comes out from his office together with his client, No Kyung Woo. He is happy to see Ho Kyung, but his happiness doesn’t last long. Ho Kyung was invited out by Kyung Woo and she accepted just so Kang Chul will be jealous. After Ho Kyung and Kyung Woo left, Kang Chul is left in his office jealous as Ho Kyung wanted. The only problem is that Kang Chul doesn’t know what to do in this situation so he just sits in his office upset. Gong Mi comes in with some papers and tells him to go after Ho Kyung, but Kang Chul refuses since he didn’t do anything wrong he doesn’t want to go after Ho Kyung and apologize.

The paper that Gong Mi brought to Kang Chul was Do Hee lawsuit. She decided to sue the man who raped her. Looking at that paper Kang Chul is shocked. The man who raped his friend Do Hee is no other that No Kyung Woo, the man who is now drinking with Ho Kyung.

Angry Kang Chul goes and gets Ho Kyung away from Kyung Woo. Before leaving Kang Chul is about to hit Kyung Woo, but in the last moment he decided that it’s better to be calm and make Kyung Woo pay during trial. Left from the coffee shop, Kang Chul expresses him feeling to Ho Kyung, in his own manner, but Ho Kyung understands him.

The director of Do Hee’s company is blaming her for being raped. Encouraged by Ho Goo and his family and Kang Chul’s family, Do Hee realized that she didn’t do anything wrong and she decided to sue No Kyung Woo.

At the police station, while Do Hee was giving her statement, the police officer made her look like the guilty one also. Outside the room where Do Hee was giving her statement, Kyung Woo sees Ho Goo and tries to provoke him, to make Ho Goo hit him. But Ho Goo is too smart for a little trick like that and threatens Kyung Woo in his own manner.

Ho Goo:” My name is Kang Ho Goo! Isn’t that freaking scary?”

After the trial, Kyung Woo was found not guilty, but Do Hee will appeal. Of course she is the guilty one, it’s always the victims fault. Well she sued Kyung Woo a little late. She should’ve sued when everything happened, but considering the society I can understand why she was scared of doing so.

It’s Do Hee and Ho Goo wedding day. Kyung Woo’s fans and 2 fan clubs for which the presidents are Kyung Woo’s parents are making a big scandal. Do Hee, Ho Goo and their family and friends come out of the car and run towards the wedding hall chased by No Kyung Woo’s fans.

After sometime Do Hee begins swimming once again and she wins a gold medal while Ho Goo, Geum Dong and their second baby are watching.

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