“Murphy’s Law of Love ” ep 1~ Murphy’s first law: ” If there’s a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage is the one that will go wrong.”

Murphy’s Law of Love is a Taiwanese romantic comedy that has as main cast Danson Tang, Ivelyn Lee, Jolin Chien and Jenna Wang.

Guan Xiao Tong is able to solve anybody’s relationship problems while working as a “love guru” for I Meet You Online Dating Company. Reaching 30 years old, Xiao Tong realizes that all her friends are over 40 years old so she starts to have her own theories in choosing he partner. At the same time she meets Ji Jia Wei and Xiang Zi Yan. Even if she should choose Zi Yan who meets all her expectation, Xiao Tong seems to have special feelings for the unconventional, bullying Jia Wei who doesn’t meet any of her expectations.

Ji Jia Wei is heartbroken after being left by the beautiful model He Zhi Yu. Trying to help his father get close to the dating company, Jia Wei proposes a joint-company matchmaking event. At that event Jia Wei meets Xiao Tong, but the two of them start on the wrong food and they begin tormenting each other.

Jia Wei avoids relationships, but when he meets Xiao Tong, a woman who always chases men, she is hostile towards him and treats him like he is a love rat. Nothing good happens every time they meet. He wants to avoid Xiao Tong, but he doesn’t seem to get away from her.

Ciang Zi Yan is a restaurant owner, amateur photographer and he doesn’t have any flaw. He is handsome and talented. He leaves an impression on everyone the first time they see him and women fell in love with him once he starts talking with them. After seeing Xiao Tong enjoying her food he develops feeling for her and stands by her side like a psychologist.

Danson Tang  as   Ji Jia Wei
Li Jia Ying      as    Guan Xiao Tong
Jolin Chien    as    Xiag Zi Yan

Episode 1

Murphy’s first law: ” If there’s a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage is the one that will go wrong.”

Even if she was expecting something else, when Xiao Tong meets her boyfriend he breaks up with her. They have different backgrounds and his family already chose his future wife, a girl form a rich family.

The same time, at the same restaurant Jia Wei is getting ready to propose to his girlfriend, Zhi Yu. She is late and when her friends start to send her texts to congratulate her, Zhi Yu calls Jia Wei. She doesn’t want to get married yet. Her career is more important. After the phone call, Zhi Yu changed her mind and turns the car around. She will go to meet Jia Wei. On her way there is a car accident. The other driver is Kai Wen, the man that just broke up with Xiao Tong.

While he was leaving, Jia Wei sees drunk Xiao Tong crying because she was abandoned by the boyfriend she dreamed of getting married with. When she fell asleep on the table, Jia Wei gives the ring he was supposed to propose to Zhi Yu with to Xiao Tong.

Murphy’s second law: When you bring an umbrella it doesn’t rain, but when you don’t it rains.

Xiao Tong is late for work, but she can’t seem to find a taxi so she takes the bus. When she gets out of the bus it’s raining. When the rain stopped, she keeps going to her office. While waiting for the green light to cross the street a strange man shake his umbrella and flung the water on her. That man is no other that Jia Wei. They go the same direction so Xiao Tong has the impression that he is following her. What Xiao Tong doesn’t know is that Jia Wei works for the divorce law firm across the street from her matchmaking office.

After one year of marriage, Xiao Tong’s sister came home earlier and found her husband with cheating on her. Xiao Qing and her rich husband will divorce. The rich husband decided to have a divorce party organized by the divorce agency. At that party Xiao Tong meets Jia Wei again. He is one of the organizers of that party.

Jia Wei saw Xiao Tong and looked for her at the party. Seeing her upset he realizes that she is the bride’s family. Jia Wei sees the divorce party as an opportunity for two unsuitable people to find a new direction in life. But the rich people invited to the party, the ex husband’s friends, are there just to show off their wealth not to give sincere blessing to the two people who decided to separate themselves. They don’t care about Xiao Qing’s feelings.

Later, at the divorce party an auction was organized. They are selling everything that the couple had. The ex grooms presents to Xiao Qing are sold really well, but only thing that comes from Xiao Qing’s side it’s the brooch that her mother gave her on the wedding day and no one wants it. It’s not significant for the rich snobs from that party. Hearing Xiao Tong and Xiao Qing talking, Jia Wei buys that brooch from double the staring price.

After the auction Xiao Tong searched for Jia Wei, but she couldn’t find him so she left her business card with one of his friends. Jia Wei goes to look for Xiao Tong, but he ends up following her.

The high heels shoes hurt Xiao Tong’s legs so she stops for coffee and takes off her shoes. That’s the moment Jia Wei comes to her. She was looking for him to buy the brooch back, it’s an important item for her family. They end up fighting and when Jia Wei returns the brooch to her because he has no purpose for something so cheap, Xiao Tong gets upset and asks him to take good care of that brooch until she has the money to buy it from him.

Upset Xiao Tong leaves forgetting her phone.

When she realized that she lost her phone, Xiao Tong keeps calling it, but Jia Wei is already asleep so he doesn’t answer.

The next morning, Jia Wei comes to Xiao Tong’s office with her phone. After returning her phone, Jia Wei is curious about her reminder “One year’s heartbreak”. While one could say that he was comforting her for the break up, he was actually promoting his agency.

Xiao Tong’s agency organized a love seminar that she will conduct. While she begins her presentation, Xiao Tong sees in the audience Jia Wei. She presents the 4G type of men that women like at the moment and Jia Wei is the exactly opposite of it.

Jia Wei:” What a low IQ of love hunting techniques.”

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