“Murphy’s Law of Love ” ep 2~ Murphy’s third law: If there is a right decision, then the decision also brings new problems.”

Xiao Tong has a problem, she has to convince Jia Wei to participate in one of her agency’s events, but he keeps refusing her. She finds out his schedule and follows him around. There is a small accident and Jia Wei and Xiao Tong kiss.

Episode 2

After the love seminar Xiao Tong and Jia Wei had an argument. Each of them tried to make the other understand that he is right, but Jia Wei end up losing the conversation. Every word she said was deeply rooted into Jia Wei heart. She isn’t just a “love guru”, she is also a psychologist so she was able to ride Jia Wei pretty well.

Back to his office, Jia Wei finds out about Xiao Tong’s blog. Skeptical, Jia Wei visited Xiao Tong’s blog when he arrived home. He was shocked by how many followers Dr. Love blog had. Still he left a comment.

Jia Wei:”I no longer love her, but why am I unable to love others anymore?”

When she read Jia Wei’s question, Xiao Tong remembers her past year since Kai Wen broke up with her.

Murphy’s third law: If there is a right decision, then the decision also brings new problems.”

Simon, one of Jia Wei’s coworkers is friend with Xin Xin, Xiao Tong’s coworker. Without Jia Wei knowing Simon registered him of “I meet you” website and he was voted King of popularity. Now Xiao Tong has to ask him to participate. While making courage to talk to Jia Wei, Xiao Tong entered a store to buy something. There she met Jia Wei. Concerned about what she should do to convince Jia Wei to participate, Xiao Tong forgot her wallet at the office. Hearing that Xiao Tong forgot her wallet and maybe he didn’t want to wait for his turn, Jia Wei paid Xiao Tong’s bill also.

On the way back to the office, Xiao Tong opens up the subject and asks Jia Wei to participate in her agency King of popularity event, but he refused.

Later, while he was playing with his friends, Jia Wei punished Simon for what he did. Then, after saving Xiao Tong’s number he tried to send her a text to explain the situation.

Jia Wei is in his car going home while thinking what his friends said about him giving a try at Xiao Tong’s agency since he already is registered. Suddenly two women on a scooter stop next to him. Those two women are Xiao Tong and Xin Xin and they are speaking badly about him. After finishing their conversation Xiao Tong and Xin Xin also saw him.

Xin Xin lets Xiao Tong off on the road because Xiao Tong will eat dinner at a fancy restaurant she found online. She wants to taste the food there and talk with the owner about hosting their event there. At the restaurant Xiao Tong meets Xiang Zi Yan.

Later, when both Jia Wei and Xiao Tong are home, Jia Wei checks his messages and sees a reply from Dr. Love. They kept replying for a while that night. It surprises and upsets Jia Wei how much Xiao Tong seems to know about his feelings.

Murphy’s fourth law:”There is never enough time to do it right the first time, but there is always enough time to do it over.”

Coming to work in the morning, Jia Wei sees Xiao Tong sleeping on the table form her office balcony. She worked the whole night to find someone else instead of Jia Wei for the King of Popularity event. He takes the proposal without waking Xiao Tong and rids it, but when he wants to put the proposal back Xiao Tong wakes up. They end up fighting again.

Xiao Tong’s boss insists that the King of popularity should be Jia Wei so Xiao Tong’s has to convince him to participate in her event. With help from her friend Xin Xin, Xiao Tong finds out Jia Wei’s schedule and follows him.

While Jia Wei was at the gym, Xiao Tong appeared. She was following Jia Wei to all the time. If he was working his abs, she was also. If he was using an elliptical so would she. If he was running, Xiao Tong was there. Coming out of the treadmill, there is an accident and both Jia Wei and Xiao Tong fell. While they were falling Jia Wei protected Xiao Tong’s head. Still he refused to participate in her event.

Xiao Tong can’t return without a favorable answer from Jia Wei so finding out that he went to the park to play polo with his friends she went there. With help from Jia Wei’s friends, Xiao Tong managed to convince Jia Wei to play with him polo. If she will win the game then he has to participate in her event.

There is a problem during the game, Xiao Tong doesn’t ride the bike that well. Jia Wei scored 2 points. During the last game, there is another accident. Both Jia Wei and Xiao Tong fell off. Xiao Tong fell over Jia Wei and kissed him.

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