“The Girl Who Sees Smells ” ep 1~ Moo Gak:”I’m asking if you just robber a beauty salon.”

The Girl Who Sees Smells is a drama about a girl who is involved in an accident after losing her parents. When she woke up from come she discovers that she gained the ability to see smells.Choi Moo Gak became a police officer after losing his sister, who was involved in an accident and them murdered.

Oh Cho Rim and Choi Moo Gak work together to catch the murderers who killed Cho Rim’s parents and Moo Gak’s sister and heal. Heal each other’s wounds.


Park Yoo Chun as Choi Moo Gak

Shin Se Kyung   as Oh Cho Rim

Nam Goong Min as Kwon Jae Hee

Yoon Jin Seo       as Yeom Mi

Episode 1

Choi Eun Seol is coming home from school. When she gets off the bus she sends her mother a text. Arrived home Eun Seol finds a man in her house and her parents killed. The shock paralyzed her. She can’t move. The killer is coming towards her. He puts his hand on her neck. Suddenly she hears the clock and begins moving. She pushes the killer and run away. Chased by her parent’s killer Eun Seol is involved in a car accident. The killer has her name tag and knows her name.

The same time Choi Moo Gak received a phone call from his sister. The bus she was in had an accident. When he talked with his sister whose name was Choi Eun Seol she seemed fine. Moo Gak is at the hospital looking for his sister. He sees her name and goes to her. Eun Seol doesn’t answer so he shacks her thinking that she is sleeping. When he turned Eun Seol over, Moo Gak saw that his sister had her throat cut.

193 days after the accident Choi Eun Seol wakes up from coma. She doesn’t remember anything, one of her eyes turned blue and her name now is Oh Cho Rim. The moment she woke up she is surrounded by different colors. After the accident Cho Rim gained the ability to see smells.

The police officer that discovered Choi Eun Seol’s parent’s bodies put her on his name, gave her a new name, Oh Cho Rim, and a new life since she can’t remember anything.

Moo Gak is working undercover. He’s eaten several ramen cups, two cups of hot coffee and still eating while waiting for his suspect. Choi Moo Gak can’t feel is he is full, if something that he is eating is too hot or too cold or if he is sleepy. When the suspect arrived, Moo Gak is about to fight the suspect who is threatening him with a knife. The moment Moo Gak was about to attack his suspect he fell asleep.

Oh Cho Rim is working as a comedian. She is the last rookie the troupe and still doesn’t have any skits. She is just cleaning and doing errands for her superiors. One day one of her superiors sent her to bring them food. The superior appeared on TV and now is buy lunch for everyone.

Cho Rim had to drive to pick up the food. Because she isn’t a good driver, after picking up the food Cho Rim was involved in an accident. She hit with her car the scooter Moo Gak was on. She comes out of her car worried to see if the man she hit is alright. He is bleeding and he can’t move normally his hand, but still he said that he is alright. Moo Gak can’t feel the pain.

The suspect he was following runs away so Moo Gak gets into Cho Rim’s car and drives after him. She can’t let a stranger get her car so Cho Rim gets in the car also. Hearing that Moo Gak is a police officer that could charge her for hitting him, Cho Rim decided to help Moo Gak catch the culprit.

The suspect stopped and runs inside a building. He is a robber. Looking at the motorcycle the culprit was on, Cho Rim sees strange colors. She follows those colors to help Moo Gak. Inside the building she drags Moo Gak after her. They take the elevator that the robber took and entered a sauna. Moo Gak didn’t sees the culprits face and in that sauna everyone is wearing the same clothes so he wants to give up, but Cho Rim knows that the only place the robber was before washing is the locker room. Wearing Moo Gak’s clothes, Cho Rim together with Moo Gak enter the locker room. With Cho Rim’s help Moo Gak knows the number of the locker the robber is using.

Moo Gak:”I’m asking if you just robber a beauty salon.”

Later Cho Rim accompanied Moo Gak to see a doctor. There she found out that Moo Gak is suffering from analgesia, a disease that doesn’t allow the patient to feel the pain.

While leaving Moo Gak passes by the same man that he passed by the night his sister died. That man recognized Cho Rim also.

While waiting for their coffee at a coffee shop, Moo Gak is curious to know how Cho Rim knew where the robber was, but she can’t tell a complete stranger that she sees smells. When they were drinking coffee, Cho Rim is surprised that Moo Gak can drink so fast the hot coffee that burned her mouth.

When they were leaving a women stopped Cho Rim and called her “Choi Eun Seol”. Cho Rim, who can’t remember her real name thinks that the woman was mistaken. Hearing the name Choi Eun Seol, shocked Moo Gak, that was also his sister’s name.

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