“The Girl Who Sees Smells ” ep 2~ Moo Gak:” You really are like a dog.”

Needing a partner for her comedy skits Cho Rim asks Moo Gak. While he helps her with her skits she helps resolve cases with her ability of seeing scents.

Episode 2

Cho Rim has to do a comedy skit with a partner or she will be fired. The problem is that she doesn’t have a partner. She lies to her boss about having a partner who isn’t from their troupe. When she picking the invoice for the car repair she realizes that Moo Gak can be her partner.

While he was eating a lot, Moo Gak received three text messages from Cho Rim. When he finally meets her and she proposes him to be her comedy partner he gets angry and sends her away. Moo Gak is busy solving a case in a week if he wants to become detective.

After Cho Rim left, Moo Gak sends his superior a text message, but he gets mistaken and the text message is send to Cho Rim. While reading the text Cho Rim returns to the table and proposes to Moo Gak to help her with the comedy skit and she will help him catch the culprit.

Moo Gak agreed to be partner with Cho Rim, but first he wants to know who she knew that the robber was in that sauna and how she knew what he ate before meeting her. Cho Rim confesses that she knew from the smell. To be sure that she is telling the truth, Moo Gak left to hide and asked Cho Rim to wait 5 minutes and then to go and find him.

From the rooftop of a building Moo Gak is watching Cho Rim following precisely the path he took while he was hiding.

Moo Gak:” You really are like a dog.”

Moo Gak didn’t see her sniffing so he asks her. When Cho Rim told him that she can see scents he couldn’t believe her so he had to test her. Moo Gak has some candy from the restaurant he ate earlier so she covers her nose while he hides the candy. He is surprised that Cho Rim knew exactly where the candy is, even when he hid the candy in his own mouth.

Two people are missing. One of these people is fashion model Joo Ma Ri. The police officers believe that she was kidnapped by a serial killer. From few years now, once a year on the same date, people disappear and their dead bodies are found seven days later.

Moo Gak’s team is in charge of finding Joo Ma Ri. Together with one of his team mates Moo Gak went to the hospital Cho Rim took him few days earlier. Joo Ma Ri was the client of a doctor from that hospital. Later Moo Gak meets Cho Rim and together went to Joo Ma Ri’s house. They check out Ma Ri’s clothes and perfume for Cho Rim to see her scent.

Moo Gak:” We just need to smell some things and go.”

While walking with Moo Gak, Cho Rim sees a man with the same scent as Ma Ri. She tells Moo Gak and he attacks that man. He is Kwon Jae Hee, Ma Ri’s boyfriend.

Cho Rim and Moo Gak practice the skit they will do in front of her boss. Later they went to present the skit and Cho Rim’s boss and he confirmed that Cho Rim has a partner as she said.

Ma Ri’s card was used and the police officers went to that town were the card was used on the seventh day since she disappeared. The police officers found Ma Ri’s wallet and before handing it over Moo Gak showed it to Cho Rim. On the wallet Cho Rim sees a strong scent of leather, water and dog. When Moo Gak told what he found out form Cho Rim to his superiors they considered him crazy and send him away.

While eating with a friend Cho Rim noticed that her friend has the same wallet that Ma Ri had and found out that the wallet shouldn’t have a leather smell because the producer is an animal activist. She calls Moo Gak and both of them went to search around the area where the wallet was found. They found out where Ma Ri’s body is.

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