“Murphy’s Law of Love ” ep 3~ ” If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.”

Xiao Tong and Jia Wei managed to have a normal conversation for the first time. Because Xiao Tong helped him resolve a problem and because he wants to forget about his ex girlfriend, Jia Wei accepts to participate in King of popularity event. Something happened and during the event Xiao Tong can’t get in touch with Jia Wei.

Episode 3

Home after his kiss with Xiao Tong, Jia Wei wants to watch TV. At soon as he opens his TV there was “Pleasantly Surprised” drama the episode in which Zi Jie was confessing his love for Kai Qi and they kissed. Seeing that Jia Wei closed the TV and opened a magazine, but inside that magazine there were pictures with people kissing. Nervous Jia Wei thinks about Xiao Tong and their kiss. He doesn’t understand why he is acting that way.

The next morning Xiao Tong is too nervous to go to work. She fears that she will meet Jia Wei on the way to her office so she calls in sick. It’s not a complete lie since she hurt her ankle the day before.

When he arrived to work, Jia Wei wants to go in to his office, but Polo, his dog runs away to Xiao Tong’s office.

Xiao Tong is eating out. Zi Yan happens to be there. He hears Xiao Tong arguing with the fish from her plate. The fish had an “idiotic and arrogant” look that reminded her of Jia Wei.

While Xiao Tong was talking with Zi Yan, Xin Xin arrived. Later when the two girls were leaving they can’t get a taxi so Zi Yan offers to give them a ride with the taxi he called. On their way home, Xin Xin managed to get Zi Yan’s phone number.

Murphy’s 5 law:” The more you don’t want to meet someone, the more likely you’ll meet.”

Xiao Tong is searching for restaurants for the king of popularity event. While she was looking at a restaurant she sees Jia Wei with a woman there. Also she sees Jia Wei wearing a wedding ring. That woman that was with Jia Wei is one of his clients. He helped her divorce, but that woman fell in love with him. To keep that woman away, Jia Wei always wears a wedding ring when he meets her.

After his client left, Jia Wei sees that Xiao Tond sat at the table in front of his, avoiding him. He goes to talk to her, but ends up scolded. His friend, Shao Qiang tried to explain Xiao Tong what Jia Wei was doing there and why he took off the wedding ring, also why he doesn’t want to participate at the King of popularity event, but Jia Wei stops him.

Xiao Tong is working on the King of popularity event. She is on the street and a woman’s shoe was about to hit her. Looking up, Xiao Tong sees that a woman is trying to commit suicide. After calling the police Xiao Tong runs on the rooftop to stop that woman, but when she arrives she hears Jia Wei’s voice. The woman who was trying to commit suicide is Linda, the client Jia Wei just met at the restaurant. She threatens that she will jump if Jia Wei will agree to be with her.

Since Jia Wei can’t get close to Linda, Xiao Tong jumps in and help him save Linda. She talks with Linda as a psychologist, but also as a woman who was hurt from love before. Jia Wei also tells Linda that he lied about being married because he didn’t want troubles.

While helping Linda get out from rooftop, Xiao Tong loses her balance and falls. Jia Wei caught her, but Xiao Tong pushed him away. Jia Wei fell and hurt his hand.

When Jia Wei came out of the hospital he saw Xiao Tong waiting for him. They fight for a while, but then, for the first time they have a normal conversation. Jia Wei opens up his heart and tells Xiao Tong why he was lying to Linda about being married. Xiao Tong realized that Jia Wei also was hurt by love before. When everything was going well with Jia Wei and Xiao Tong, Xin Xin arrived and ruined the moment.

Home, Jia Wei remembers Xiao Tong’s words and sends her a new message on her blog.

Jia Wei:”Perhaps I still love her and I still remember her contact number, but with courage alone how am I sure that the next time I love it will last?”

The next day, Jia Wei goes to Xiao Tong’s office and asks her to come out with him. He hands her a box, lying that it from Linda not form him. Inside that box was a pair of shoes and a letter. The letter was from him. In that letter Jia Wei was accepting to participate in her event.

Murphy’s 6 law:” If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.”

The day of the event arrived. Everything is ready, including Jia Wei. He is well dressed and ready to leave for the event, but when he was leaving his friends arrived at his house. It’s Jia Wei’s birthday and they’ve came to celebrate.

Xiao Tong is desperately looking for Jia Wei, but he can’t answer the phone, his friends don’t know that he accepted to participate at that event.

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