“The Girl Who Sees Smells ” ep 3~ Moo Gak:”You don’t have to run away because people think you’re weird. “

On the day of Cho Rim’s audition something happened and Moo Gak wasn’t able to participate so she is let go from her troupe.

Moo Gak suspects Dr. Chun of Ma Ri’s murder and realizes that it may be a way to break the doctor’s alibi.

Episode 3

Following Ma Ri’s scent, Cho Rim is about to fell over a cliff, but Moo Gak caught her. When he saved her, Moo Gak broke her sunglasses.

Moo Gak called the police and the car in which Ma Ri is was brought out of the river. A special investigation team was formed to catch the killer, the barcode killer. Moo Gak was called to be part of that team.

While talking to Kwon Jae Hee, Ma Ri’s boyfriends, Moo Gak met Dr. Chun Baek Kyeong. The doctor was the last person who talked with Ma Ri before her disappearance. Also the doctor took some days off the same period that Ma Ri was kidnapped so he is a suspect now.

Dr. Chun is following Cho Rim. He went to her troupe show and when she is alone he is approaching her. When he was close to Cho Rim, Moo Gak arrived and Dr. Chun left in a hurry. Moo Gak finds him familiar and when Cho Rim said that he has a scent of a hospital, Moo Gak went after the man who was near Cho Rim.

Later, Moo Gak and Cho Rim went for dinner, but Cho Rim is upset, Moo Gak ate all the food. While asking for more food, Moo Gak gave Cho Rim a pair of sunglasses. Feeling guilty because he broke her sunglasses, Moo Gak brought her a new identical pair, a more expensive one. When they were eating some smoke got into Cho Rim’s eyes and her lens came off. He is surprised to see her having one blue eye. A child who was eating near their table saw Cho Rim’s blue eye and called her a monster. Hurt, Cho Rim left. Moo Gak picks up her lens and runs after her.

Moo Gak:”You don’t have to run away because people think you’re weird. I’m just like you. I’m a monster and alien too.”

Moo Gak talks about his sister who was killed in a hospital after someone slit her throat. Two months after Eun Seol died the police didn’t find the killer. Moo Gak went like a crazy person and broke everything at the police station. He wants his sister’s killer, but he wasn’t found since then. From frustration and pain he wasn’t able to sleep for days and one day he fainted. At the time Moo Gak was working at an aquarium. As soon as he entered the tank he fainted. Found unconscious in the water, Moo Gak was rushed to the hospital, where he spent 10 days in coma. He miraculous woke up from come after 10 days when no one was expecting him too. Since then he can’t feel pain.

Hearing Moo Gak’s story Cho Rim tells him that she was involved into a car accident and was in coma for 193 days. When she woke up one of her eyes was blue and with that eye she can see scents. Then they went to a coffee shop to practice the skit for Cho Rim’s audition.

On Joo Ma Ri’s autopsy a key was found in her stomach. Moo Gak was sent to bring her medical records form Dr. Chun’s office. He seems to suspect Dr. Chun because the doctor’s alibi is way too perfect to be true.

The key that was found inside Ma Ri’s stomach is from the box she keeps her diaries in. The police officers opened that box, but the diaries weren’t there.

When he was in front of Cho Rim’s working place, Moo Gak received a phone call and had to leave. He was sent to Kwon Jae Hee’s place. Because Moo Gak wasn’t present at the audition, Cho Rim failed.

Returned to Cho Rim’s office, Moo Gak finds out what happened and goes looking for Cho Rim. He found her drinking alone. She is too drunk to stand so Moo Gak has to send her home, but even if they went back and forth on her way home, Cho Rim isn’t in any condition of showing Moo Gak her house. While carrying Cho Rim on his back, Moo Gak realized that there is a way to break Dr. Chun’s alibi and returned to the police station.

Lieutenant Yeom is looking for Cho Rim. Actually she is looking for Choi Eun Seol, the only witness that survived the barcode killer, but the only person who knows what happened to her keeps insisting that she never woke up from coma. She is surprised to see Cho Rim and looks into her files to see if Cho Rim is the witness she is looking for.

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