“The Girl Who Sees Smells ” ep 4~ Cho Rim:”My heart is in so much pain right now, but I’m the only one hurting.”

With Moo Gak’s help Cho Rim is back into the comedy troupe. She realizes that she likes Moo Gak, but she sees him with a lady.

Cho Rim meets Jae Hee and Dr. Chun, who now has the evidence he needed that Oh Cho Rim is Choi Eun Seol.

Episode 4

Because Cho Rim is too drunk to go home, Moo Gak brought her to the police station. In the morning when everyone came to work, Cho Rim woke up while a group of strangers were looking at her. Embarrassed, Cho Rim leave in a hurry forgetting her phone. Moo Gak runs after her with the phone, but she is angry with him. Since Moo Gak didn’t come to her audition, Cho Rim was kicked up from her troupe. She hits Moo Gak until she is in pain, but he can’t feel anything.

Cho Rim:”My heart is in so much pain right now, but I’m the only one hurting.”

She is so upset that she doesn’t want to see Moo Gak ever again.

Cho Rim:”My life has gone down the drain because of you.”

Feeling guilty for not arriving in time at the audition, Moo Gak went and talked to Cho Rim’s troupe leader. The leader found Moo Gak funny so if Cho Rim wants to be back in the comedy troupe she has to present a skit with Moo Gak.

Cho Rim was harsh with Moo Gak in the morning and even told him that she doesn’t want to see him again so now she bought some energy drinks and went to the police station. But Moo Gak is angry, he is cold towards Cho Rim. She gave the energy drinks to the other detectives, thanking them for letting her sleep there the night before. Moo Gak isn’t pleased with that. He is the one that let her stay at the station so Cho Rim should thank him and apologize to him. Once she apologized they are back to being friends.

They went out to eat. Moo Gak has to take a phone call so when he left the table to take the phone call, Cho Rim wanted to play a jock. She put a lot of wasabi on sushi and when Moo Gak returned gave it to him. While talking on the phone, Moo Gak saw Cho Rim in the mirror putting wasabi so when she wasn’t watching he turned the plate and she was the one that ate the sushi with a lot of wasabi.

A new murder occurred. The man who was killed has a barcode on his arm, but lieutenant Yeom and Moo Gak don’t seem to be sure that the victim was killed by the barcode serial killer because the serial killer kills one time a year and the last murder was only few weeks ago.

Cho Rim was at the crime scene so when she met Moo Gak later she told him that she saw something strange on the victim, the bottom part of the victim’s body has a scent and the upper part another scent.

Following the scent of the upper part of the victim’s body, Moo Gak and Cho Rim went to the restaurant where supposedly the victim ate few days before dying. The victim’s upper body had a barbeque scent. Then Cho Rim and Moo Gka went to the gym where the victim worked and form there Moo Gak found out that the victim wasn’t present at the barbeque party. At the gym Cho Rim received three guest passes, but she doesn’t realize that Moo Gak is a little jealous when she is talking about how good the trainer looks.

Cho Rim is eating with her friend, but all she talks about is Moo Gak. When her friend asked if she likes Moo Gak, Cho Rim denied it and left. Outside the restaurant, while she was watching a dog, a man bumped into Cho Rim. That man is Kwon Jae Hee and the dog was him.

Because Cho Rim seems to be hurt, Jae Hee took her to see a medic, Dr. Chun Baek Kyeong. Jae Hee left to look for his dog and Cho Rim remained with Dr. Chun. He checked her arms and seems curious about a scar Cho Rim has on her arm. She tells Dr. Chun that she was involved into a car accident three years ago.

Later, when Cho Rim left, Dr. Chun check’s Cho Rim’s x-ray with Choi Eun Seol’s x-ray and he gets the prove he needed to be sure that Cho Rim is Choi Eun Seol.

Cho Rim helped Jae Hee find his dog and she is having dinner with Jae Hee and Baek Kyeong.

Jae Hee and Dr. Chun have a strange relationship and the dog is acting weird. Also the dog is scared of Jae Hee.

The next morning Cho Rim goes to the gym where she sees the scent of one of the trainers. Immediately she calls Moo Gak who comes to arrest the trainer. The arrested trainer is the killer of the man who was found dead in the park. He is also one of the detectives brother and that is how he found out about the barcode killers. The trainer killed the victim by mistake and called his brother who cut the barcode on the victim’s hand.

Moo Gak came at the restaurant where Cho Rim’s friend is working. Knowing that Cho Rim likes him, Cho Rim’s friend sends her a text. Happy Cho Rim comes in a hurry to meet Moo Gak, but her smile disappeared when she arrived. When she came in the restaurant Cho Rim saw Moo Gak with a lady, having fun. Cho Rim didn’t know that Moo Gak was with lieutenant Yeom who just gave him the access to see all the files from the police station he wasn’t allowed.

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6 Responses to “The Girl Who Sees Smells ” ep 4~ Cho Rim:”My heart is in so much pain right now, but I’m the only one hurting.”

  1. I wanted to write a week 2 review today or something, but hangover today doesn’t let me think a lot XD I like the way the drama progresses with fun, suspense and a sense of feels, it’s good to sit back and watch it relaxed! Well, for now, because things will get tougher later on i guess!
    ”My heart is in so much pain right now, but I’m the only one hurting.”
    That was a great line and it was literally true XD
    I’m not sure yet, but something tells me that the barcode serial killer isn’t only the doc, but the chef too and they cooperate, there was something strange in his stare when he went to take Moongchi away from the cellar door and he looked back at Cho Rim. Although it’s still too early to talk about that XD

    • lemonmirae says:

      So you must have had a great nigh yesterday XD. At first i didn’t want to watch this drama, but now i’m glad i started it.
      Don’t know what to say about the barcode killer, still wandering about that. i suspected the doctor, but the man that Cho Rim found at her house the night and the accident and the doctor have different heights… but the chef and the doctor have a strange relationship… need to see more of this drama to be sure
      PS: with or without hangover i’m glad you’re back

      • It was cool XD Same here, didn’t want to start it because i thought it would be a joke of a drama or something, but i’m glad as well!
        And something tells me that inside the cellar wasn’t only wine and such XD Could be the place where the barcode killer does his “business” to the victims before leaving them on a spot to be found or something. Moongchi might know more than we can imagine XD We should catch him and interrogate him in exchange for a steak XD Their relationship is indeed weird, i’m curious what could be lying ahead in the drama!
        PS. Yuei yuei, it’s good to be back!

      • lemonmirae says:

        Let’s do that! I bring the steak and catch Moongchi and you do the talking, dog’s don’t listen that well to what i say XD

      • OK, let’s do that XD I’ll try to explain him that there’s no point in resisting and that he should cooperate before it’s too late = us eating the steak XD

      • lemonmirae says:

        Good idea XD, once you tell him that he won’t be able to resist XD

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