“We Got Married ” ep 29 ( WGM ep 266) ~ Jae Rim:”We’re a farming couple.”

Moving to the new house and adjusting to their new life as farmers.

Episode 29

They don’t have much at their new house so Jae Rim and So Eun went to the town market to by what they miss. First they get fur slippers because their feet were cold earlier in the house. Then they buy rain boots, who are essential for farmers.

Jae Rim:”I’ll let only dirt touch your hands.”

From the mart they brought everything they needed from cleaning tools to mats and blankets.

Jae Rim:”We’re a farming couple.”

Before leaving the store, So Eun saw some striped pants and they brought for both of them the pants. Jae Rim also took a jacket that will match with the rain boots.

Arrived home the couple begins cleaning and arranging the things that they brought form the market and the thinks they brought with them from the city. While cleaning So Eun remembered that she has some coupons left so she decide to use one, a piggyback coupon. Jae Rim cleans the floor while So Eun hangs on his back.

It’s time for diner, but before preparing the food Jae Rim has to cut the wood. At first they put the pork belly on a shovel and the shovel in the fireplace, but it didn’t work.

They are having fun eating, but Jae Rim is talking too much so So Eun uses one of her coupons to shut him up for 10 minutes. Even when he is on mute mode, Jae Rim keeps talking through sings and So Eun gives up on her coupon. Then she uses another coupon, a hug coupon. Jae Rim hugs her and kisses her.

So Eun has one more hug coupon left so after diner Jae Rim carries her to the bedroom. They lie in bed and eat roasted potatoes. Later Jae Rim and So Eun take pictures to commemorate their moving to the new house.

Because Jae Rim is ticklish when he is with So Eun, she wants to tickle him.

So Eun:”I’ll tickle you once.”

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