“It’s Okay, Roommate ” ep 25 ~ Jackson:”I’ll make you the happiest person in the world.”

Jackson invited his friends over.

I think they made a mistake or something happened because it gives me the idea that this episode should’ve been before the episode with Jackson’s birthday, who was aired a month before his actual birthday. Also since the guests are wearing traditional clothes makes me think that this was the episode who was supposed to air in February, on Chinese New Year.

Episode 25

In this episode Jackson invites his friends over. The friends who were invited are GOT 7’s Bam Bam, f(x)’s Amber and Super Junior’s Henry.

Bam Bam:” I’ll come over to see Young Ji!”

Before his friends arrived Jackson wears the hanbok he was given. Since it’s the first time he wears one he mistakes the hat piece with a belt. When he comes out of his room, Young Ji sees Jackson wearing the hat as a belt and helps him wearing right.

The first one to arrive is Bam Bam.

Bam Bam:” I’m going to freeze again if I see Young Ji.”

Bam Bam enters and sees Jackson wearing a hanbok and trying to salute him, but Se Ho didn’t let him. Jackson was dresses as the son of a nobleman so Se Ho was teaching him how to act like a noble. As soon as he heard Young Ji’s voice, Bam Bam is embarrassed. When Young Ji comes near him, Bam Bam takes a step behind.

Because Bam Bam likes Young Ji so much, the others called her at the table and told her to sit between Bam Bam and Jackson. When she looks at Jackson he seems upset, jealous.

Jackson:”Don’t look at me, look at him. You and I are over.”

Young Bam Bam started to like Young Ji in the winter when he appeared in Roommate the day he and other’s GOT 7’s members came to help deliver briquettes. When Bam Bam was asked if Jackson talks about Young Ji at home, Bam Bam said that Jackson told him to be careful when he held Young Ji’s hand the day they were delivering briquettes.

Jackson:”Young Ji actually tried to seduce him.”

Henry and Amber arrived together. The guests are happy to greed each other. Jackson and Henry know each other since before Jackson came to Korea. Amber and Jackson met while he was trainee.

Jackson takes his friends to show them the house. He first shows them his room, than he takes them upstairs. In Gook Joo’s, Nana’s and Young Ji’s room Henry wants to look around to see women belongings. Embarrassed Amber takes Bam Bam out leaving Jackson and Henry there.

Henry:”Men are always curious about what kind of things women have.”

Left alone in the girls room the two boys start looking around. They can’t lose that opportunity so they also search around the clothing room, the play around a little with a hairpiece. Amber and Joon Hyun come in while they were searching around the clothing room. They hide behind a fridge.


Continuing searching around they find a pair of leggings. While looking at those leggings, Nana comes in.

Jackson:” Henry was curious so we’re just searching”

Nana:”Henry, I’m not getting the wrong idea, right?”

Embarrassed, Jackson runs away, locking Henry with Nana in the clothing room.

Henry:”I’m not a pervert.”

Later everyone gathers in the living room. They are all from different countries. Joon Hyung and Amber are from America, Jackson from Hong Kong, Bam Bam form Thailand, Se Ho from Korea, Henry form Canada and Ryohei from Japan, they are like the united nations. They talk about how difficult is for them to express themselves in Korean language. Usually when they meet they talk in English so when they are on TV shows it’s confusing to talk with Korean honorifics. Another thing that makes the foreigners connect with each other is the public bath where everyone is going naked.

When he came to Korea, Bam Bam was scolded because he ate before the eldest. He said in Thailand the youngest eats first, while in Korea the eldest eats first.

Henry talks about his first meeting with Super Junior members. He asks Amber to help him exemplify, but he realizes it’s not a good idea.

Henry:”I don’t think I should touch you.”

When he first meet Super Junior members, they hugged him and touched his butt. Since then he didn’t know Korean culture that way, Henry thought those people who touched his butt were gay.

Then they talk about Jackson’s first meeting with Dong Wook, when Jackson said “Someone is here”. The foreigners all agree with Jackson, but Se Ho in explaining what he did wrong in Korean language.

Another mutual understanding between the foreigners is that all they could here when they came to Korea is that they have a small head.

Another cultural difference is the way men confess their love for their lover. Young Ji plays the role of the girl while the boys form different country confesses to her. Ryohei and Bam Bam confessions won.

Jackson:”I’ll make you the happiest person in the world. Please marry me!”

Upset, Jackson leaves and hides under Gook Joo’s blanket.

There are hanboks ready for all the guests. They change into Korean traditional clothes and they are thought how to bow to their elders. Joon Hyung and Ryohei, who are also wearing hanboks, are playing the roles of the parents while Jackson, Bam Bam, Amber and Henry are the children who came to bow to them.

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