“Murphy’s Law of Love ” ep 4~ ” Heading in the right direction.”

Jia Wei likes Xiao Tong so he has to get closer to her, but she is cold towards him. She is avoiding him. To be close to Xiao Tong, Jia Wei gets the idea of a matchmaking event for his clients. This event will be a common event between his agency and Xiao Tong’s agency.

To find the best place for the event Jia Wei took Xiao Tong to the mountains where they spent a day together. Everything went well, but when they returned home she saw a picture with Jia Wei and Zhi Yu.

Episode 4

Xiao Tong can’t wait longer and Jia Wei still doesn’t answer his phone. She decided! It’s time to close the event. Xiao Tong goes in front of everyone that came to their event and apologized for making them lose their time, but it seems that the popularity king won’t come to the event.

While Xiao Tong was apologizing to the participants, Zi Yan intervened to help her. He said that the hot pick is late because they wanted to give the participants a chance to prepare their gifts for the popularity king. Zi Yan is teaching the ladies to prepare chocolate giving Jia Wei more time to arrive.

Meanwhile Jia Wei is with his friends at this house. It’s his birthday and his friends came to celebrate him. While everyone was getting the cake ready, Jia Wei ran away without being seen. There is a problem! Someone blocked his car. He tries to call the person who blocked him, but he realizes the he forgot his phone and wallet inside the house. Without a phone or a wallet, Jia Wei has to run all over the town to arrive at the restaurant were the event will take place.

When Xiao Tong was about to call her boss and cancel the event, Jia Wei arrived.

The event it’s over. Xiao Tong gives Jia Wei a box with chocolate made by the ladies who came to meet him. While they were talking Xiao Tong sees Zi Yan and runs happily to him. She is grateful to Zi Yan for helping her so she wants to thank him and invite him to a mean to show her appreciation.

Jia Wei is upset to see Xiao Tong with Zi Yan. She is always impatient and angry with him, but she smiles happily in front of Zi Yan. When Zi Yan leaves, Xiao Tong remembers Jia Wei, but he was already gone. On the banner with Jia Wei, Xiao Tong sees that Jia Wei was late because the day of the event was on his birthday.

Returned home, Jia Wei finds his father there. Jia Wei’s father came to celebrate Jia Wei’s birthday with him, but he also came to give Jia Wei an ultimatum. Either Jia Wei takes over his father’s business or he falls in love.

After having dinner with her family, Xiao Tong sits in her room watching Jia Wei’s profile.

Xiao Tong:”So Ji Jia Wei actually came to help me on his birthday.”

Jia Wei sits on his sofa upset, thinking about Xiao Tong and Zi Yan. Suddenly he received a text and when he looks at the sender Jia Wei is shocked. It’s a message from Xiao Tong. Happily, Jia Wei puts the message on repeat.

The next morning when he goes to work, Jia Wei gives the chocolate box to his coworkers, without realizing that inside was a note from Xiao Tong. While he was trying to explain why he went to that event and why he lied to them, Linda came. She brought Xiao Tong’s shoes back and she told Jia Wei the decisions she took about her life since Xiao Tong talked to her. But Jia Wei can’t give Xiao Tong her shoes back, he already gave her a new pair of shoes saying that they are from Linda.

After eating the chocolates, An Ting felt like she has to tell Jia Wei her opinion about him participating at Hot Pick event. An Ting believes that and arrogant and self-righteous person as him that has an ego three times as large as a normal person and thinks he is on top of the world can help Dr. Love only because he fall in love with her.

Zi Yan brought Xiao Tong to work. Jia Wei sees them. When Zi Yan left, Jia Wei wanted to salute Xiao Tong, but she turned around and left.

Jia Wei:” Guan Xiao Tong, are your eyes there just for decoration? How dare you ignore my existence.”

At her office, Xiao Tong looks at Jia Wei’s card from when he accepted to participate in her event. She looks at her phone and she is disappointed that Jia Wei didn’t text her back when she sent him a thank you and happy birthday message. She logs on her blog and finds a message from Wayne and answers him without knowing that Wayne is actually Ji Jia Wei.

Leaving his office Jia Wei sees Xiao Tong. She was also leaving her office. He goes to her. He has something to tell her, but Xiao Tong is cold and avoids him.

The next day, Xiao Tong, Xin Xin and Qi Lun are talking about the Hot Pick event. Xiao Tong and Xin Xin talk about who great Zi Yan was and who he deserves credits for helping them, but Qi Lun defends Jia Wei. In Qi Lun’s eyes Zi Yan only brought some time because if Jia Wei hadn’t come the event would’ve been canceled. While Xiao Tong was talking bad about Jia Wei, he arrived and heard her. Jia Wei had something to talk to their boss.

Jia Wei and Mei Zhen decided to cooperate for an event, a matchmaking event for Jia Wei’s divorced clients. The person who will work on that project with Jia Wei is Xiao Tong, as he wished for.

Jia Wei and Xiao Tong are going to check the place where the event will be held. When Xiao Tong helped him with Linda, Jia Wei realized how much he can get form the divorced market, or at least that is what he told Xiao Tong.

After fighting for a while in the car, Xioa Tong fell asleep. Jia Wei watches her awhile then he keeps going. When Xiao Tong wakes up, the car was parked in front of a beautiful scenery. She comes out of the car, grabs Jia Wei’s hand and pulls him after her to see everything. While Xiao Tong looks happily at everything there, Jia Wei looks at her.

Xiao Tong wants to return at the car, but she can’t remember where Jia Wei parked it. On the other hand Jia Wei wants to enjoy the scenery with Xiao Tong as they were on a date. Suddenly a snake appeared in front of Xiao Tong. While Jia Wei tries to push the snake away, Xiao Tong who was screaming threw the car keys away in a tree. They fight again and Xiao Tong goes to get the keys from that tree, but she is too short so even if she tried everything she could still she can’t reach the keys. Xiao Tong sees a stone and gets on it to reach the keys, but still she isn’t able to reach them. Jia Wei, who was watching her struggle, came close to her and took her in his arms to help her.

It’s getting late and Xiao Tong is cold. Jia Wei, who has blouse, sees her getting cold. He gets close to her and puts the blouse on his own back. Xiao Tong was expecting him to give the blouse to her, but Jia Wei was busy joking around.

Jia Wei:”Am I not allowed to be cold?”

Then Jia Wei pulls Xiao Tong near him and both of them are covered with his blouse. Walking while hugging Xiao Tong, Jia Wei feels how cold she is and gives her his blouse.

Jia Wei:” Don’t go wandering around again. You might bump into another snake.”

Back home, Xiao Tong keeps thinking about Jia Wei. When he held her in the mountains her heart skipped a beat. Suddenly Jia Wei calls her. He left his wallet in the blouse he gave her.

Xiao Tong:”Why did my heart skip a beat then?”

When Xiao Tong returned the blouse, the wallet fell on the ground. Xiao Tong gets the wallet and sees the picture with Jia Wei and Zhi Yu, his ex girlfriend. While she was looking at the picture and at Jia Wei, she received a phone call. It was Zi Yan who called to invite her to dinner. Hearing the conversation, Jia Wei gets upset. He leaves angry.

Home, Jia Wei wonders why did he have to rush things, why did he went to pick his walled so Xiao Tong would see the picture. Everything went well in the mountains between them so he should’ve left thinks like that.

Later Jia Wei scolded his dog, Polo, for chewing Xiao Tong’s shoes.

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