“Ouroboros ” ep 9~ Tatsuya:” If you come any closer, I’ll kill you!

The truth about Mahoroba is coming out. Mizuki, Ikuo and Sousuke discovered who killed superintendant Hibino, but also they found out what happened with Hina, Sousuke’s sister.

Trying to protect Ikuo, Tatsuya is pushing him away and hiding things from him. Especially Tatsuya hides from Ikuo that the man who established Mahoroba is his own father.

Episode 9

Superintendant Hibino, Mizuki’s father is dead. He was murdered at the place where Tatsuya was supposed to meet him.

When Ikuo and Mizuki arrived at the meeting place, superintendant Hibino was lying on the ground dead and Tatsuya was next to him holding a gun.

Tatsuya is a suspect now. Detective Chuono went to arrest him, but Tatsuya wasn’t at his office. The police found just Tatsuya’s legal team. Even if he has to arrest him, detective Chuno doesn’t believe that Tatsuya killed superintendant Hibino.

At the place he is hiding, Tatsuya is looking at the information he took from the crime scene, the information superintendant Hibino dug up before dying.

Ikuo, who is also a suspect since he is involved with Tatsuya, can’t get in touch with Tatsuya. He also knows that Tatsuya didn’t kill superintendant Hibino. If superintendant Hibino would’ve been involved in Yuiko’s dead, Tatsuya wouldn’t have shot him before asking a few questions. Because he can’t get in touch with Tatsuya, Ikuo went to see Sousuke. From Sousuke, Ikuo found out the Mahoroba secret. Also Sousuke told Ikuo that for Tatsuya isn’t important to expose the crimes that Public Safety was doing at Mahoroba, all Tatsuya can think about is killing Yuiko’s murderers.

Tatsuya has a favor to return to Sousuke so when they met Tatsuya told Sousuke what happened to his sister. Somehow Tatsuya managed to find out what happened to Sousuke’s sister that he spent 20 years looking for.

Meantime, because Mizuki was off from work for few days now, Ikuo went to see her. She didn’t eat anything the whole day so Ikuo takes her out. They both eat omelet rice. Now, when Mizuki knows everything about him, Ikuo can talk to her openly about his life in Mahoroba and about Yuiko. Both him and Tatauya love to eat omelet rice because it was the only thing Yuiko could make for them.

Now that her father is dead, Mizuki doesn’t need to work in the police to get her father’s attention so she intends to quit and start a new life.

Ikuo:” Twenty years ago…we…were betrayed by the police.”

Ikuo tells Mizuki that he thinks her father was killed because he knew too much, but he wasn’t killed by Tatsuya. For Ikuo isn’t over yet. He needs to find Yuiko’s killer, the once that silenced superintendant Hibino.

Mizuki:”What if I said I wanted to go on living with you, Ryuuzaki-san?”

In return Ikuo pushed Mizuki away and sent her home. During that time Tatsuya was watching a video with Yuiko, while crying.

Later Sousuke went to Ikuo and told him that he met Tatsuya that day. Sousuke found the answers he was looking for.

Detectives Chono and Mishima found Tatsuya’s hiding place. Tatsuya knows that he can trust the two detectives.

Tatsuya:”Ryuuzaki Ikuo isn’t involved in this. He isn’t involved with me anymore. I’m ending things my way, however I want to protect him. “

Tatsuya wants to let Ikuo have a life so for that he will finish thinks alone. To protect Ikuo he didn’t told Ikuo everything he found out about Mahoroba. Tatsuya left something for Ikuo with Chono and Mishima and asked them to give it to Ikuo when everything will be over. He even left a message for Mizuki.

Tatsuya:”Your father was innocent. He was our guardian.”

On the other hand Ikuo, Mizuki and Sousuke met with Tamura Konatsu. She was with superintendant Hibino when he was murdered and they think she wasn’t telling the truth about what happened that day. Actually she is the one that killed superintendant Hibino and Tatsuya stopped her from leaving with what superintendant Hibino dug up from Mahoroba.

The surgeon that committed suicide twenty years ago was her father and he was involved with what was going on at Mahoroba. The Mahoroba orphanage was an illegal organization for organ transplants. The children from that orphanage were spare parts whose organs were given to the children of rich people. The doctor committed suicide twenty years ago out of quilt after he took the heart of a little girl to give it to his own daughter. Tamura Konatsu is that doctor’s daughter and she received Hina’s heart, she received Sousuke’s sister’s heard.

Now that everything was discovered Tamura Konatsu wants to kill herself, but Sousuke can’t let her die as long as his sister’s heart is alive in her. Stopped from killing herself Tamura Konatsu told Ikuo who ordered her to kill superintendant Hibino. Tatsuya, who was close by heard everything. Ikuo saw him, but Tatsuya left. He runs after Tatsuya, but Tatsuya doesn’t want Ikuo close to him.

Tatsuya:”I’m finished with you. I’ll go alone from here. If you come any closer, I’ll kill you! This is goodbye, Ikuo.”

Detectives Chono, Mishima and Tachibana together with Mizuki are watching the video that Tatsuya left for Ikuo. Meantime Tatsuya is looking for a man. The man Tatsuya is looking for is meeting Ikuo. That man is Kitakawa Ki’ichirou , he is the one that established Mahoroba and killed Yuiko. But what Ikuo doesn’t know is that Kitakawa Ki’ichirou is Ikuo’s father.

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