“The Girl Who Sees Smells ” ep 5~ Moo Gak:”Don’t misbehave.”

Another murder occurred and because Moo Gak didn’t pay attention to her when she said that the police arrested the wrong person, Cho Rim searched alone for the real killer. When the killer noticed her, Cho Rim called Moo Gak who came to save her.

Moo Gak finds out the reason his sister was killed.

Thoughts: Just wandering: when you’re being chased by a murderer in board daylight isn’t it better to be around crowded places? Why would you go inside some building where is no one around?

Episode 5

Cho Rim comes excited to her friends restaurant too see Moo Gak, but when she arrived she sees Moo Gak smiling happily with lieutenant Yeom.

Home, Cho Rim watches TV and eats ramen when she gets a phone call. It’s Moo Gak! He came to her neighborhood. After Moo Gak waited for a long time, Cho Rim arrived all dressed up.

Moo Gak:” Is your place far from here? Did you have to cross rivers and climb mountains? I don’t think you should be like this at home.”

They go practice Cho Rim’s skit, but they don’t realize that they were loud and everyone in the restaurant could hear them. Soon enough they realized that everyone in that restaurant were staring at them. Their practice was so credible that another customer even paid their check saying that living in that country side isn’t that bad.

There is an opening for a new restaurant. When Moo Gak and his co workers arrived a chef fell of the room on their car. Looking up, Moo Gak saw a person looking down right after the chef fell.

The chef that fell used to work for Kwon Jae Hee and now he was opening his own restaurant. Jae Hee invited Cho Rim at the opening, but the chef was no were to be found. Jae Hee went on the roof to look for chef Hong and saw the chef felling over. What Jae Hee didn’t realize was that someone was behind the door. After he saw that chef Hong fell over, Jae Hee wants to run downstairs, but the door was locked. When the door opens the ones that came in were Moo Gak and the other detectives. Charged with murdering chef Hong, Jae Hee is arrested.

Cho Rim saw a smell around chef Hong’s neck, but that smell wasn’t on Jae Hee’s hands. She saw that smell on another man’s hands. She calls Moo Gak, but he doesn’t believe her when she said that Jae Hee was innocent.

Cho Rim went to Jae Hee’s house to pick up Moongchi. She will take care of Jae Hee’s dog until he will be released. At his house Cho Rim saw a few boxes with wine, that were smelling like Joo Ma Ri, but she didn’t pay any attention to it. While she was leaving, Cho Rim met Dr. Chun at the entrance. Jae Hee asked Dr. Chun to take form his house one of those boxes with wine, because inside there are some things that could harm him if the police discovers them.

The next day, Cho Rim went everywhere to find the smell she saw on the killer’s hands. She has to find the real killer and help Jae Hee. When she was about to give up, Cho Rim saw the killer and runs after him. The man saw her and started chasing her.

Cho Rim:”Officer Choi, save me! I’m being chased by a murderer.”

Chased, Cho Rim runs away. She hides inside a building, but the man that killed chef Hong found her. He is threatening her with a knife. Moo Gak arrived in time and fought the attacker, but he lost him.

When Cho Rim is safe and a little calmer, Moo Gak scolds her for putting herself in a dangerous situation. She tells him about the scent she saw on the killer’s hands the day chef Hong was killed.

Moo Gak:”Don’t misbehave.”

On the bus station, Moo Gak gives Cho Rim medicine for her wound. She was hurt while running away from the attacker. Excited, Cho Rim expected Moo Gak to put the medicine on her, but he didn’t.

While keep investigating Dr. Chun, the police realizes that the time Dr. Chun was working in Jeju Island coincided with the fisherman and his wife, the second victims of the barcode murderer, were found. He was working at the same hospital Moo Gak’s sister was killed.

Moo Gak is sent to Jeju Island to investigate more at that hospital. There Moo Gak discovered that the time Joo Ma Ri was kidnapped, Dr. Chun went to Jeju Island hospital and requested Choi Eun Seol’s medical records. Thinking that is about his sister, that didn’t have any medical records at that hospital, Moo Gak requested to look at them. While looking at that medical record, Moo Gak realized that the Choi Eun Seol from that medical record wasn’t his sister, but another girl with the exact same name.

When Moo Gak returned to his workplace he and his team went to arrest chef Hong’s real killer so Jae Hee was released. Jae Hee invited Cho Rim to dinner at this house.

At the police station Moo Gak tells lieutenant Yeom what he found out in Jeju and from her he from her, Moo Gak discovers who Choi Eun Seol was. Later lieutenant Yeom finds Moo Gak hiding a case file from her. Since lieutenant Yeom is his superior, Moo Gak had to shoe her the file he was hiding, his sister’s file. While talking with lieutenant Yeom, Moo Gak realized that his sister was murdered by mistake because the killer thought she was the fisherman’s daughter. Furious, Moo Gak runs at Dr. Chun’s office.

Moo Gak:” Take a good look at my sister whom you killed. She wasn’t the witness!”

After her diner with Jae Hee, Cho Rim returned home where Moo Gak was waiting for her. He had a bad day, after realizing that his sister was killed because she was confused with another girl that had the same name.

Moo Gak took Cho Rim out for drinks. When he went t see his sister he brought her a doll, a buy-one-get-one doll. The second doll he got for free, Moo Gak gave it to Cho Rim.

During their dinner, Cho Rim went out for a little. When she returned, Cho Rim found Moo Gak sleeping.

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