“We Got Married ” ep 30 ( WGM ep 267) ~ So Eun:” Don’t go taking off your clothes just anywhere.”

Jae Rim and So Eun couple begins to adjust at their new house. They evens start planting seeds on their field. They enjoy the freshly country air.

Episode 30

The farming couple begins their day with exercises. After they exercise a little they lie down to enjoy the spring sun. To help with the farming life, the mission card arrived with a scooter. When they were in Jeju, Jae Rim promised that next time he will prepare a tandem seat for So Eun. Now he got the chance to use the tandem seat. Jae Rim goes inside and returns with a pillow and a swaddler.

With So Eun tied up on his back, Jae Rim rode the scooter to town. They need seeds to plant them in the field.

With the seeds they brought, the couple returns home. They change their clothes and went to plant the seeds. Of course they play a little before starting to plant the seeds.

Jae Rim and So Eun decided on the field that they need to plant and how big that should be. They begin fertilizing that field and Jae Rim became a cow.

So Eun:” A strong cow has come.”

While working Jae Rim gets hot so he takes his blouse off to change making So Eun embarrassed.

So Eun:” Don’t go taking off your clothes just anywhere.”

After all that work it’s time to have a snack. While Jae Rim keeps working, So Eun goes inside to prepare the snack with the freshly eggs they just took from their chickens. They take a break from working the field while they eat. During their meal they tell each other when they were most excited about each other.

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