“Ouroboros ” ep 10~ “I’m home!” ~ Final episode!

Ouroboros! Infinity and eternity…death and resurrection… creation and destruction, the love that they held on to was it justice?

This is the final episode of this drama. It had a different ending of what I was hopping, but it still a Japanese style ending form my point of view. Great ending!

Episode 10

Hearing that Kitakawa killed Yuiko, Ikuo jumps on him. He wants to take revenge and kill Kitakawa, but then Kitakawa tells Ikuo the truth, that he is Ikuo’s father. Kitakawa and Ikuo’s mother had a relationship and had Ikuo. According to Kitakawa he never knew about Ikuo, until Ikuo’s mother called him before dying. Ryuuzaki Misaki, Ikuo’s mother, was the daughter of the man who killed Kitakawa’s family. Not just that Kitakawa established Mahoroba, but he also put there his own son to be used as an organ donor. Knowing the truth about his father made Ikuo remember what happened at Mahoroba. He realized that it’s not that he couldn’t remember, but more likely he didn’t want to remember those painful memories.

Leaving Ikuo, shocked, on the ground Kitakawa leaves. Tatsuya who was listening to them while hiding wants to follow Kitakawa and kill him, but he can’t let Ikuo in that state. Since he can’t console Ikuo, Tatsuya called Mizuki.

Mizuki took Ikuo home and fed him. He is in a bad condition. She tells him that Tatsuya wanted to protect him, that Tatsuya didn’t want Ikuo to remember those painful memories and that is why he pushed Ikuo away. Also Mizuki told Ikuo what was on the video that Yuiko left behind.

Mizuki:”I’ll always be beside you, Ryuuzaki-san. I will definitely never leave your side.”

She makes plans for her future with Ikuo, but for that they need to remodel Ikuo’s house. Later Mizuki met Tatsuya and told him how is Ikuo.

Tatsuya:”Please stay next to him.”

When Kitakawa came home together with Chono, they found Tatsuya at Kitakawa’s house. Tatsuya was holding hostage Kitakawa’s son. While detective Chono was pointing a gun to Tatsuya, Ikuo arrived. He made his choice. Ikuo and Tatsuya have a mission and he will not let Tatsuya finish it alone.

Ikuo:”I’ll shoot you…if you get in our way. We are…the two dragons.”

Tatsuya tied Kitakawa’s son and wife together with Chono in one room so he and Ikuo could have a conversation with Kitakawa. They need to know everything about Mahoroba. The night Yuiko died, Kitakawa brought “Zero” to help him move the children. Yuiko’s mission at Mahoroba was over. She couldn’t let the children die so Yuiko followed Kitakawa with a gun outside. When Kitakawa saw that Ikuo was watching them, he ordered Yuiko to kill his own son. But Yuiko couldn’t kill Ikuo so she pointed her gun towards Kitakawa, who already had a gun pointed towards her. Kitakawa killed Yuiko and the shot that Yuiko fired hit one of the Zero members, the one who Ikuo and Tatsuya met that become a homeless. While Ikuo and Tatsuya were talking to Kitakawa, in the other room Kitakawa’s son managed to untie himself and grabbed a gun.

Ikuo:”I have to…kill this man.”

When Ikuo was about to kill Kitakawa, the boy come out holding the gun. Tatsuya wants to take the gun away from Kitakawa’s son, but the boy shots Tatsuya by mistake. Furious, Ikuo wanted to shot the boy, but Kitakawa placed himself between his son that the shot. Tatsuya can’t let Ikuo kill his own younger brother so he stops Ikuo.

Tatsuya:”Ikuo…it’s over.”

Ikuo:”Tacchan…let’s go home…to our house.”

Ikuo helps Tatsuya get up and they both went to Mahoroba, where they’ve met Yuiko.

Yuiko:” Welcome home, Ikuo.”

Ikuo:”I’m home.”

Yuiko:” Welcome home, Tatsuya.”

Tatsuya:”I’m home.”

In the morning the police was called to Mahoroba. Someone heard a gunshot coming from there. In Ikuo’s and Tatsuya’s memory everyone that knew them ate omelet rice. Mizuki took Ikuo’s ouroboros pendant.

The end…

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