“The Girl Who Sees Smells ” ep 6~ ”I like you, too.”

Moo Gak discovers what the codes from the barcode victims wrists mean.

Dr. Chun discovered who the barcode killer is and tried to talk to Moo Gak in order to protect the witness, but he never got the chance to do so. He went missing.

Episode 6

Moo Gak fell asleep at the restaurant so Cho Rim had to take him away. She took Moo Gak to a park and waited for him to wake up. A flower petal got on Moo Gak’s face and Cho Rim wants to blow it away, but Moo Gak wakes up. He gets up and hugs Cho Rim.

Cho Rim:”I like you, too.”

Suddenly Cho Rim realized that she was dreaming and Moo Gak never woke up and hugged her. It seems like it’s going to rain soon and the two leave the park. When Cho Rim got in the bus she signals Moo Gak to check his hood. Inside Cho Rim put the doll Moo Gak gave her after she heard the message from the doll. Moo Gak made a mistake and gave Cho Rim the doll that was for his sister. He doesn’t realize the reason Cho Rim returned the doll and runs in the buss. He keeps insisting that Cho Rim should have the doll since she already accepted it and if she doesn’t want it she should throw it away. After Cho Rim got off the bus, by mistake Moo Gak pressed the doll and heard the message.

Dr. Chun is moving, for at least two years he will work in Senegal. While packing he sees Choi Eun Seol’s medical records and remembers what Moo Gak told him the other day. That moment Dr. Chun realized that Choi Eun Seol, the witness, is now living as Oh Cho Rim and another gilr with the same name died.

The wine box that Dr. Chun took from Jae Hee’s house was taken by the moving company by mistake. The people from the moving company believed that the wine box belongs to Dr. Chun. While he was calling to find out if the moving company has the box, Jae Hee came to Dr. Chun.

Left alone in his office, Dr. Chun leaves a letter of apology to Cho Rim. After the car accident, when she was taken to the hospital, Dr. Chun wished for her to die soon, since her chances of survival where law, so her heart could be transplanted into Dr. Chun’s wife chest. He even tried to kill her using a syringe, the solution from that syringe would have made Cho Rim die from low blood pressure. The last moment he changed his mind, he couldn’t kill the girl that was fighting for her life.

After he finished the letter, the nurse came in with some books. He didn’t look at them and thought that those are his books so he told the nurse to put them in a box like the others. When she put the books in a box, without realizing the nurse put also the letter there.

Cho Rim started to work part time at Jae Hee’s restaurant. Moo Gak came and brought a glass of wine. There is a promotion at that wine, buy a glass of wine and get one for free. While holding the glasses, Moo Gak asks Cho Rim which is the free glass of wine and for which glass he paid. Hearing Moo Gak giving a hard time to Cho Rim, Jae Hee came at that table. Since he already has two glasses of wine, Moo Gak invited Jae Hee to drink with him. While they were drinking Jae Hee saw that Dr. Chun called Moo Gak and even heard that Dr. Chun wanted to meet Moo Gak.

Dr. Chun was in front of Jae Hee’s house to bring the wine box back. The moving company needed him to sign that the content is there so Dr. Chun opened the box. Inside he found Joo Ma Ri’s journals. At the end of one of those journals there was a picture with Joo Ma Ri’s wrist, on that wrist she had the barcode cut. Next to the picture, beside Ma Ri’s name there were written her birthday and the day she died.

When Jae Hee came home, Dr. Chun returned the box and left no matter how much Jae Hee insisted that he should came in. Realizing that Jae Hee is the barcode killer, Dr. Chun hurries to meet Moo Gak and tell him.

Inside the house, Jae Hee opened the box and realized that Dr. Chun saw the journals and discovered him.

Dr. Chun:” Chef Kwon is the barcode murderer. I need to protect the witness, Oh Cho Rim.”

The place where Dr. Chun was supposed to meet Moo Gak was a church. Scared and shocked by what he found out, Dr. Chun went to that church.

Someone arrived. It’s coming inside, but it’s not Moo Gak. It’s Kwon Jae Hee! Dr. Chun is scared and trembling. He is locked in a dark church, where is no one around with a killer. He wants to get up, but Jae Hee stops him.

Later when Moo Gak arrived at the church no one was there.

Inspector Kang received a certificate of excellence after his team arrested some drug dealers so now the whole team has the day off. As reword the chief gave them money to celebrate. Inspector Kang invited Cho Rim to spend the day with them.

Arrived at the countryside restaurant, Cho Rim smells ramen even when the restaurant sells chicken. They went inside. There is a lot of space, but the rooms are small. Inside their room they play cards. At first inspector Kang won, but when Cho Rim changed places with Moo Gak and began playing the things turned and she and Moo Gak became the winners.

The food is ready. They eat and then they leave. While Cho Rim and inspector Kang take pictures, one of the other finds that place suspicious, it looks exactly like in a detective novel he read. In that detective novel there were hided rooms.

Suddenly the old lady form that restaurant comes carrying something heavy. One of the detectives wants to help her, but she refuses. From the basked the grandmother was carrying, Cho Rim smelled money. She tells Moo Gak and he requested inspector Kang to ask help form the local police.

While searching inside that restaurant, the detectives found a secret room where there where illegal gambling.

When she arrived home, Moo Gak was waiting for her. He doesn’t want Cho Rim close to crime scenes. It’s too dangerous for her. But for the first time since she got a blue eye, Cho Rim feels like she can help others.

Cho Rim:”I’m always right next to you during investigations. You can protect me when I’m in danger.”

Moo Gak found out that Dr. Chun is trying to leave Korea, but he missed his plane. What Moo Gak finds strange is that Dr. Chun announced publicly that he will leave the country, if he wanted to run away he wouldn’t have announced it.

Later, when he met Cho Rim, she was getting a sign from an idol. If you flip the autograph you can read the idol’s name. Later, while looking at the barcodes from the victims, Moo Gak realized that those codes mean. All the codes from the victims writs describes books from a single published in South Korea. The barcode criminal is treating his victims as books. Moo Gak even discovered the code that the next victim will have if they won’t catch the murdered first.

Meantime, at his house, Jae Hee prepared a code for his next book, Chun Baek Kyeong 1980.12.23 ~ 2015.03.07.

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11 Responses to “The Girl Who Sees Smells ” ep 6~ ”I like you, too.”

  1. Well, there are people who would like their lives to become a book, but not this way XD The more i find about the killer’s philosophy the more sickening in gets! I’m really curious to find more about his past and see how he became this way and what’s the reason behind his “ritual”. Cho Rim started working inside the wolf’s mouth and she doesn’t know it, but chef Kwon doesn’t know either that she’s the witness. The most important thing now is where doctor Chun’s letter will go to! Either Moo Gak or chef Kwon will find out first about her real identity! But i really do hope doctor Chun won’t die, even though his “book” is an ominous sign. I want him to escape and live as a fugitive XD

    • lemonmirae says:

      Good way of saying it, but yeah no one would want their life to become a book that way. I’m also curious to find out more about his reason to kill once a year and put barcodes, there must be something in his past, something traumatizing maybe…
      Not just that she started to work at his restaurant, but she also visits him at his house….scary 😀
      About Dr. Chun, i think he is in the room where Moongki was barking the other episode because chef Kwon is always cooking 2 servings when he is eating. Since chef Kwon is feeding him, Dr. Chun is alive for now, hope he will remain that way XD

      • It must be the same room where Joo Ma Ri was being held at, that white place that looked like a psychiatry clinic XD Yup, doctor Chun must survive, but “writer” Kwon will be sad and he won’t “publish” the book XD Could it be that he feeds him because he doesn’t want him to die on his own from hunger? XD I love this drama even more with every week!

      • lemonmirae says:

        Or maybe he wants to keep Dr. Chun alive for now, until the day of his pattern? After all he has a 12 months pattern. Serial criminals have a pattern for a reason…. Don’t know but i love it too, and also i love talking with you about it, it’s making me think about a lot of possibilities instead of just watching it

      • Woah, if he stays for 12 months in there it’s going to be SOOOOOOOOO boring for Doctor Chun! I’d prefer to die right away than waiting for this psycho’s killing clock to hit the right moment XD Yeah, talking about dramas, especially when they have mystery and suspense makes it more interesting! Cho Rim sees smells, we see possibilities XD

      • lemonmirae says:

        there won’t be 12 months, because it’s been a while since Joo Ma Ri died, but yeah it will be boring and also scary to stay for a few months in that room thinking that any moment the killer could enter and kill you… but i’m still hoping that Dr. Chun will survive, that Cho Rim will see his smell there, or that Moo Gak saves him….

      • If there was a screen playing dramas in that room it would kind of fine though, now it’s only an ongoing frightening experience! Same here, i want him to survive, he’s been through a lot psychologically and it would be a shame to die this way :/ Or Moongchi XD This dog plays pretty well, i thin he will do something heroic that will help Moo Gak or Cho Rim, like pointing towards that door again! Poor Moongchi, he was pointing towards that door because he knew Joo Ma Ri had been kept in there :/

      • lemonmirae says:

        Even with the screen playing dramas will be hard for Dr. Chun. Didn’t you see his face in the church? Just imagine that he is help prisoner by a serial killer.
        There used to be all kinds of heroes, like Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Batman, but now the hero is Moongchi, the dog. XD

      • Yup :/ He was scared to death, i would never like to be his treasures inside that church, he either poop or pee them instantly the moment chef Kwon appeared XD
        Yush! Moongchi, a new super hero taking over dramaland XD He already knows secrets yet to be revealed to Cho Rim and the police XD But he doesn’t want to spoil it XD

      • lemonmirae says:

        I’m curious what Moo Gak will say when he discovers that chef Kwon is a serial killer and he let him go after arresting him for chef Hong’s death 😀

      • Hahaha, yeah, that will be awesome! He will want to smash his skull or something XD The chef was like a troll being kept in there for a crime he didn’t commit, but he knew that he had many skeletons in the closet XD

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