“It’s Okay, Roommate ” ep 26 ~ Final episode!

So this is the final episode of Roommate season 2. It seems that for this episode Jackson and Kang Joon went to learn to fight for Song Ga Yeon, but because she is involved in a scandal with her agency that part was edited out and replaced with an older part. Form what it seems I think it’s a part from the episode that should have been on Christmas, because the members are exchanging presents. Also the roommate members have different haircuts, the old ones from when season 2 started.

When this season started I thought it will be more funny then the first one and it was for some episodes, but then it started becoming boring and the editing mistakes that the stuff was making were more obvious.

In episode 26, Jackson received as present from Nana a dress, the same dress she wore on stage. Jackson changed into that dress and danced on Orange Caramel’s songs. And that was all.

The end of Roommate season 2…

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