“We Got Married ” ep 31 ( WGM ep 268) ~ Jae Rim:”I saw myself in your face…”

After finishing the work at their farm, Jae Rim and So Eun went to see a movie. But soon after the movie started, they began eating, taking pictures and paying because they were too embarrassed to watch it.

Episode 31

Jae Rim and So Eun play a little after their snack, than they start planting the seeds. When they finished planting, while they wet the field they wet each other also. On their field the farming couple will put scarecrows. Once the scarecrow is ready, Jae Rim plays with it by giving it a first aid course.

So Eun:” My husband is getting weird.”

Finishing their work on the field, the couple went inside, were Jae Rim keeps scratching the wall. So Eun stops him and they decide to repair that wall, but they ended up playing with the mud. With the wall more ruined after they started repairing it, Jae Rim and So Eun went outside to play shoe throwing and wash the car.

With nothing more to do around the house, the couple decided to go see a movie.

So Eun:”Why did you wear something so revealing?”

Dressed and ready to go, all that it’s left to do before going it’s for So Eun to wear lipstick. Jae Rim wants to help her, but he starts playing around. He puts the lipstick on his lips and pretends to kiss So Eun.

Jae Rim:” I love it when you get shocked like this! I like it!”

So Eun:” Are you a pervert?”

He put the lipstick on So Eun’s lips. Instead of using a tissue, So Eun kisses Jae Rim’s hand, which is shocking him.

Jae Rim:”I saw myself in your face…”

The couple is ready and they leave the house. It took them more than an hour, but they arrived. First they buy snacks and drinks.

Jae Rim and So Eun are in their car watching the movie, but soon they start eating, taking picture and playing. They were doing anything, but watching the movie since it was a movie for adults and they were embarrassed.

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2 Responses to “We Got Married ” ep 31 ( WGM ep 268) ~ Jae Rim:”I saw myself in your face…”

  1. Sol1m says:

    as expected from lte couple they just enjoy every situation they are into. I really like So Eun’s surprise hand kiss and of course Jae Rims shy reaction. i was laughing out loud at their movie date (ended up sleeping? for real? lolz)

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