“Murphy’s Law of Love ” ep 5~ Xiao Tong:”I didn’t think you would be this great.”

The distance between Jia Wei and Xiao Tong is getting shorter.

At the event where both teams participate, Jia Wei and Xiao Tong are getting closer and open their hearts towards each other. Both of them told the other their heartbroken stories.

Episode 5

Xiao Tong is having dinner with Zi Yan as they arranged the day before. She makes a few mistakes while cooking, but luckily a certificated chef is next to her. When she talked about the trip that her team and Jia Wei’s team will have, Zi Yan offered to accompany her. Happily Xiao Tong invited Zi Yan to come with them on their trip.

The food that Xiao Tong prepared wasn’t as good as she hoped for, but Zi Yan likes it, because he appreciated the effort she put into cooking…and because he likes her.

Zi Yan:” The reason why people think that food is tasty, sometimes it’s not because of the taste, it’s because of the good intentions of the chef.”

During dinner, Xiao Tong finds out that Zi Yan is the owner of the restaurant and she also discovers his passion about photography.

The next day the teams put everything in order for the trip. That trip is actually an event for divorced people to meet someone. Except for the moments when the whole team, form both Jia Wei’s site and Xiao Tong’s site, has to be together during meetings, Jia Wei doesn’t let anyone participate in the meetings so he will be alone with Xiao Tong. While she explains things to him, Jia Wei just watches her.

While she was working at Jia Wei’s office, Xiao Tong finds herself watching Jia Wei working. She starting developing feelings for him also, even if she doesn’t realized it yet.

The time for the event trip has come. Everyone is ready to go. Jia Wei watches Xiao Tong, than he gets in the bus and watches Xiao Tong on the window. Shao Qiang wants to sit next to him, but Jia Wei doesn’t let him. He sends Shao Qiang to sit with Simon, but Shao Qiang chooses to sit next to Xin Xin.

When Xiao Tong got in the bus, Jia Wei was hopping she will sit next to him, he even signaled her, but Xiao Tong seated on another sit, behind Jia Wei. The whole way to their destination both Jia Wei and Xiao Tong were thinking about their moments together.

Even if it’s for work purpose Jia Wei sees a good opportunity in this trip to gain Xiao Tong’s attention, but as soon as they get off the bus, Jia Wei sees Zi Yan. Simon forgot to tell Jia Wei that Zi Yan will come also, as the cook for this event. As soon as he sees Zi Yan, Jia Wei begins being jealous and acting defensive with Zi Yan.

Xiao Tong:” He’s a little eccentric! Don’t bother with him.”

Xiao Tong helps Zi Yan carry the food boxes, but they are too heavy for her. Jia Wei sees Xiao Tong struggling with the boxes and like a knight on a white horse he comes to help her. Later everyone is busy getting their tents ready. Jia Wei comes next to Xiao Tong and finishes his tent in a few seconds.

Jia Wei:”This is for you.”

Then Jia Wei pushes Xiao Tong back a little and finishes the tent she was struggling with.

Xin Xin and Simon are explaining the activities. Jia Wei supervises them. While the group is going on a walk, Jia Wei sees Xiao Tong and Zi Yan together, which is making him angry again. Shao Qiang sees on the food table some bay leaves and not knowing that they are used for cooking, he takes them to throw them away.

Zi Yan is looking for those bay leaves, but he can’t find them. He will search for something to replace the bay leaves taste and Xiao Tong wants to go with him, but Jia Wei doesn’t let her.

Jia Wei:”You are here to work not to play. Moreover, do you need so many people to go look for some leaves?”

When Zi Yan left to look for bay leaves or a replacement for them, Jia Wei wants to have a conversation with Xiao Tong, but he doesn’t know what to say and criticize her for the way she handles the knife. But he is also worried that she could hurt herself. In return Xiao Tong gave him the knife to see how good he is with the knife. She is surprised with his skills.

Xiao Tong:”I didn’t think you would be this great.”

Jia Wei:”Must I tell you that I can cook?”

Since he is so good and cutting vegetables, Xiao Tong leaves Jia Wei handle the cutting while she washes other vegetables. When he finished, Jia Wei comes next to her, he has something to say. Xiao Tong asks him to bring her the hair tie, but she wasn’t expecting that Jia Wei will tie her hair.

Jia Wei:”Don’t move around. How am I going to tie your hair if you keep on moving?”

Murphy’s law number 7 : The thing you need at the most critical moment is not in your hand.”

At the first game of the event, Jia Wei and Xiao Tong participate together as a team. They have to leave their phones at the entrance. Inside, Xiao Tong can’t remember the color of the path they should go to get out and Jia Wei says he never tried to memorize the colors, because he isn’t there to socialize. Jia Wei proposes to stay there and wait for Simon to look for them when he notices that they aren’t back. But soon Xiao Tong hears some weir noises and grabs onto Jia Wei. He smiles and takes grabs her hand.

Jia Wei:” My clothes will get torn by you. I have a hand. Why don’t you grab my hand?”

When everyone was worried about Jia Wei and Xiao Tong and they were about to go find them, Jia Wei came out holding Xiao Tong’s hand.

At night the team celebrates the success they had that day with the event. Because Xin Xin and Xiao Tong were thanking Zi Yan for his help, Jia Wei can’t lose and took out a bottle of expensive champagne. What he didn’t know was that Xiao Tong had a bad experience with champagne when her boyfriend abandoned her. She can’t believe a good champagne could be drunk form a paper cup.

Jia Wei:”A good bottle of champagne, it doesn’t matter what type of cup you use to drink, is able to withstand any obstacles.”

Later Jia Wei finds Xiao Tong drinking alone a bottle of champagne. He is surprised that she almost finished the whole bottle alone.

Xiao Tong:”To you it means celebration, but to me is means breaking up.”

Xiao Tong opens up and tells Jia Wei her heartbreak story, the story about the boyfriend who left her a year ago because he was an expensive glass of champagne while she was a cheap glass of water. Jia Wei is worried about her, worried if she is alright. But the story goes on and she tells him that all those theories she came up with were things she learned after breaking up.

What Xiao Tong doesn’t know is that her one year heartbreak anniversary coincided with his one year heartbreak anniversary. He tells her his story, how he is still waiting for the woman who left him a year ago, but Xiao Tong was already sleeping and she didn’t hear anything. That night, while he was opening his heart and telling Xiao Tong his story, Jia Wei threw away the picture with him and Zhi Yu.

Jia Wei:” I am a person who isn’t willing to admit I have contracted the terminal disease of love. But even since I met you, I realized that I don’t want to give up on treatment. “

When Zi Yan was looking for Xiao Tong he sees her sleeping in Jia Wei’s arms.

Jia Wei didn’t sleep the whole night. He hugged Xiao Tong to keep her worm and watched over her all night. When she woke up in the morning, in Jia Wei’s arms, both of them are embarrassed.

She tries to get up, but her legs are numb. Jia Wei helps Xiao Tong get up and they return to their friends.

The event is over and everyone goes back to the city. Xin Xin and Xiao Tong return to their office to finish some stuff, but when Zi Yan appears, Xin Xin offers to finish everything up by herself and sends Xiao Tong with Zi Yan. While Xiao Tong was getting inside Zi Yan’s office, Jia Wei saw them and got upset again.

After sending Xiao Tong home, Zi Yan heads towards his car where he met a woman that was in his culinary class. She has some problems cooking a dish he thought her in class so Zi Yan leaves that woman his phone number. The woman is Xiao Tong’s mother. She likes Zi Yan and wants him as her son-in-law. When she told Xiao Tong that she wants to introduce Xiao Tong to someone, Xiao Tong refused, not knowing that her mother was talking about Zi Yan.

While arranging her things Xiao Tong dropped the shoe box Jia Wei gave her saying that they are from Linda, his client that tried to commit suicide. Inside that box Xiao Tong found the receipt and realized that the shoes were a gift from Jia Wei, not Linda.

Jia Wei is thinking about Xiao Tong and the 46 cm distance she asked him to keep from her. But he is happy, the night she slept in his arms the distance was shorter. 46 cm distance is too long. He leaves her a message on her blog and Wayne.

Jia Wei:” Walking towards the right direction feels practical. It is just that she didn’t realize. I’ve already tried very hard to walk a closer distance towards her. “

The event was a success so the two teams met to celebrate. Both Jia Wei and Xiao Tong are awkward and embarrassed. They look at each other. Xiao Tong gives Jia Wei a present and thanks him to coming with the idea of this event.

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