“The Girl Who Sees Smells ” ep 7~ Moo Gak:” I will never put you in danger when you’re with me.”

The body of the new barcode serial murder’s victim was found in the police parking lot. Moo Gak went to check the container with the victim’s belongings, but met the serial killer there and was stabbed.

The victim left a dying message and Jae Hee tries to figure out what it means.

While Cho Rim was helping Moo Gak with an investigation something happened and they kiss.

Episode 7

Moo Gak discovered what the barcodes left of the victim’s wrists means. He tells his whole team what he found out. Realizing the pattern from those barcodes, Moo Gak managed to find out the barcode that will have the next victim, if there will be one. But there is also something that bothers Moo Gak. The first victim’s ISBN starts with number 1, while the real ISBN starts with zero so that means that the murderers started 5 years ago, not 4 years ago as they believed. There must be another victim that they didn’t find, the first victim of the barcode serial killer.

With all the new information they have, the police made the barcode serial killer’s profile. He must be highly educated, with a high level of self-discipline. He must be working out since he can dominate the victims and carry their bodies. Looking at the way the barcodes are made, the killer must be smart and quite neat.

The police checked the publishing company that is represented in the barcodes the killer uses. That company was opened in 1993 and closed in 2000.

Meantime, at his house, Jae Hee puts Dr. Chun’s body in a car.

Moo Gak goes to see Cho Rim. He is looking for her at her crew’s show. An accident happens and Moo Gak sees that Cho Rim isn’t anymore in the team, she is on the support team now. Then Moo Gak sees Cho Rim getting scolded by her superiors. When he wants to go after her, he met Wang Ja Bang and Eo Woo Ya and found out that Cho Rim isn’t anymore in the team because Wang Ja Bang wanted her to do a skit with Moo Gak, but Cho Rim said that Moo Gak can’t do skits anymore because of personal problems.

Feeling bad for Cho Rim, Moo Gak follows her from behind for a while, then he invited her to dinner. He chose something spicy so Cho Rim could cry her stress out. Later Moo Gak asked Cho Rim why she told her crew that Moo Gak can do skits anymore.

Moo Gak:”Do a skit with me and do investigations with me too. As you said I can protect you. I will never put you in danger when you’re with me.”

Kwon Jae Hee parked his cat in his restaurant parking lot, then he goes to his restaurant and prepares something to eat. He puts the plate in the oven and programs the oven to start at a certain hours. He makes a mess around the kitchen and lets the water running in the sink as if he was just there and left in a hurry.

Jae Hee went to his house, took Dr. Chun’s car with the doctor’s body in it out. He put Dr. Chun’s car in a truck and left wearing a mask on his face, a hat and black clothes. Chef Kwon leaves Dr. Chun’s car with the body in it somewhere where it could be found, puts some alcohol on the doctor’s body and takes the doctor’s bag with him.

Knowing that he will die soon, Dr. Chun, who was locked inside a room, looks straight into the surveillance camera and left a dying message.

Dr. Chun:” A golden fish must meet a hermit.”

When he gets in the truck his phone rings, but it’s not his usual phone it’s an untraceable phone. It’s a substitute driver he called. The substitute driver takes Jae Hee’s car from the restaurant parking lot and takes it to a highway rest area where Jae Hee requested him too. The souse chef from his restaurant saw the car leaving and thinking that the driver is Jae Hee he calls him. Everything goes according to Jae Hee’s plan. His alibi is perfect for when the police will question about Dr. Chun’s death.

When the driver arrives at his destination, he calls Jae Hee, but Jae Hee who was waiting in the truck, doesn’t want the driver to see his face so he tells the driver that he isn’t there yet. After the driver left, Jae Hee covers the telephone card with his chewing gum and throws it away in a trash can and he throws the untraceable phone into another trash can.

Jae Hee changes his clothes and returns with his car at the restaurant where the souse chef was waiting for him.

Jae Hee:” Other’s can never find out. (what I’m doing in the middle of the night) “

Ae Ri, Cho Rim’s friend is wrongly accused of stealing money from the restaurant she is working at. The owner and another girl accused her. The other girl was the day before in the restaurant, but now in front of the police she is lying about it. To make sure she won’t be discovered the other girl posted all day pictures online with her and her boyfriend on a date. Cho Rim saw that the other girl was lying.

To help Ae Ri, Moo Gak and Cho Rim took the same steps the girl and her boyfriend the day before. They went to the same places, took the same pictures and posted them online to match the time. They even eat the same thing the couple did. Cho Rim and Moo Gak are in the bus, taking the same route from the picture. Suddenly Cho Rim looks what the next picture looks like, but she wants to pass that one. Curious Moo Gak looks at the picture too, in that picture the couple was kissing. Provoking each other to take the same picture, when the bus stepped over a rock they’ve kissed.

Cho Rim:” That was only for the field simulation.”

The next picture was taken at a curry restaurant. They walked around the area, but they can’t find the curry restaurant. Seeing that Cho Rim is in pain because of her high heels, Moo Gak proposes to enter in the shoe store next to them and buy her new shoes. While they were looking at the shoes, Cho Rim noticed that one of the walls from that shoe store had the scent of curry. That store used to be a curry restaurant, but it closed a week ago and a shoe store was open instead of it. That is what they needed to prove Ae Ri’s innocence. If the picture that the other girl posted online were taken the other day, how could she have eaten at a curry restaurant who closed a week ago.

As a return for helping her out, Ae Rim gave Moo Gak 2 vouchers for a barbecue restaurant. On their way to the parking lot, Moo Gak saw Dr. Chun’s car. He gets near and sees Dr. Chun sleeping inside. He opens the door and Dr. Chun’s body fells. After checking Dr. Chun’s vital signs, Moo Gak realized that the doctor is death. At that moment Moo Gak has a nervous breakdown.

The police officers check Dr. Chun’s body and his car. On the doctor’s wrist there is the barcode so he turned from suspect into a victim. Looking at the body, Cho Rim saw two scents, the scent of alcohol and another scent she never saw until that moment.

The substitute driver who brought Dr. Chun’s car with the body inside was found. He takes the policemen to the place from here he took the car and there the detectives interrogate the owner of the restaurant nearby. From the old lady they found out the day the car was left there and the time interval.

Jae Hee keeps thinking about Dr.Chun’s dying message. He can’t figure out what the message means. Moo Gak comes in to ask few questions, but Jae Hee was smart enough to get the right alibi for the day he killed Dr.Chun.

Both Moo Gak and Jae Hee know at what storage Dr. Chun’s thinks are. Jae Hee found the container and took some books from there. When he was leaving, he saw Moo Gak and hid. Moo Gak gets inside the container and looks around. He sees something moving and realized that the man who passed him few second ago was the barcode killer. Moo Gak goes after the killer, but when they meet the killer stabbed Moo Gak.

The serial killer left, while Moo Gak fell on the ground.

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