“The Girl Who Sees Smells ” ep 8~ Cho Rim:”People might think I’m your girlfriend!”

Jae Hee realizes what Dr. Chun’s message meant and also he finds out that Choi Eun Seol is alive. He cooks a dish that Eun Seol’s mother used to and gives it to Cho Rim. While eating that soup Cho Rim memories starts to come back.

Episode 8

Cho Rim is supposed to meet Moo Gak. She waits for him, but he is running late. Worried, she calls him, but the person who answers the phone is lieutenant Yeom. Hearing that Moo Gak is in a come after being stabbed, Cho Rim runs to the hospital.

Before going into coma, Moo Gak said that he saw the murderer.

“I saw the murderer’s face.”

Since Moo Gak saw the murderer’s face, then that man should be caught on the surveillance camera. Detective’s Ye and Ki went to the storage where Moo Gak was stubbed to check the surveillance cameras, but unfortunately the killer’s wasn’t caught on camera.

Meantime, at his house, Jae Hee reads the two books he took from Dr.Chun’s storage container, while thinking what the message he left behind could mean.

From Cho Rim, Jae Hee found out that Moo Gak is in coma, but she saw the serial killer’s face. After getting all the information he wanted form Cho Rim, Jae Hee proposed her to come with him to take food to the detectives that are in the hospital watching over Moo Gak.

Knowing that Moo Gak saw his face, Jae Hee has to do something about it. He enters Moo Gak’s room and tries to do something, but at that moment lieutenant Yeom comes in. If she would’ve been few seconds later, she could have realized that Jae Hee is the serial killer they are looking for. When Jae Hee left, lieutenant Yeom seems a little suspicious. She has an idea.

Someone dressed as a doctor come inside Moo Gak’s room. Lieutenant Yeom and the other detectives are armed and ready to come in as soon as Moo Gak gives them the signal. When Moo Gak gave the signal, everyone come in. Unfortunately it wasn’t the killer. It was a clown how congratulates the persons who are discharged from the hospital. The barcode serial killer must have known about the detectives plan to make Moo Gak look like he is in a coma. The fact that Moo Gak saw the killers face was also a lie. All of that was a lie so that the killer would come to attack Moo Gak and they could catch him.

While they were making the plan, after eating the lunch Jae Hee and Cho Rim brought, Jae Hee came back dressed as a doctor. He was trying to get into Moo Gak’s room to kill him, but he saw the detectives and Moo Gak making their plan to catch him so he called the clown instead.

From that situation the detectives weren’t able to catch the killer, but they at least know that the barcode serial killer is close to them. They also know that if the serial killer was at Dr. Chun’s container storage is because the doctor knew who he is and there could be evidence there.

Cho Rim is helping Moo Gak getting some fresh air by walking him around the hospital’s yard. Moo Gak has fun teasing her for crying so much when she thought he was in a coma. She was so sad that he almost gave up the plan and started crying with her.

Moo Gak:” To me, you’re even more dangerous than a murderer!”

When Moo Gak was discharged, he sends Cho Rim to buy ingredients that she will use to cook for him. He gives her indications through the phone.

Cho Rim:”People might think I’m your girlfriend!”

With everything brought, Cho Rim goes to Moo Gak’s house and cooks for him. The taste wasn’t the right one, but Moo Gak can’t taste it so it was alright. His heart was remembering his mother’s food taste. Hearing him saying that his heard remembers the taste, Cho Rim opens up and tells Moo Gak that she can’t remember anything from before her accident. She only remembers the last three years of her life.

Cho Rim sees that Moo Gak has some food on his mouth and cleans him. Moo Gak holds her hand, pulls her closer and kisses her.

Elena Vashilivnashivanova send detective Ki a present, a matryoshka doll. With the help of that doll, the detectives realized who the barcode killer managed to move Joo Ma Ri’s and Dr. Chun’s car’s without being caught on camera.

It’s Dr. Chun’s funeral. Lieutenant Yeom and Moo Gak went there and met Jae Hee, who wasn’t able the recognize them. Jae Hee has a disease that doesn’t allow him to recognize faces. At the funeral, Moo Gak kept thinking what Dr. Chun wanted to tell him the day they were supposed to meet and why did Dr. Chun went to Jeju to check Choi Eun Seol’s medical record. Lieutenant Yeom has an idea! Dr. Chun must have met Choi Eun Seol and wanted to confirm that she is still alive. She takes Moo Gak with her to meet Oh Jae Pyo, who she thinks is hiding Choi Eun Seol. But once again Oh Jae Pyo doesn’t tell her anything, except that Choi Eun Seol never woke up from coma. He didn’t say anything, even when Moo Gak said that his sister was killed by mistake because she was wearing the same name as the barcode killer witness. But how can Oh Jae Pyo tell them that he took Choi Eun Seol and registered her as his daughter, Oh Cho Rim? He wants to protect his daughter!

At his house, Jae Hee managed to discover what Dr. Chun’s message means.

Dr. Chun’s message:” The witness is alive!”

Since he met Oh Jae Pyo, Moo Gak knows that he is lying, that he knows where Choi Eun Seol is. He follows Oh Jae Pyo, but he loses him when he met Cho Rim. Knowing that he is watched, Oh Jae Pyo decided to accept a job offer in another town.

Jae Hee knows that Choi Eun Seol is alive. He is surprised that she is alive, even when he killed her in the emergency room of the Jeju hospital, but he doesn’t know that there were two girls with the same name. On a TV program he is participating he is cooking the same soup Choi Eun Seol’s mother used to cook. He found the recipe in the book she wrote before being murdered.

After the show, Cho Rim takes the seaweed soup home. She met Moo Gak in front of her house and invites him to eat with her. While they were eating, Cho Rim begins crying. She remembers the taste.

Cho Rim:”I know this taste! I remember a person’s face.”

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