“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 1~ep2 ~ Do Jin:” Consider this your lucky day.”

Love on a rooftop, describes the story of a big family that lives in Bukchon Hanok village. Also it reexamines the true meaning of family.

There is also a man who chooses love over family.

This drama has 100 episodes, but it airs every day from Monday to Friday and it’s only around 30 minutes per episode.


Im Se Mi as Yoon Seung Hye

Park Jin Woo as Kang Do Jin

Yook Sung Jae as Gong Tae Kwang

Oh Seung Yoon as Sung Jae Yun

Go Yoon as Jeong Yun Ho

Kim Se Jung as Jang Se-Ryeong

Lee Eung Kyung as Yang Mi Ja

Kim Seo Ra as Han Dong Suk

Ahn Nae Sang as Yoon Dae-Ho

Jo Hee Bong as Chang Jun Bae

Kim Yong Rim as Kim Soo-Im

Jo Eun Sook as Han Seon Suk

Choo So Young as Yoon Dae Sil

Yoon Seo as Yoon Seung Ah

Kim Byung Se as Jang Beom Suk

Episode 1

Yoon Seung Hye works as nurse in a hospital to help her family. She is sweet and carrying and for a few mouths in a row she’s been chosen Angel of the Mouth at the hospital.

One day, while she was getting ready to leave her work place, Seung Hye’s sister, Seung Ah, call her. Seung Ah needs help. She accepted a work as a model for a commercial, but it’s not what she thought.

Do Jin came back from America without his mother knowing. His friend works at the same hospital as Seung Hye and he will stay for a while at his friend’s house. Running to help Seung Ah, Seung Hye bumps into Do Jin at the hospital’s lobby. He drops his coffee and Seung Hye slips on it. Trying to help Seung Hye, Do Jin fell with her and hurt his hand. Being in a hurry, Seung Hye apologizes and by mistake takes Do Jin’s phone. His phone looks exactly like hers.

When he realized that his phone is missing, Do Jin calls his phone. At the same time Seung Ah calls Seung Hye. She chooses to talk to her sister so Do Jin believes that Seung Hye is a phone thief.

Seung Hye arrived in time to help Seung Ah, but he gets angry with Seung Ah when she finds out that Seung Ah brought an expensive bag with their mother credit card.

Arrived home, Seung Hye looks around Seung Ah’s things to find the bag. She plans to return it or at least sell it and pay back the money for the credit cart before their mother will find out. Something happened in the past and because of Seung Hye, her little sister, Seung Ah, has a burn scar on her back. Using the scar, Seung Ah manipulates Seung Hye until she gets what she wants.

Seung Hye’s mother and grandmother heard the girls fighting and came to see what happened. Seung Ah jumps to her grandmother and lies that Seung Hye wants her to get a job so Seung Hye won’t have to give her money and she will use the money for coffee. The grandmother loves and prepares tea, she doesn’t even accept selling her tea in the same places where there is coffee.

Because it’s her fault that Seung Ah has a scar and because she doesn’t want her mother to be upset while finding out that Seung Ah took her money, Seung Hye apologizes for creating a ruckus. Without being at fault and without doing anything bad, Seung Hye is scolded by her grandmother.

Episode 2

 For more money, Seung Hye every morning calls people who want to be woken up in the morning and during her day off from the hospital she works as a guide. After finishing her tour as guide with the first group, Seung Hye sits in front of a convenience store to eat a cup of ramen.

Do Jin and his friend, Kyeong Tae, shop for things they need at home. They see Seung Hye and Do Jin recognized her. She’s been waiting to him to call to return his phone, but they didn’t synchronize. Suddenly the phone calls and Seung Hye answered. It’s Do Jin’s mother. Do Jin grabs the phone and talks to his mother before Seung Hye could make a mistake and tell his mother that he returned in Korea without telling her.

After the phone call, Do Jin grabs Seung Hye and wants to take her to the police, but his mother calls Kyeong Tae and he gives up.

Do Jin:” Consider this your lucky day.”

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