“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 3~ep4 ~ Seung Ah:” You even had a fine boyfriend like this?”

Seung Hye met Do Jin in her neighborhood and she wanted to report him to the police when she saw that Do Jin had her photo in his phone.

There is an acceded at the hospital with Seung Hye’s VIP patient. The patient daughter blamed Seung Hye and Do Jin saw the whole scene.

While helping her uncle to deliver some chicken, Seung Hye arrives at Do Jin’s house.

Personal thoughts: I haven’t seen many episodes of this drama, but until now Seung Ah’s character is really annoying. She doesn’t seem that affected by her scar, instead she uses the scar to get everything she wants. Because Seung Hye feels guilty towards her and their mother feels bad for both of them, Seung Ah takes advantage and turns things her way. No one in the family stops her, they all spoil her so she is immature and does everything she wants, just like a spoilt little kid. Her family feels bad for whatever happened to her to get that scar, but they still should make her understand that she isn’t doing the right think.

On the other hand, I don’t know who other people who watched this drama feel about her character, but seeing that I find her so annoying from just 4 episodes, I think the actress is doing a great job.

Episode 3

Do Jin goes for jogging when Se Ryeong calls him. Her father keeps insisting that she should go on blind dates. To avoid going on blind dates, Se Ryeong lied to her father that Do Jin is her boyfriend and called Do Jin to get their stories in order.

Seung Hye is going home, but before leaving from the hospital another nurse kept talking about perverts who follows women late at night. Scared, Seung Hye keeps looking behind herself on her way home. Suddenly he bumps into someone. That someone is no other than Do Jin.

Kyeong Tae, Do Jin’s friend that works at the same hospital as Seung Hye saw Seung Hye’s picture and send a picture to Do Jin. While he was in front of Seung Hye, Do Jin received her picture form Kyeong Tae. Seeing her picture in Do Jin’s phone, Seung Hye thinks it’s strange to meet him everywhere so she believes that Do Jin is a pervert stalker.

Seung Hye:”Let’s go to the police station. I’ll report you as a pervert stalker.”

While Seung Hye was dragging Do Jin, Seung Ah appeared. She was drunk so Seung Hye had to take her home leaving Do Jin alone.

Seung Ah:” You even had a fine boyfriend like this?”

Seung Hye:” Consider yourself lucky this time and try to be a better person.”

The next day, Seung Hye went to work. There is a VIP patient at the hospital. He is the hospital’s director’s brother and Se Ryeong’s father. Seung Hye was appointed his nurse. She checks him and checks the IV valve several times to be sure that everything is alright.

When Seung Hye was called out, the patient drunk water, but he spilled some on his hospital clothes. Thinking that Seung Hye must be busy with more important thinks the patient changed his clothes alone. Later when Se Ryeong came to her father he was is bad condition, he barely could breath. While he was changing he released the IV valve and too much IV fluid entered his lungs.

With her father in stable condition, Se Ryeong search for Seung Hye. She screams and slaps Seung Hye, blaming Seung Hye for not doing her job correctly and for trying to kill her father. Do Jin who was at the hospital saw the whole scene.

Do Jin takes Se Ryeong out to calm her down. He asks Se Ryeong if she is sure that Seung Hye is to blame for what happened to her father, but Se Ryeong doesn’t want to hear anything that could excuse Seung Hye. In Se Ryeong’s eyes Seung Hye is to blame and she doesn’t need any evidence.

Episode 4

Coming home, Do Jin sees Seung Hye drinking coffee alone at a café while talking on the phone and feels his heart flutter.

Arrived home Seung Hye finds Seung Ah burning her drip pot. While they were fighting they grandmother comes in and Seung Ah jumps behind her grandmother and tells her that Seung Hye had coffee hidden. She even tells her grandmother that Seung Hye drunk coffee before coming home.

Once again, because she protects too much Seung Ah, Seung Hye got in trouble with her grandmother. After causing troubles for Seung Hye, Seung Ah goes to her room. When her mother come to return the bag that Seung Hye took, Seung Ah starts manipulating her mother into paying for her bag using her scar.

Seung Hye wants to know what happened to the VIP patient and goes to see him. He is fine now! She found out that he changed his clothes alone after spilling water on himself so he must have loosen the IV valve.

When she was leaving, with the cake Se Ryeong’s father gave her, Seung Hye met Se Ryeong, who is still upset with her. She tells Se Ryeong what the patient said, but Se Ryeong needs to verify it with her father. She asks her father, but contrary to her believes Se Ryong’s father defended Seung Hye, he was to blame. Se Ryeong can’t accept that truth, she can’t humiliate herself by accepting that she was wrong when she blamed and slapped Seung Hye, especially she can’t apologize to Seung Hye.

Kyeong Tae ordered some chicken.

Seung Hye needs to get some fresh air so she goes for a walk. While she was walking around her neighborhood, Seung Hye met her cousin and took him home. When he saw Seung Hye, Byeon Joon Bae, Seung Hye’s cousin’s father, asked her a favor. He needs to deliver some chicken, but he can’t leave his restaurant so he asked Seung Hye to deliver his order.

When she arrived at the address she was supposed to deliver, Seung Hye saw that the person who ordered chicken is Do Jin.

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