“The Pirates ” ~ Korean Movie

This movie presents the story of Jang Sa Jung, the leader of mountain bandits, and Yeo Wol, the leader of sea pirates. When the Royal Seal is swallowed by a whale, the pirates and the bandits, went on sea to catch the whale.

If you didn’t watch this movie, you should give it a try. It has action and it’s packed with comic moments.

Before this movie I’ve seen a few drama’s with Son Ye Jin and while watching this drama my opinion didn’t change: Son Ye Jin is a really bad actress! But at least the other actors are great.



Kim Nam Gil         as   Jang Sa Jung

Son Ye Jin               as   Yeo Wol

Yoo Hae Jin             as   Chul Bong

Lee Keong Yeong   as   So Ma

Kim Tae Woo           as   Mo Hong Gab

Park Chul Min         as   The monk

Sulli                         as     Heuk Myo


Sa Jung is a soldier who will do anything for his country, his king and especially his friends. When he hears that the army leader plans to betray the country and return to dethrone the king he rebels. He asks the reason for treason and he is shocked by the fourth reasons.

First reason: It’s hard to cross the river when it’s raining.

Second reason: The rainy season will rust the arrows.

Tired reason: The supply ship may not come and they would be stuck.

Forth reason: It’s not courteous for a small country to attack a big one.

Sa Jung can’t understand why they can’t fight because of rain, flood and bad manners. If bad manners are the cause to that retreat then they could bow before fighting. He prefers being a bandit then stealing the country to become rich. Because he rebelled and doesn’t want to go as the superiors decided Sa Jung has to die. A friend of him died protecting him and to protect his own life Sa Jung killed the man that killed his friend. The other soldiers received orders to kill Sa Jung, but others come to save him.

Yeo Wol is the leader of a pirates group. One day they fight some bandits over some Buddha’s statues. While they were taking the statues they hear noise. In a hidden room of that ship there were a lot of girls that were supposed to be sold.

One girl begs Yeol Wol to take her because her father sold her out and she has nowhere to return. She will clean, cook and do anything to earn her stay with the pirates.

While the pirates were moving the statues to their ship, one statue fell into the ocean. Yeo Wol jumps after it. She caught the statues but suddenly she sees something coming towards her. It’s a whale! The whale is hurt and doesn’t attack Yeo Wol. She lets Yeo Wol touch her.

Three years later, captain So Ma, the pirates captain, wants to sell seven of his pirates to save his own life. Yeo Wol can’t let her brothers die and Heuk Myo be sold so she decided to do what all the pirates expect her to do, to overthrow captain So Ma. Yeo Wol won the fight against captain So Ma and he throw himself into the sea.

Chul Bong, the pirate who run away to save his life after hearing captain So Ma that he will sell seven of his pirates, wants to become a bandit now. He goes into the mountains and looks for Crazy Tiger.

The convoy that was bringing back the name of the new country, which is Joseon, and the Royal Seal was attacked by a whale. So that the people won’t think that the fate is against the new king, they’ve decided to tell the king that the convoy was attacked by pirates and they took the Royal Seal. The king decided that the pirates and the bandits have to be eliminated.

Crazy Tiger received a great tip, a merchant band is carrying goods with just 20 guards. He has a great plan to attack that merchant band and take the good. The day to attack the merchant band has come. Everyone is at their allocated place. When he was about to give the signal to attack, the Monk saw soldiers coming. He signaled Chul Bong to retreat, but Chul Bong understood that it’s time to begin the attack.

Everyone saw the soldiers, except for Crazy Tiger and Chul Bong. They were alone in front of the soldiers. The bandits are followed by the soldiers. After running for a while, at night, the bandits meet up, but the soldiers found them. They run away again, followed by those soldiers.

Both Yeo Wol and Crazy Tiger found out about the whale that eaten the Royal Seal and all kinds of goods from the Emperor of Ming dynasty. While getting more information about that whale, Crazy Tiger and Yeo Wol met for the first time.

Returned to camp, Crazy Tiger told his bandits what he found out and Chul Bong explained them who a whale looks like and who they can kill it.

Yeo Wol is buying cannons to kill the whale. And so does Crazy Tiger, except that he isn’t buying, he is stealing what Yeo Wol brought. When she realized that Crazy Tiger stole her explosives, Yeo Wol goes after Crazy Tiger. After following him and almost dying, Yeo Wol got into Crazy Tiger’s wagon. They fight, the explosives are around them in that wagon. The bandit who was running with the wagon loses control of it. The wagon keeps going with Crazy Tiger and Yeo Wol in it and jumps over a hill.

Back with their feet on ground, Crazy Tiger and Yeo Wol are surrounded by soldiers. They shot arrows, but Crazy Tiger saved Yeo Wol’s life.

With the cannons packed, the bandits run towards the sea. They don’t have a ship, they use a small boat. When the seasickness hit them, Crazy Tiger puts his head into the sea. Something is coming fast towards him. It’s a shark! Thinking that the shark is actually a whale, Crazy Tiger attacks it. Using a lance tied up on their boat, Crazy Tiger hit the shark, but the shark isn’t dead.

The shark pulls the bandits boat after him.

Captain So Ma, who survived, took another ship and is going after Yeo Wol. He sees the bandits boat.

Finally the shark stopped. He is dead. The bandits went to the shore where they could finally hear Chul Bong saying that they caught a shark, not a whale. Accidentally the monk threw an explosive bottle on their boat so they can’t get back on the sea.

The bandits are going to steal a ship and return to sea. Since he is the only one that know how thing go on the sea, Chul Bong is now second, after Crazy Tiger. He made a plan how to get the ship and burn the other ships so the soldiers won’t be able to follow them.

The soldiers are coming to their ships. All the bandits, except Crazy Tiger are on the ship there are going to steal. Crazy Tiger begins setting fire on the other ship as he runs towards his crew.

Arrived next to his crew’s ship, Crazy Tiger noticed that they didn’t managed to cut the rope yet so to get more time for them, Crazy Tiger fights the soldiers. The soldier’s leader came also. He recognized Crazy Tiger.

The soldier’s leader is Mo Hong Gab, the man who tried to kill Sa Jung when he didn’t agree with selling his country. They fight for awhile, but Crazy Tiger has to get on his ship .

Yeo Wol and her pirates found the whale that they were looking for. They are about to shot it when they are attacked by captain So Ma’s pirates. So Ma’s pirates are about to attack, but Yeo Wol is cautious, her pirates could lose. Suddenly another ship gets between the two pirates ship. It’s Crazy Tiger’s ship. With Sa Jung’s ship blocking her own ship, Yeo Wol gave the attack order.

Crazy Tiger’s ship is caught in between the two pirates ships. He decided to fight and be on Yeo Wol’s side against So Ma. During the fight both So Ma and Yeo Wol pushed Crazy Tiger away so he decided to just watch, it’s not his fight anyway.

So MA won the battle so Crazy Tiger and his bandits are all happy. Since So Ma won, they are on So Ma’s side. But So Ma isn’t a full so he ties up all the bandits and Yeo Wol’s pirates. Yeo Wol and Crazy Tiger are tied together a they are on the ship’s edge. Crazy Tiger begged for his life, but Yeo Wol didn’t. She threw herself into the sea and pulled Crazy Tiger after her.

Both Yeo Wol and Crazy Tiger are in the sea. The whale they are looking for is coming towards them and saves them. That whale is the whale Yeo Wol saved when she was a little girl and also the whale she saw when she jumped into the sea to get the Buddha statue few years ago.

In the morning, Crazy Tiger wakes up. He is tied up to Yeo Wol. She is hurt and unconscious. He carries her on ground and takes care of her wound. When she woke up, Crazy Tiger was sleeping next to her, or at least he was pretending to sleep.

At night, while they are taking about each other’s lie, Sa Jung confesses to Yeo Wol.

Sa Jung:” Won’t you be that special person in my life?”

Embarrassed, Yeo Wol asked to go for a swim. Since they are tied to each other, they pee in the sea. Suddenly in front of them a ship appears. It’s the ship Crazy Tiger’s bandits used when they got in the middle of the pirates fight. The monk hid on that ship, while the ship was sailing away.

With a ship now, Crazy Tiger and Yeo Wol join forces and went to save their comrades. After saving both bandits and pirates, Crazy Tiger makes an offer to Yeo Wol, to come with him in the mountains or to ask him to stay with her on the sea.

Mo Hong Gab devastated a whole village and framed the village to be the pirate’s hideout. Then he went on the sea with So Ma. They’ve found the whale and shot it. The whale’s body is tied to the ship. Suddenly Yeo Wol’s ship attacks So Ma’s ship. She realized the whale’s body and together with her pirates fought So Ma’s pirates and the naval troops.

When So Ma was about to kill Yeo Wol, Crazy Tiger’s boat arrived. The pirates and the bandits fight together against So Ma, his pirates, Mo Hong Gab and the naval troops. During the fight Yeo Wol defeated So Ma. Before dying So Ma gives a last present to Yeo Wol, he tells her to run away before the ship will explode.

Meantime, Sa Jung is fighting with Mo Hong Gab. Sa Jung stabbed a knife in Mo Hong Gab’s leg, tying him up on the ship. The bandits and the pirates jumped into the water. So Ma and Mo Hong Gab died on that ship.

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