“We Got Married ” ep 32 ( WGM ep 269) ~ “Kim So Eun’s special love rice balls”

In this episode the couple washed their blankets and prepared to go on a picnic.

Episode 32

In front of their countryside house, Jae Rim enjoys the sun when So Eun brings him a glass of arrowroot juice. After he drinks the juice, Jae Rim sees So Eun holding a candy with her mouth. She expects him to take the candy with his mouth? Who knows! Surprised by So Eun’s actions, Jae Rim stretched his hand and pushed the candy inside So Eun’s mouth.

It’s a nice weather and So Eun proposes to wash their blankets. They take out the basin and puts the washing powder in. To not get his pants wet Jae Rim rolled his pants too much. While they were in the basin washing the blanket, Jae Rim’s body announces him that he missed his “happy moment” and he runs to the toilet.

When Jae Rim was rinsing the blanket and So Eun was putting them on the wire, Jae Rim took the hose and watered So Eun. Work is more fun and easy when you play during work time.

Since they finished their work and the weather is great the couple decided to go on a picnic.

The couple is preparing rice balls and eggs for their picnic. So Eun wants to make “Kim So Eun’s special love rice balls” so she sends Jae Rim out to water the plants they planted last time and to get the eggs form their chicken. While Jae Rim is out, So Eun puts hot souses inside the rice balls Jae Rim will eat. To make sure she isn’t going to eat any of them she marked them with a heart.

With the food ready, the couple got on their scooter and left towards the place they will have picnic.

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8 Responses to “We Got Married ” ep 32 ( WGM ep 269) ~ “Kim So Eun’s special love rice balls”

  1. Sol1m says:

    i went crazy over JR happy time and scared of how hot and spicy SE love rice balls 😂😯😛😂

  2. NitePanda says:

    hahaa can’t wait for this saturday .. those rice ball of love by soeun tho kkk 😛

  3. inas says:

    This two.. ha…ha..ha.. they always make fun with each other..

  4. i love this ep but i will love more to the necxt ep..this what happen to me every week..when i watch solim couple..they amaze me in every ep…am i crazy..haha..

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