“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 5~ep6 ~ Seung Hye:” Since when and how long have you been in love with me?”

Seung Hye is called at the discipline committee and fired because Se Ryeong blamed her for what happened to her father. When Seung Hye tried to talk to Se Ryeong’s father she runs into Se Ryeong and Do Jin.

Personal thoughts: What Se Ryeong has against Seung Hye? She made sure that Seung Hye is fired and will not get a job as a nurse even if she knows that Seung Hye didn’t do anything wrong. If she is acting like that now what will she do when Seung Hye and Do Jin will fall in love?

On the other hand why is Seung Hye so stupid? Why she doesn’t defend herself and she lets her family treats her like that? Everyone in that family, except Seung Jae and Dae Shil, think only about their problems or how to not make the grandmother or Seung Ah upset. Because they put so much pressure on her, Seung Hye can’t tell her family her problems and suffers all alone.

Episode 5

Seung Hye delivered her uncle’s chicken order, but she is surprised to see that the man who opened the door is Do Jin. They are both surprised to see each other. But when she sees Do Jin she asks him to give her his phone. She has to check if Do Jin deleted her picture form his phone. She goes inside and checks the phone, her photo wasn’t there. Do Jin already deleted it.

Seung Hye:” Since when and how long have you been in love with me?”

Seung Hye believes that Do Jin is in love with her because he had her picture in his phone and they keep meeting everywhere. After Do Jin explains her how thing happened with the picture, Seung Hye wants to leave and get his change. Since Do Jin doesn’t want his change and Seung Hye doesn’t like to own anything to anyone she checks his injured hand.

Se Ryeong came to take her father home, he’s been discharged. When her uncle, the hospital director, calls to ask what happened the day her father was about to die, Se Ryeong lies telling her uncle that everything was Seung Hye’s fault. While Se Ryeong and her father were leaving the hospital, Seung Hye was called to the disciplinary committee and fired. Se Ryeong’s father told her the truth, but she didn’t care and make sure that Seung Hye will be fired.

Do Jin and Kyeong Tae are home. While Do Jin was preparing a cake, his mother came to visit Kyeong Tae. Do Jin’s mother sees Kyeong Tae as her second son so she for time to time comes over to see him and to bring him food.

Do Jin hides in the bedroom. His mother comes in and sees the cake Do Jin was making. To hide that Do Jin in back in Korea without his mother knowing, Kyeong Tae lies to Mi Ja saying that baking is one of his hobbies. Mi Ja joked around saying that Kyeong Tae should give up on being a doctor and become a baker, but she hid Kyeong Tae in order to make him stop with baking and work harder as a doctor.

The night she was fired, Seung Hye is getting ready to sleep. She hasn’t told her family that she was fired. Believing that it’s Seung Hye’s pay day, Seung Ah comes in asking for money, but Seung Hye doesn’t have any money to give.

Later Seung Hye feels like she can’t breathe so she goes for a walk to clear her head. While she was walking a delivery man was about to hit her with his scooter. They start fighting and Seung Jae, who sees his sister arguing with a stranger, comes to see what happened.

Episode 6

Home Seung Hye asks Seung Jae about the problem of one of her co workers. She can’t tell her brother that it’s her problem. Hearing the story, Seung Jae, who studies to become a lawyer, tells Seung Hye that usually when a patient family accuses a nurse of malpractice they have to prove it, but since in Seung Hye’s story the patient is the hospital’s director’s family things are different. The best way for her to get her job back is to talk to the patient and make him tell the truth.

Do Jin went to talk with Se Ryeong’s father about a job. Se Ryeong’s father knows that Do Jin’s name is Kang Tae Oh and he is a baker. After they talk, Se Ryeong’s father sends Do Jin to Se Ryeong’s office to sign the papers. When they see each other they are surprised. Do Jin didn’t know that Se Ryeong was the daughter of the man who was giving him a job and Se Ryeong didn’t know that Kang Tae Oh is Do Jin.

When Se Ryeong was walking Do Jin out, they saw Seung Hye making a ruckus that she has to see the president of the company. Se Ryeong stops her and she blames Seung Hye for wanting to take advantage of her father because her father sees Seung Hye as his own daughter. Once again Se Ryeong humiliates Seung Hye.

At night Kyeong Tae tells Do Jin that Seung Hye was fired, but he doesn’t believe that she was to blame for what happened. Kyeong Tae believes that Seung Hye was fired as a sacrificial lamb.

At home, Seung Hye is making her resume when her mother comes in and asks her to get a loan because her father need money or he will lose his shop.

The next day, Seung Hye went to different hospital’s to get a new job, but no one wanted to hire her. They all refuse to hire her because of the reason she was fired at her old work place. While she was at an interview at a plastic surgery clinic Seung Hye met Seung Ah, who was there to see a doctor about her scar.

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