“Murphy’s Law of Love ” ep 6~Jia Wei:” The lover’s bridge is over there.”

There is man that follows Xiao Tong. Jia Wei sees him so he goes with Xiao Tong everywhere. He doesn’t let her alone. After that man is caught, Xiao Tong takes few days off, but she can’t rest because her mother is admitted to the hospital.

When Jia Wei finds out that Xiao Tong is at the hospital he rushes over and tells her how he feels.

Episode 6

The celebration party is over and everyone goes home. Jia Wei sits in his car watching Xiao Tong leave. Suddenly he sees a man following Xiao Tong. Worried he stops his car next to Xiao Tong and insists to take her home. No matter how much Xiao Tong insisted that she wants to walk home, Jia Wei didn’t give up until Xiao Tong got in his car.

On the way to Xiao Tong’s house, Jia Wei thanks her for the present and gives her credit for the result their event had, but then he scolded Xiao Tong for always putting others first while leaving her and her needs in the end.

Later that night, while walking Polo, Jia Wei looks on Xiao Tong’s blog in order to find something related to the man that was following Xiao Tong. When he sees a comment, Jia Wei starts suspecting that the man that was following Xiao Tong is related to their event and asks Shiao Qiang to give him all the documents they have regarding that activity.

For the next days, while searching the man that follows Xiao Tong, Jia Wei follows her everywhere. If Xiao Tong is out for lunch, he is at another table watching over her. If Xiao Tong goes to the store to buy something, Jia Wei is always there, behind her making sure that nothing happens to her. At night, when Xiao Tong goes home, he follows her on his car, making sure Xiao Tong arrives home safely.

One night, while he was following Xiao Tong home, Jia Wei sees the strange man following her. Jia Wei got out of his car and rushes towards Xiao Tong and that man, but Xiao Tong managed to cross the street before her follower. Since the follower lost Xiao Tong, Jia Wei doesn’t have to intervene, but he recognized the follower. It’s one of the men who participated at their activity.

Jia Wei and Xiao Tong are visiting the place for the next event. Because he is bored while Xiao Tong takes pictures, Jia Wei grabs her hand and takes her to the lover’s bridge.

Jia Wei:” The lover’s bridge is over there.”

Jia Wei keeps following Xiao Tong even if he is bored. He can’t let her alone, while someone is following her. Suddenly he sees Xiao Tong writing her wish on a wooden plate.

“I hope everything will see the rainbow after the rain.”

When Jia Wei went to pay for the wooden plate Xiao Tong used, he hears Xiao Tong screaming. She went to take more pictures and met the man who was following her. Xiao Tong recognized him and she isn’t scared, but he attacks her, grabs her and pulls her to a hidden place.

Jia Wei runs over and saves Xiao Tong.

The police came and the attacker is taken to the police station. He participated in the event held by Jia Wei’s company and the company Xiao Tong works for. He was paired with the woman he liked and started a relationship with her, but that woman took all his savings and left him. Now that man blames Xiao Tong for not being able to see who is really looking for love and who is looking for people to steal from. Feeling guilty Xiao Tong asks the policeman to not sue her follower.

When they left, Jia Wei comforts Xiao Tong and she thanks him for saving her and for taking care of everything at the police station.

Since a lot of things happened lately Xiao Tong is told to take a break. She feels down and responsible for what happened to the man who was following her. She blames herself for not being able to help him find true love after he was hurt during his divorce. Jia Wei sees her and goes to her. He jocks around, but he stops with the jocks when he sees Xiao Tong’s sad face. Jia Wei doesn’t want to leave her alone, he wants to stay with her until she feels better, but he was called urgently to his office. Before leaving he tells Xiao Tong to call him if she has any problems. At the office, Jia Wei scolds Simon and Shiao Qiang for calling him when he found out that they didn’t call because there was a problem, but because they wanted him to make a decision regarding their new clients.

Xiao Tong walks around the whole day and when she arrives home her parents were getting diner ready. They had a guest at dinner and that guest is no other than Zi Yan.

The next day, Xiao Tong leaves her house early, as usual when she goes to work, but this time she goes to the park. She doesn’t want her family to know and worry about her problems. She receives a text from Jia Wei in which he asks if she is feeling alright and she replays that she is.

Later, Xiao Qing calls Xiao Tong to tell her that their mother fainted and was taken to the hospital. Xiao Tong gets the first taxi and runs to the hospital. Her mother passed the critical stage, but from now on she will have to pay attention to her diet or her kidney’s functions will fail.

Jia Wei is in a meeting, but he can’t pay attention to his co workers, he keeps thinking about Xiao Tong. He visits her blog and sees that she closed it. Suddenly he gets out and calls Xiao Tong. There is no answer, but few seconds after a man called from Xiao Tong’s phone. He is the taxi driver. Xiao Tong forgot her phone in the taxi. Hearing from the taxi driver that Xiao Tong went to the hospital, Jia Wei runs out. Worried he goes to the hospital to Xiao Tong, but he doesn’t know where to look for her. While Jia Wei was looking for her desperately, Xiao Tong went to buy something to eat. Unfortunately they passed one another without seeing each other.

Before entering the hospital with what she brought Xiao Tong sits somewhere in front of the hospital crying. She blames herself that there are problems at her work, because she isn’t doing a good job. She blames herself for not being there for her mother when her mother needed her.

While she was crying, Xiao Tong noticed that there is someone is front of her. She looks up and sees Jia Wei. He gets close to her and puts his head on her shoulder.

Jia Wei:” I know something must have happened. If you are willing to say it, I am willing to listen. If you don’t want to say it, it’s okay. When you need me to be by your side, I’ll be here for you. But before you make your decision, can I ask a favor from you? Don’t make me to not be able to find you again.”

In the morning Jia Wei buys Xiao Tong breakfast and returns her phone. Then he takes her back to the hospital. When Xiao Tong was going to her mother’s hospital room she receive a text.

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2 Responses to “Murphy’s Law of Love ” ep 6~Jia Wei:” The lover’s bridge is over there.”

  1. Malyza says:

    I’m melting with this, Jia Wei:” I know something must have happened. If you are willing to say it, I am willing to listen. If you don’t want to say it, it’s okay. When you need me to be by your side, I’ll be here for you. But before you make your decision, can I ask a favor from you? Don’t make me to not be able to find you again.”❤️💕😍

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