“The Girl Who Sees Smells ” ep 9~ Moo Gak:”When people go out, they have other names to call each other. “

Moo Gak and his team prepared a plan to catch the barcode killer. They are about to catch him, but he managed to get away. Lieutenant Yeom suspects Jae Hee to be the serial killer and the police goes with a warrant to him.

Cho Rim remembers a woman’s face. With help she made the portrait sketch of the woman she remembers.

Moo Gak and Cho Rim clarifies their relationship.

Episode 9

Moo Gak and Cho Rim are having dinner at her house. They eat what Jae Hee cooked earlier for a TV show, seaweed soup. He used the recipe of one of his victims, Choi Eun Seol’s mother. While they were eating, Moo Gak sees Cho Rim crying. She recognized the taste and the face of a woman came to her mind.

They go out for a walk. He tries to calm down Cho Rim. She feels empty without her memories. She wants to know what happened to her that she can’t remember anything from before she woke up from coma. Cho Rim is curious if she loves or she hates the woman she just remembered.

Moo Gak and Cho Rim walked several times around her neighborhood and he still doesn’t want to let her go. Using the pretext that Cho Rim feels anxious about what she just remembered, Moo Gak enters her house again. He said that he will leave after she falls asleep. Because the living room is cold, Cho Rim gave Moo Gak the tent her father uses for mountain climbing and goes to her room.

Moo Gak:” Did you just lock your door?”

They send texts to each other for the whole night. In the morning Cho Rim went with Moo Gak at the police station and tried to make the portrait sketch of the woman Cho Rim remembered.

To catch the barcode murderer, the police made a plan. They called the hospital in Jeju and requested that if someone comes looking for Choi Eun Seol to tell that person that Choi Eun Seol was transferred to a hospital in Seoul. The hospital from Jeju did as Moo Gak instructed them and so did the hospital from Seoul.

The plan goes on with the police working undercover. There is a policewoman that pretends to be Choi Eun Seol. Detective Ki and detective Ye are with Moo Gak in front of a house, while lieutenant Yeom and inspector Kang are in a different car. When detective Ki gives the order the girl that pretends to be Choi Eun Seol comes out. A man, wearing all black, comes to her and calls her name. Shi hits him and all the detectives jump on him. Moo Gak on the other hand looks around. He sees the real barcode murdered looking at them from a far and runs after him.

Moo Gak chases Jae Hee for a while until he is hit by a car and loses him. Then Moo Gak remembers that the murderer he was following hurt his right hand during the chase. He runs back and found the place where the killer hurt himself.

Lieutenant Yeom suspects Jae Hee to be the barcode murderer. He’s been close to two of the barcode murderer victims, Joo Ma Ri and Chun Baek Kyeong. She goes to see Jae Hee in order to check if he has an injury on his right hand so they could request a warrant to get his DNA sample. During their talk lieutenant Yeom found out that Jae Hee was adopted by two Americans when he was three years old. He chose to return to Korea after his parents died. Jae Hee’s adoptive parents died when their car caught fire on a beach. The fire started from a cigar. Hearing that story made lieutenant Yeom suspect that Jae Hee killed his adoptive parents.

Jae Hee and lieutenant Yeom are talking inside, but Jae Hee is wearing his jacket. When lieutenant Yeom requested it, Jae Hee took of his jacket and he had an injury on his right hand. After she checked Jae Hee’s injury, lieutenant Yeom returns to the police station and requested the warrant they needed. Moo Gak together with detective Ki and detective Ye went to Jae Hee’s house for his DNA sample.

The DNA results are out, but Jae Hee’s sample isn’t a match with the sample from the man Moo Gak followed. Now Moo Gak went to see Jae Hee and apologize for the police mistake in the name of his team. When Moo Gak arrived at Jae Hee’s house, Jae Hee pretended to not be able to find his phone. Jae Hee asked Moo Gak to let him use Moo Gak’s phone to call his. He saw Moo Gak password to unlock his phone and then he installed an application on Moo Gak’s phone to be able to track Moo Gak’s every move.

Cho Rim will appear in a TV show with Jae Hee. For that show she needs new clothes so she went shopping with Moo Gak. Liking how she looked in the dresses she tried on and because she wasn’t sure which one to chose, Moo Gak brought her all three dresses.

On their way back, Moo Gak asked Cho Rim to not participate in that TV show with Jae Hee, but he didn’t tell her a reason. Without a reason to know why Moo Gak doesn’t want her to be on the show, Cho Rim gets upset and they fight.

Cho Rim:”What kind of relationship we have? Who are you to tell me what to do and what not to do?”

That night, Cho Rim went to the police station to return the dresses Moo Gak brought her, but he wasn’t there so she met lieutenant Yeom. The two of them went to a restaurant to eat and drink together. Lieutenant Yeom sees that Cho Rim is upset and asks her why.

Lieutenant Yeom:”Are you upset because of his meddling or because he’s not your boyfriend?”

Cho Rim:” Obviously because he’s not my boyfriend…”

Later lieutenant Yeom and Cho Rim returned to the police station where lieutenant Yeom tried to do the portrait sketch of the woman Cho Rim remembers.

The day of the TV show, Cho Rim received a text from Moo Gak in which he was telling her which dress to wear. The same time Jae Hee sent her another dress, but in the end she chose the dress Moo Gak told her.

After the filming Cho Rim is home eating ramen upset because Moo Gak didn’t answer her call. Suddenly she received a text from him. He was waiting for her outside. This time she didn’t change or put makeup on, Cho Rim just went to see Moo Gak the way she was dressed inside the house.

Moo Gak:”When people go out, they have other names to call each other. Oh Cho Rim, pick one among “ lover, woman, darling, girlfriend.” “

Then Cho Rim changed her clothes and together with Moo Gak they went to the police station where Cho Rim was supposed to meet lieutenant Yeom. When they arrived lieutenant Yeom already finished the portrait sketch for Cho Rim and realized that she knows that woman.

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